Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 37

Mason’s POV

Chaos was all I could see around as the image of my dead family was imprinted into my skull forever leaving me a scarred and heartbroken person forever. Going with this woman, Myra who I didn’t still trust but claimed she knew Aunt Gracie made me uneasy, I would have rather died than gone away with that bitchy Alpha’s daughter.

For the sake of Zadie and Berry, I moved along because I could defend them better than they could defend themselves if this all turned out to be a sick joke. Priss could go to hell for all I cared. Alpha’s little daughter was a spoilt brat I didn’t mind leaving to die.

Settling in a rogue camp, Myra brought us food and gave us shelter gradually fending for us. She taught us how to put up a good fight even at our tender ages and most importantly helped us as we developed into grown women.

One stormy night, the winds blew, tents shriveled, the girls and I were peacefully sleeping but woke up to the sound of chaos as screams tore through the air.

They called her Isabella but we had no idea who she was and what she wanted. Myra had told us that Aunt Gracie had seen a vision about the four of us and how no matter what we had to survive until the world was cleansed. What she meant by cleansed we had no idea but despite our age similarities, it was pretty clear that she had more experience in the battlefield.

We managed to escape with only the clothes on our back but as I looked back into the broken camp, they wouldn’t stop until they found and when they find us the prophecy must be fulfilled.

I woke up gasping for breath as I relished my dream. It was that time again when Isabella will find us and try to kill us again like for past 8 years, I could feel it in my bones. I removed the covers from my bed and stood up to a loose t-shirt no doubt belonging to Khally hanging around my body and pulled it down my naked body.

My bare feet padded against the wooden floors as I followed his scent to the kitchen. Last night had been a mistake, an irreversible mistake and I needed to get it through his thick skull before things got out of hand.

His naked back muscles stopped flexing as movement seized when he sensed my presence.

“Good m-”

“Don’t good morning me. Last night was a mistake. Don’t expect me to welcome you into my bed with open arms every time I’m in heat.”

Dropping the spatula in his hand he turned around to face me with a smirk plastered on his face, he confidently walked towards me as I held my stance. ” I don’t expect shit from you Mason but seeing as you are still denying the bond, whatever works for you babe”, he said before going back to his cooking.

“Aren’t you supposed to be worked up about it or something.”


“Geez, Alphas are so overrated then” I muttered.

“Actually no, don’t get me wrong mate but almost a week here it’s not hard to realize that you’re trying to make me hate you . Fuck, I’m being as patient as I can with you but when I snap Goddess knows I held back a while.

“Hmm, I look forward to that day then” I smirked

As I was about to leave, I heard the clatter of cutlery meeting a plate so I turned around.

“I made breakfast cause one thing I know for sure is that my mate can’t cook” he said as he grabbed a waffle from the stack and brushed past me using the sparks to remind me that we were bound in a way I couldn’t deny.


Immediately I finished my morning routine, I informed my sisters about our current situation and as expected they all got the same replay of memories in their own points of view.

“Right now we need to come up with a plan you guys. Having a fucking mate has screwed us all up.” I said through our mental link.

“True but it comes with advantages. We have protection now...” Zadie said

“We can protect our freaking selves.” I replied

“Running away isn’t protecting ourselves Mason.” Priss added

“Then what do you suggest we fucking do Priss”

“How bad could it be if we just told them the freaking truth. They already figured out our pack of origin, my real genetics and it’s only a matter of time before they find out about this too.” Berry added

“Fine, go ahead, tell your mates but I’d rather not.”

“Come on be sensible. If we tell ours and you don’t...Your mate is the freaking alpha . What the hell do you think he’s gonna do.” Zadie said

“Worst he can do is give me a mind blowing orgasm . ”

“How the hell does that relate” Berry said


“You just said...”

“Forget about what I said....fuck.”

“Masonnn, did you get a mind blowing orgasm and not tell us.” Zadie said interested

“It was a mistake alright. Stupid heat caused it.”

“Oooohhhh, Mason’s getting it on!” Priss said giggling

“Would you guys stop. We are talking about the psycho witch Isabella and not about my sex life.”

“Nope, we are talking about your sex life. Isabella can wait.” she added

“No she can’t . We all know that, it could be weeks or days before she comes.”

“Or it could be months Mason . Can you just let yourself chill and give us the details.” Zadie said


“Fine be a bitch like you always are . In 1 week we’ll tell our mates if you don’t spill and see where we can go from there.” Priss said

Zadie and Berry agreed and cut the link leaving me to punch my pillow a few hundred times before it looked disfigured.


An insight into their pasts and introduction of sinister characters hehehehe.

Stay tuned for more lol

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