Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 3

Mason's POV

To be very honest I had no freaking idea why I said we should run when we could have easily stayed and had a good life. Bu I guess I do love a good chase.

“You hurt mate”

“Oh shut up will you dumb wolf. It was only to paralyze him for a few minutes. That’s when I heard a growl.

“Shit. See he’s already gaining on us ”

“He’s gonna mark and mate us once he catches us you dumb human. You watch and see. Then she blocked our mind link.


My wolf is not exactly happy right now and I need to shift.

Not really caring about my clothes anymore but I did like that t shirt. I shifted putting my back pack in my mouth.

I heard a thunderous growl and I knew he was seriously catching up. Did we really walk this far without realizing we were in pack territory, Damn, we were really lost.

I had either put a safe distance between us or he was slowing down. Either way I rubbed myself in a small puddle of mud lol that rhymes to dull my scent so he couldn’t track me so easily.

I was about to take off running again when I felt him land on my back and growled as a warning for me not to try anything stupid.

Stacy opened the link and said “See, now mate angry with us”

“Hey, don’t you blame this on me. If you helped me maybe we would have made it to safe zone.

She just huffed and continued to whimper.

He shifted and commanded me to do so as well.

Now this was a battle between Stacy and I but she won and gave me full control, retreating to the back of my mind. Coward if you ask me.

"I’m not being cowardly stupid. I’m all about first impressions.”

Wait, hold on. He shifted. I shifted. He’s naked. I’m naked . He’s on top of me. Oh shit. Bad position for first encounter well second but whatever.

“We meet again little mate. I quite like your wolf, she’s smart”

Pfft more like horny

“You however are one person with a fiery personality. I’m glad I’ve been mated to someone as unique as you.

“Umm, whatever your name is I don’t know cuz I don’t care enough to ask , did you just insinuate that I’m dumb and can you get off me . This is kind of...umm awkward if you ask me and its making me uncomfortable”

"Pfft, more like self conscious”

“Can you stop making comments in the weird situations”

"Hmm, I quite like this position", he said leaning down on me

“Okay, lemme rephrase that. My boobs are drenched in mud and I don’t appreciate having mud stuck to my vagina hair either. So kindly get the hell of me or things are gonna take a drastic turnaround.

“Oh really, lets see bout that, he said as he placed a kiss on my neck. By the way, my name is Khalil, Alpha Khalil if that rings a bell


“More like sexy”

“Damn you horny wolf”

Well I guess things are gonna have to take a drastic turnaround


Priss’s POV

Immediately I saw Mason take off running, my damn mind refused to cooperate . Why?

Simply because , our mate had shifted and was now approaching us. I couldn’t bring myself to run away. This was way to good to be true so I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming but well we all know it wasn’t a dream.

I honestly don’t know what happened to Zadie and Berry. I guess their brains cooperated with them.

He was one step away when I remembered I was supposed to be running. Shoot!!

I took one step back and he took one step forward. I took another step backwards and he took another step backwards. This went on and on until my back hit a tree. A mother freaking tree. For real people, this is pretty cliche. Backing up against a wall well a tree in this case.

He took another step forward so that our feet were touching. He smirked well cause he saw that he had me cornered.

He put his hand on my cheek and whispered “Beautiful and so fucking hot”

I have to admit the way he said it was so cute like I was his absolute favorite person in the world.

He just stood there brushing his thumb over my cheek while I was pressed against the tree and his eyes just kept roaming everywhere on my face taking in every single detail .

This was getting beyond awkward.“So, umm mate..

“Jameson, my name is Jameson”

“Cute name”

“I agree Priss”

“So umm Jameson, can you umm kind of like move cause you’re in my bubble.”

“There is no bubble between us mate. You are mine as I am yours”

“Possessive much”

“Get used to it princesa, you aren’t going anywhere. My pack needs their beta female and I need you. We were made for each other and I don’t plan on letting you go. Unless, well unless you don’t want me...” he stuttered

“Is this guy for real. Is he actually pulling the insecure card on me?”

“I think he just wants to give us a chance to reject him , I mean cause he doesn’t seem like someone who would force us into anything”

“I’m not”

“Holy mother of Jesus. Did you just speak in my head. Wait no. I’m imagining things right”

“You aren’t imagining things babe. I actually did. Did you not know that mates can establish an immediate mind link?”

“I thought that was only after marking.”

“After marking, you have a mind link with the rest of the pack you belong to”


“But for real, if you truly want to reject me then I would understand your decision”

I could hear the sadness in his voice that even after waiting for so long, he finally found his mate and she was contemplating rejecting him. I didn’t want to reject him, I just didn’t know what to do. I mean I wanted to be with him. Megan and I both but what would the girls say. Either way I had already made up my mind.

I looked up at Jameson and just there was no denying the mate bond was flexing its power. When he caressed my cheek, I felt so whole and I felt content. I smiled at him and looked deep into his emerald eyes. They were my favorite shade, not to dark but still emerald green.

He had only been considerate and sweet . I was his princessa and he was my prince charming to keep.

Mine and no one else’s.

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