Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 32

Mason’s POV

Leaving Khally’s office, I made my way out down the elevator until I came across an empty room and quickly shut the door behind me.

Priss, Jamey and some pack members gave me weird looks but they know not to disturb me.

“You hurt our mate” Stacy whimpered

" I know, I know, I just” I stammered

“FUCK!!!” I screamed before I slammed my fist into a nearby wall leaving a bloody dent.

Why did I always have to mess things up.

A few tears streamed down my face like always when my anger,guilt and sadness get the best of me but I quickly wipe them away as I turned my back and slid down the wall.

I just have to focus on being the bitch I am and bond with my homies ’cause that’s what matters.

“You’re so stupid” Stacy told me

“Excuse me”

“You don’t have to be a bitch to be badass dummy. Just be you and I know this shit is hard but really Khally and Manu are honest and they are really trying and you can be such a rock. Too hard to crack and patience wears thin easily”



“No argument no bitching out at me .”

“I mean you’re right so I have no reason to argue doesn’t mean I’m gonna be nice,”

“Alright, I feel you”

As I stood up and brushed dirt from my ass and picked up my bag, the door opened and Khally walked in. His eyes took in my disheveled state before abruptly grabbing my hand then look at the abused wall.

“Why did you hurt yourself ?”

“Because I felt like it asshole. I’m fine but I still wanna punch something and that something will feel the pain this time.”

“You mean someone. It depends on who you’re talking about though because if you punch me, I won’t feel it”

“Cocky are we? Well then let’s find out” I said yanking my already healed hand from his grip.


Having changed from my sexy outfit to some of Zadie’s work out clothes, the fun was about to begin.

“Dude, she calls you Khally” Luka snickered

“Yeah, so . Fight me if you have a problem with it” I challenged

“Sorry Lu- Alpha”


“Yeah so I was saying, lets spar” I said turning to him


Moving towards the training ground, I stretched my muscles a bit before getting into a fighting stance in front of Khally.

“I’m going easy on you” he said

“Too bad I’m not reciprocating” I smirked

Locking eyes with him, I threw the first punch which caught him unaware.

Punch after punch and kick after kick, I wasn’t feeling the adrenaline pumping through my veins.

“Fight me” I shouted

“I don’t want to hurt you Mason, don’t provoke me”


“You don’t want me to provoke you but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You know I thought your parents would have seen how strong you are to rule alone without waiting for your mate but clearly that’s not the case” I started while blocking a kick

“Shut up mate”

I threw his warning out the window.

“I’m also surprised you would stoop that low and date that slutty bitch. I mean look at me, you should have at least have some class” I said earning a punch in the gut.


“Lastly, you can’t even control your own mate. I get it I’m sexy as fuck and rude to the bone but I always heard Alphas were ruthless. You really crushed my expected ”

And that’s when I felt the hardest punch delivered to my left cheek definitely drawing blood.

I spat out the blood to my side before wiping my lips on my arm.

“That’s what I’m talking about. Channel all that anger , resentment and pain into your movement. Don’t fight me like I’m your mate, fight me like I’m your enemy. If I were any other rogue, you won’t hesitate to paint your fists with my blood.”

“Do you want me to kill you”

“You won’t kill me. Trust me, I can’t even do that”

“You must be crazy then.”

“Maybe I am , who cares. I don’t give a fuck. Just fight me” I said breathing hard as I moved to my stance again.

He fought me harder but not as hard as when he punched me in the face so I tripped him and pushed him to the ground.

I like to fight dirty. One of the advantages of being a rogue.

Sitting on his stomach, I punched him in the face hard enough to break his nose.

“Will you fight me harder or do I have to break every bone in your body first” I said

Catching me a little off guard, he rolled over with me now below him.

“I don’t want to hurt you. When will you get that through your thick skull”

“Maybe when you make me bleed harder , I will”

Pushing him off me and getting up, I emphasized harder” FIGHT ME!!”

“I’m not gonna hurt you Mason, never”

“Too bad”

I punched him in his stomach severally but he blocked every single one of them and until he held both of my hands behind me did I give up.

“You’re one stupid Alpha with useless rules of not hurting your mate physically when she clearly asked for it” I said releasing myself from his grip and walking away.

“You are going to be the death of me Mason” he murmured


Priss and Jamey sparred next. I was silent but occasionally mind linking to fight harder and use her speed to an advantage.

No one dared address what exactly went down between him and I and I was greatly for that and I’m sure no one would want a punch to the face right now.

He sat beside me but dared not try to talk to me no less touch me.

Zadie and Luka sparred then Berry and Jared.

Berry looked so tiny compared to her brute of a mate while Zadie just kind of sparred with Luka like he was a stranger.

Berry channeled her magic into her muscles to increase her endurance and did pretty well . Zadie sparred like she usually does. All muscle no emotion and well she didn’t even care that he wasn’t sparring with her properly.

“Priss?” I called

“Yeah” she responded

“Wanna spar”

“Hello no”

“Doesn’t matter , we’re fighting”

“Then why bother asking”

“Duhhh to annoy you”

Fighting Priss is a piece of cake but it’s a win win situation. I get stronger and she gets stronger.

But there’s one thing I always end with my signature move

“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL?” she screamed

“You should expect it all the time homie. I thoughy you were used to it by now”

“You are a crazy bitch.

“I know”

Jamey who was sparring with Luka ran over to where we were.

“What happened?”

“I punched her in the boob”

“Why Alpha”

“It’s my signature move”

“Don’t mind the bitch”Priss said

“Meh” I shrugged and walked away as I heard Jmaey care for his mate. I felt a pich in my heart but I ignored it.


“What??” I snapped at him

“Can you just be reasonable ?”
“Reasonable isn’t something I’m familiar with.”

“For fuck’s sake let’s just go” he said dragging me away back to his office

He opened a sliding door behind his desk .

Pulling me in front of him, he stood directly behind me with his front pressed directly unto my back.

“Do you see all these people. They are our pack members. How do you think they will feel when they see their Luna acting totally out of character and disrespectlful to her friends no less normal pack members. It’s not healthy for you to behave this way in front of people.”

“What are you my mother?” I said turning to him

“I’m your mate and I bet your mother would be greatly disappointed to see her daughter behaving this way”

“You don’t know who my mother was. Do. Not. Speak of her again”

“What? Touchy subject?”
“You know what Khally. Fuck you. Fuck this pack. Fuck everything ’cause this shit is messed up.

“You can’t cover insecurity with anger.”

“What fucking insecurity”

“Maybe it’s pain”

“Shut the fuck up”

“The don’t know anything about me and you don’t understand how I’m feeling.”

“Actually I do. That’s how this fucking mate bond works”

“Just leave me alone” I said pushing against him.

“No. I want you to do something”

“That idea can go right up my fucking ass”

Not expecting him to do so at all, I was abruptly shoved into his sweaty tank top and the disturbing smell of sweat invaded my nostrils as well as his sweet cinnamon scent that I try so hard to ignore at close proximity.

( a/n ewwwwwwwwww what the keck Khalil, that’s gross lol)

Sniffing him even more and running my nose along his chest until it reached the juncture between his shoulder and neck while standing on my tippy toes and pulling his head down, it sent me into a complete euphoria.

3rd Person’s POV

“Why do you smell so fucking good " Mason said while she was on a fucking high.

Her question was left unanswered as Khalil fought his own battle of whether to give into his urges or let her continue her exploration.

The scent of one’s mate can both turn them on and calm ones’ emotions. It was an intimate action between mates and an extremely common practice.

Tugging him closer to herself, Khally’s hands shot out to grip her hips and prevent them both from falling over.

Sensing that her anger, resentment and pain had subsided for now, he reluctantly dragged her body away from his before his control snapped.

“Don’t cover your pain with anger, baby"

“Bloody hell !” Stacy exclaimed when he used that stupid nickname on them. It affected her just as it affected her human half.

“I can’t promise you anything” Mason reluctantly admitted

It’s what the mate bond did to her. Cracked her shell and exposed her weakened side to her mate.

“Will you at least try to be moderate and a tad bit reasonable in front of our pack members. You can bitch out on me whenever.”

“Bitch out” she said raising a brow

“Just stating facts”

“Like I said, I can’t promise anything”

“But I’ll try ” she added after a moment

Consumed with overwhelming joy that they had made a little more progress in their relationship, Khalil landed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

The little act of intimacy brought more butterflies to her already intimate form.

The Moon Goddess, Aleena smiled down from above at the progress between the most powerful couple she had ever paired.


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