Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 35

Berry’s POV

I woke up and headed straight for the bathroom as quietly as I could. There was no time to admire a sleeping Jared even though Bree claimed he looked adorable.

I shut the door behind me and rested my arms on the sink and sighed. I don’t understand whether he wants me or doesn’t want me. We’re mates right shouldn’t I be able to explore you know what I want to explore. He was all man, rough and hard I quote from Mason who said she read it in a book but honestly that was the best way to describe my mate.

Splashing some water on my face, I looked at myself in the mirror. I wasn’t ugly, I knew that for sure. My raven black hair and green eyes sometimes gave people a chill but Mason said it suited me well. Apart from that, I always hated how big my books were. So disturbing but Mama said not to use any spells on my body because I could get addicted so I have to bear with it.

Cupping them in my hands and testing their weight, I sighed. They were still freakishly huge even though I wasn’t fat.

I just have to accept the fact that my body was built differently just like every other person, wolf, witch, warlock, vampire, lycan or hybrid. I really wish he’s let me just...uggghhh.

“Since when did we become so sex crazed?”

“Since we discovered how much of a hunk our mate is ”

“Well I need to get rid of these filthy thoughts.”

“What filthy thoughts?

“You know, when I imagine what it would be like to explore his body ”

“With your hands or tongue”


“What? I’m curious too”

“To be honest, I think both”

Before she could answer, there was heavy pounding on the door making me jump followed by an angry growl.


“Coming , coming. ”

I quickly brushed my teeth, raked my fingers through my hair and stepped out trying as best as possible to stop my shirt from clinging to my boobs. Stupid body!

“Hey” I said a bit too timidly because the next thing I knew, I was slammed against the wall earning another squeal from me with his hands on the wall above me caging me in. Did I mention he was shirtless. No, well is.

“What do you think you were doing?” he said making me gulp

“N-nothing. I was just...”

“Thinking very dirty thoughts” he finished off for me.

“What! No, I mean. How do you know that? ” I exclaimed now trying to look for a way to escape his hold before I did something very, very wrong.

“Stop it!”

“Stop what?” I objected

“Your link is open Berry and I can hear every fucking thing you are thinking about”

Well damn.

“Well sorry then. I d-didn’t mean to. It’s not my fault you don’t wanna get freaky with me” I said mumbling the last part.


Lifting me up, I had to wrap my legs and arms against something so I wouldn’t fall and that something just happened to be a certain part of his body which encompassed another certain part of his body which meant my body was fully pressed against his.

“Is this what you want, for me to fuck you like a rutting animal because that’s exactly what you’re asking for.”

“Not really, I just want to...explore I guess. I mean you did say your body was mine too right.”

“Have you ever been touched by any man?”



I gulped ” No”



“Then what makes you want to do so?”

“The mate bond I guess and I’ve never really been attracted to anyone before well I guess before you and my body is reacting differently, I guess.”

“So you want to touch me sexually?”


Goddess I feel so embarrassed talking about this.

Letting me down slowly, he took my hand and guided me to the bed. With him seated in front of me, he pulled me in front of him so I was standing in between his legs very close to his...manhood.

“You mean his dick or cock.”

“Gahhh . Do you have to be so explicit, our link is still open.”

“Do what you want?” he said releasing my hand while looking at me amusingly.

I blushed hard may I add. I didn’t know what to do. I was just curious to know what it would be like.

Damnit. I can’t chicken out now.

Slowly but shyly, I raised my left hand .

“You’re left-handed?”

“Yeah ” I replied a little too quickly.

“I see , go on”

I extended my left hand to brush against his chest right above his heart when I heard him take in a sharp breathe while the sparks danced between our skin.

A bit more confidently, I moved my hand along his chest to where his heart was beating furiously then up to his shoulder where I could feel his bulging muscles.

Hot damn!

My own heart was beating erratically as well but I continued moving my hand where it descended down his chest to his abdomen were his abs were. I paused a bit then looked into his pair of green eyes. They were darker just like a plant so rich in chlorophyll but his breathing was ragged and the veins on his arms on his side were prominent.

Making direct eye contact with him, I moved both my palms this time along his abdomen and stopped just on his waist band. I could already feel him poking my leg but I ignored it.

Leaning towards him so that my boobs were almost fully pressed against his chest, I licked my lips and whispered in his ear, ” Thanks for the exploration.” before moving away to take a shower but this time closing my link.


By the time I was done showering, Jared had left our room. I was in my underwear putting on some body lotion near the closet when I felt his presence behind me . Turning around, making my hair whip behind me, I was cornered again.


“You’re not allowed to see me naked” I said trying to somehow use the lotion, to cover something.

“Says who?”
“Says me”

“You’re the one who wants to explore, I think that goes both ways”


“Shh!” He said placing a finger to my lips. “Two can play the same game Berry, when we come back, we’ll continue this cat and dog chase.” he finished placing a sweet kiss on my forehead before living me to get dressed with my lotion still clutched to my chest.


So this chapter was longer than anticipated but I hope you guys liked and yes I won’t leave you horndogs hanging. The umm smut *cough* sin*cough* will come soon lol.

Please be patient and stay tuned

I’m so sorry for not updating in such a long time. I’ve been so emotionally and physically drained. School takes up so much time.

Thanks for 3.16k reads , you guys are awesome.

Love you all


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