Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 33

3rd Person’s POV

Mason walked away from the scene embarrassingly as she had left to take a shower that her mate surprisingly had in his office. She had let too much of the mate bond affect her even though that’s what it’s supposed to do.

She grabbed her clothes which she left earlier and went into the bathroom. Locking the door behind her, Mason let out a deep breath and stripped out of her clothes and entered the shower. Turning it to cold because it was what she was used to and it would calm her already heated body. His touch made her body feel so different, way different than how Josy’s touch ever did. Maybe because he wasn’t her mate but she never felt the urge to suck his face off when she was undeniably attracted to him.

She cleared her thoughts and focused on cleaning off the sweat from her body.

Meanwhile, Khally was dumbstruck. He had 2 problems; one having to do with the effect she had on his body and the second being the fact that she always retreated back to herself when she revealed what she felt was too much of herself to him. At least it was progress in their relationship.

Retreating from the balcony to his seat still in his sweaty work out clothes, he returned to his laptop and continued with all the financial, political and social paperwork had to deal with.

By the time, he was done and about to shut down his laptop, his mate walked in in her original attire for the day and a passive look on her face.

Mason’s POV

Khally was still in his sweaty work out clothes when I finally decided to come out and face the music.

“You need to take a shower. You stink”

“Good to know you’re back at insulting me rather than ignoring me”

I just shrugged in response. I did try to move our relationship farther not back by doing that.

He showered in approximately 5 minutes unlike me. Typical boys.
“I’m done with all my work for today so you ready to go home?”


The word sounded so foreign to me. A permanent residence that I didn’t have to worry about someone trying to kill me 24/7.

“Yeah, home. Let’s go home”


Walking home hand in hand. I didn’t offer any resistance because there was no doubt I enjoyed touching and sniffing Khally.

Weird, I know.

We reached home and I released his hand and went up the stairs ahead of him. I desperately needed to change my clothe especially my underwear. I’m definitely not a fan of wearing the same underwear after a shower.

Entering my room, meeting it the same way I left it, I started removing my jumpsuit when I realized he had followed me in.

“What are you doing?” I asked with my back to him still taking off my clothes.

“Waiting for you”

“Actually, you are watching me undress, pervert.”

“I grately despise perverts so if you know what’s good for you, get out"

“Is it because of what happened to Zadie”

“Just get out”

“No! Don’t shut me up when I asked you a genuine question.”

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I sighed.

“Yes, it has to do with what happened to Zadie” I said while bending to pick up the article of clothing I had allowed to drop on the floor making a plop sound.

“It’s not hard to keep up a conversation just because it brings back memories. ” he said coming up behind me.

“Don’t be scared to open up to me” he said bringing his hands to the bare skin above my hips where I had faint stretch marks making me shiver definitely not from cold.

“So meet me downstairs when you’re done, okay?”

“Okay “I responded barely recognizing my own voice as it was barely above a whisper as he placed a kiss on my neck the same place his scent was most dominant on his skin making me press my thighs slightly together.

And with a longing sigh, he left me with an undeniable ache building in my body.


I was pacing in my room wearing a baggy shirt and shorts with no bra and fresh panties debating whether I should actually go downstairs and meet Khally or just leave him.

Forget it, I’m going.

Walking down the stairs, I found Khally sitting on the couch shirtless as usual watching something on the television making me gulp.

3rd Person’s POV

Mason walked around the couch and was about to take a sit at the other end of the couch but Khally wanted her close so as she was about to land her perfectly round on the sit, he shifted so she sat on his lap instead of the chair.

“Khalil!” she whined wiggling to try and get out of his grasp.

“What?” he grunted

“Let me go. Why did you move you fucker?”

“Because I want you close to me”

“Watch your stupid show and let me go.”

Fuck! I don’t know why I decided to come downstairs, she thought.


“I swear to the fucking Goddess, if you do not let me go, I will make your life hell”

“Sure you will “he said bringing her closer so that her back was against his chest and he was able to inhale her scent on her neck.

When his nose touched her bare skin, Mason let out a shocked gasp as she snapped her thighs together. She’d never wanted him to touch her so badly but now she wanted him to strip naked and use his tongue to touch every inch of her body.

Why did she suddenly feel so horny?

Why did her thoughts suddenly become so sex crazed?

Khalil oblivious to the aroused scent infiltrating the air continued to enjoy her scent while Black Mirror played on his television screen.


The grumbling of a stomach brought him back to reality.

“You’re hungry” he concluded

But not for food she thought. Her body wanted and needed two different things.

Grabbing her thighs, he set her back on her feet and pulled her into the kitchen and instructed her to seat on a stool instead of his thighs were heaven lay in between.

Mason just watched as he brought things out of the cupboard and fridge. The flex of the muscles in his back and arms made a certain slick substance soak her not so fresh underwear.



“I asked if you’re okay with pasta.”

Anything that didn’t taste like him wasn’t okay but her words disagreed.

“Yeah sure”

10 minutes after watching him cut up some vegetables for what he called Bolognese, Mason excused herself .

“I’ll be right back” she stuttered


“Just be fucking patient, I’m not running away.”

Khalil thought she had been acting weird since their encounter at his office balcony but he felt her emotions were all over the place. For some reason, he couldn’t pin point what exact emotion or feeling that bothering her.

Upstairs in her bathroom, Mason was panting heavily. She wanted no needed Khalil but she couldn’t explain why.

Even Stacy couldn’t offer an explanation so she just changed her underwear again and wiped off the sweat that built up on her forehead. Everywhere felt hot .

She walked back down and saw that their dinner was ready. Khally was already seated and she assumed he was waiting for her .

“Mason, are you okay?” he asked as she entered the kitchen

“Fucking great” she replied but stood where she was

She didn’t sound like she meant it, actually she sounded very sarcastic.

“You sure?” he said but stood up and took a step closer to her.

“No. Stay where you fucking are”

“Why?” he said adding a step

“Because I fucking said so”

But in her mind it was because if he got too close she knew she would do something irrational because she didn’t know rational.

“That’s not a valid reason” he said adding a step this time she took a step back.

“You don’t need one” she said and by this time she had already entered the living room and was retreating back to her room but as she was about to slam the door shut, a hand stopped the locks from kissing.

She walked backwards slowly panting heavily. His midnight blue eyes shone in the dark like that of an angry wolf.

His nose lifted into the air and sniffed before the realization dawned on him.

“Heat” he growled making Mason shiver and press her thighs together at the same time.


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