Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 36

Mason’s POV

“Why are you resisting the heat?”
“Because I don’t want you to fucking touch me.”

“Or you’re afraid of submitting to me”

“Just fuck-AHHHHHH”


It felt like a thousand and fifty eight knives just stabbed me in the abdomen making me clutch my stomach and falling on my knees. The painful part of the heat had started and unfortunately the only relief was my mate’s touch.

A whimper slipped past my lips as pain erupted everything. The unexplainable feeling to jump his bones was gone but replaced by pain.

“Mason!!Plea-se” he begged his voice slightly cracking.

Male wolves are usually 10 times more sexually attracted to a female in heat but Khally put my relief before his pleasure and that struck a nerve.

About to almost pass out from pain and exhaustion, I felt a pair of large, warm hands grip my waist and pull me unto a lap. The content sigh of relief that fell pass my lips as I lay in my mate’s embrace could only last for a few minutes before both pain and lust took over again.

“Khally, pls -pls do something” I whimpered

3rd Person’s POV

The first thing that crossed his mind was that she wanted his help, whether it was solely because of the mate bond or not, she needed him and he was going to make sure she got the help, relief and pleasure she wanted....well needed.

Lifting her by the thighs that he wished to forever bury his face in, he carefully placed his groaning mate on her bed.

His hands left her thighs but found their way to a stray strand on her forehead pushing it back. The eye that were once full of agony, resentment and anger now held hope, pain and lust.

Silently, he promised he would make her feel better. Her shirt came off first then so did her shorts. Completely naked underneath him because Mason doesn’t wear underwear to sleep, he placed small kisses all over her body until he reached his treasure, he looked up and saw the definite rise and fall of her bosom and paused delaying the inevitable.

Caught unaware, she wrapped her legs around his waist bringing her own treasure close to her core and cried out in ecstasy. Grunting because he was about to lose control to his wolf, he tried to tear her legs from around him when her hand slipped unto his back underneath his shirt and brought him closer to herself.

Their heavy breathing mixed as they both closed their eyes. One in restraint and the other in pleasure.

“Make me yours Khally” she tempted

He knew better than to succumb to her now because in her proper senses she would probably bruise his pretty face. He would imprint on her making her his and enough to please her just not giving all of him.

He stealthily slipped of his shirt making her irises darken with passion. His lips found their way around her right nipple making her arch her back and moan his name. The way she was going he was going to lose his shit and fuck her like a rutting animal until the bed broke...but he had to remind himself that this was about her pleasure and not his.

As his lips worked around her sensitive skin, she left scratches on his back with her nails while his hand slipped between her thighs where he found that they were wet just for him.

Goosebumps arose over her skin definitely not used to the unfamiliar invasion. When he thrusted one finger in, her head tipped and a very satisfying moan slipped past her lips. Her southern lips pulsed around his finger as he went in and out. Used to it already, he thrust a second one in and watched as her moans got louder and her scratching became more intense.

When her body couldn’t take it anymore, she let go of something she wasn’t even sure what. Panting, sleepy and sated, he pulled out his fingers and took a lick of them as he watched her.

“Gross” she stated even in her state

Khalil just chuckled in her response because he knew she would be begging for more once she got a taste of him.

“Thank you” she managed to croak out after that. Although he had no reason to accept her gratitude because it was part of his duty as her mate, he replied with a silent “No problem” as her body shut down.

1 Hour Later

Sitting on the chair in her room for about an hour, Khalil slipped into bed beside her. She was still very much naked but to him she had just gotten a physical relief. He turned to the other side of the bed not expecting to feel soft mounds on his back and a palm exploring his lower body. Whether consciously or unconsciously, it was as clear as day that his mate was attracted to him sexually and physically.


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