Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 31

Mason’s POV

Walking back to the elevator with a smirk on my face, I recoiled the meeting that just went one. Michelle sure had one hell of an ego just like me but sluttier.


I got back to Khally’s office and opened the door only to come face to not so attractive backside of Priss.

" I can recognize that ugly behind from anywhere, bitch” I said

“MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she squealed lunging at me but I was quick enough to dodge her attack but not quick enough to see her pulling me down with her as she fell.

“Why do you always reject my love and affection?”

“You have a mate for a reason”

She scoffed as I got up only to see our mates watching our interaction carefully. I cocked an eyebrow at Jameson and he coughed awkwardly before greeting


“Don’t call me that”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t mind her Jamey. Bitch here wants everyone to refer to her as’ Alpha’ because of all feminist reasons best known to her.”


“Whatever. What are you doing here anyway?”

“I thought it would be a great time to test out your fighting and training skills and bonding”

“Bonding, fuck no. Training hell yes but one problem. I don’t have any work out clothes with me.”

“That’s why you have a beloved sister named Pristine.”

“You do know that I’m like a whole size or two bigger than you. Your clothes will never fit.”

“Not mine stupid. Zadie should be here with Luka soon and you guys our about the same size.”

“Woohoo. But why didn’t you just call or mind link ” I thought

“You didn’t look at your phone. I called you and even texted you multiple times”

Bringing out my phone, I checked to see that she had indeed done as she had said”

“Oops!” I stated

“Now that this little family reunion has been established, Betas kindly get the fuck out of my office”

“Now I can see why you two were mated” Priss said as she left with Jameson.

Turning to the pervert, I smirked

“I’m guessing you want to know what transpired between your bitch of an ex and me, right”


“Too bad because what happened there stays there so suck it up and ask no more questions.”

He started cursing I think in some foreign language before going back to doing whatever

“What are you, multiracial?”

“No. My mother just made me learn how to fluently speak in Spanish to be somewhat versatile but somehow you have made me curse in that language more times than I have done since the beginning of the year.”

“That’s a good thing not the opposite”

“Yeah and you’re the nicest person I’ve ever met” he said sarcastically


“Tame that tongue alpha, not everyone has the same amount of self control when they have been insulted.”

“If they want a fight, they will get one” I smirked

“Cocky are we?”

“Confident actually”


“Can you like hurry up so we can go. I want to kick your sorry ass”

“You really think you can beat me”

“Not really but I can match at least 80% of your strength which is something so”

“Fine, lets go”

“But on one condition?”


“Who established the mind link between you and your friends.”

“One, they are my sisters not by blood but my sisters and that is none of your fucking concern. How does that have to deal with anything?”

“I never said it had to do with anything,”

“Well too bad”

“Then we aren’t going”

“I might as well just text Priss to ask her where she is”

“I told Jamey not to let her tell you. She will be somewhat occupied right now”

“Fuck you!”

“Anyhow you want it babe”

Back flip. That’s what my stomach did. What is with my body reacting anytime he calls me that. Stupid mother fucking mate bond.

" I hate you”

“You’ve said that so much recently, I’m starting to believe it isn’t true.”

“I said it more for emphasis you asshole.”

“But I think you’re lying to both me and yourself”

Pristine’s POV

“Mason is going to be pissed” I told Jamey


“I didn’t think she was that rude and and and”

“Snobbish, infuriating, bitchy” I finished for him

" I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the Luna, I mean Alpha female but damn yes”

“It’s just who she is” I shrugged

“She’s been through a lot and has been the strongest one for us. She’s the foundation and rock of our group despite all the loss she has endured.”

“What happened?”

“That’s a story for another day, charming. Right now I need to call Zadie”


Mason’s POV

" Why can’t you just trust me?” Khally said

“Trust never got me anywhere and don’t play the’ we’re mates’ card on me”

“What do I do to make this work I’m not giving up until I know everything about you inside and out”

“You see that’s the problem with you Alphas. You think you can just get any and every body to submit to you eventually”

“The problem here isn’t me Mason. It’s you. Give people a chance to show you who they really are and stop being so judgy.”

“You have no idea what fucking happened when I used to think as naive as that”

“Then fucking tell me”

“It’s not your fucking business”

“If it isn’t then kindly tell me what the fuck should be my business. Huh, mate. You keep saying nothing is my business then what the hell am I supposed to do.”

He said walking closer until he was directly in front of me. His towering height made me feel inferior to him.

“What exactly do you want me to do Mason. We literally just met and you don’t want to give me a chance. Are you saying I shouldn’t have chased you that day in the woods. If you want to go , I’m not forcing you. Just tell me what you want and what you need and I’ll give it to you. I don’t know what else to fucking do” he said running his fingers through his hair in frustration.

I was at a loss of words. Have I been a tad bit too bitchy because I’m confused. Maybe I misjudged because I’ve never seen anyone see nearly as broken hearted apart from Zadie.

“I...I ” I stammered

I looked into his eyes and they were glassy . I felt the brokenness from the bond and I walked out of his office and didn’t look back but heard a faint whimper as I ran away from a situation I couldn’t handle just like I always do.


So yooooo, hope you guys loved the turn of events because I loved it lol.

Who is excited for some training or should I say Mason’s kind of fun.

Stay tuned and please;



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