Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 34

3rd Person’s POV

Earlier that day, Pristine and Jamey woke up. Jamey felt the need to spill everything that went down between him and his Alpha and co.

He told her how he felt and she was shocked to say the least but also understanding.

Pristine’s POV

“So are we like chill ’cause I don’t want us to go back ” he said

“Yeah. The truth was bound to come out either way” I said looking at my palms.

His fingers reached out to pinch my chin upwards making me look at him but I averted my eyes.

“Babe? ”

“Hmm” I responded before I was being pulled into his lap making me straddle him.

“I’m not angry at you. I actually thought you would be vice versa kinda you know.”

“It’s just little overwhelming”

His hands rested on my hips while my hands were clasped together in between us.

“Priss?” he said tucking my hair behind my ear


“Tell me if you truly want this . It’s taking a lot of self control to not ravish you princesa”

“Want what?” I asked innocently licking my slightly dry lips.

“Don’t make it harder”

“What harder” I said again playing oblivious before I felt his lips make contact with mine like the brush of a feather.


“I never said anything about not wanting to, I just”

I didn’t get to finish my statement as his lips descended unto mine in a domineering manner.

The sparks. Oh God the sparks were destined to turn me to mush.

My hands moved to the back of his neck to pull his closer.

Contact. I needed contact. There was too much space between us.

His hands move from my hips to my bottom giving it a light squeeze making me give out a low moan.

I moved away and pressed my forehead against.

“First kiss?” he asked and I nodded

" Lets get ready babe. We’ll continue this later. I don’t want Khalil to bite my head off.”

I chuckled moving away from him as we both got ready for the day in turns.

Zadie’s POV

The next day I woke up with a scream. Like literally screaming.

“Why the fuck are you all up in my face this early morning Luka?”

“I umm couldn’t sleep and I wanted to see you after you abruptely cut me out last night. I thought we were getting somewhere baby.”

I love you baby

Lets just go talk privately baby

I want to show you something baby

Those were memories that haunted me to this very day. I gulped.

“Don’ t call me that.” I hissed


“Do not call me baby. I am not your baby. I may be your mate but do not call me that.” I said sitting up and pushing him out of my face.


“Don’s give me any stupid apology. Please just get out.”

“I thought you’d like to go to the pack house with me today but I guess I’ll see you around Zadie”

If there was one emotion I felt very frequently from the opposite side of the mate bond it was pain. Not physical but emotional and it was making my wolf depressed.

Biting my tongue, I refused to let my emotions take control. Last time that happened, things didn’t end well at all?

Rick wasn’t my mate but he ruined me in more ways than one and I couldn’t let that happen even, even if Luka is my mate and is nothing like Rick.

I ended up still following him to the pack house. While he was about to leave in his blue car, I’m not sure what kind but it looked good, I strolled out in a pair of jeans and a baggy shirt with my phone in my pocket and air pods in my ears and a non-chalant look on my face. In a small bag I held, there were 2 pairs of sporty clothes Priss told me to bring along. Truth is Luka looked hot like really hot with his plain blue t-shirt and jeans with a thin silver chain on his neck.

“Damn, mate really knows how to clean up nicely” Anna drooled

“Yeah and so did Rick in case you’ve forgotten”

“Mhmm naaa. Rick was a rogue who tried to clean up nicely. Emphasis on tried but nothing compared to mate.”

“Whatever” I said rolling my eyes

“Can I hitch a ride? Priss said something about having fun on the training grounds and that I had to be there.”


Getting into the passenger seat, it’s been a while since I entered a car. My parents were fairly rich so I know a good car when I see one.

“Nice car” I commented

“Thanks” he replied

Riding in your mate’s car while you completely ignore him must be the most awkward situation I had ever been in in my life. He didn’t try to make any form of conversation and I appreciated it but when the song ‘Eastside’ by Benny Blanco , Khalid and Halsey came up, I reached forward to turn up the volume at the same time he did creating sparks. Pretty cliche right but stupid mate bond was determined to make things beyond bearable.

“Sorry” I apologized “I didn’t mean to touch your shit. It was just.....impulse I guess.”

“It’s fine, what’s mine is yours. (a/n very cringey line if you ask me but it has to be done lol)

I ended up turning the volume up so we didn’t have to speak to each other but not enough to deafen our sensitive ears.

When we got to the pack house where we would be meeting the others, we entered an elevator and went all the way to the top where his office apparently was.

Everything was okay since we didn’t have to communicate until we had to spar with each other. Definitely not what I expected to occur but it had to.

The rest was just a blur until we had to go back to the place I would learn to call my home.


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