Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 38

Mason’s POV

“Happy new month bitches” I said to my sisters through our link

It’s been 2 weeks since our conversation about Isabella and they hadn’t told their mates contrary to their threat.

It was the beginning of September (Tuesday ) and well it was a new month but nothing had changed between me and him.

The girls and I would usually go to the training grounds to train as usual but without our bloody mates tagging along. Berry only had time to practice her magic at home when Jared was around and so far she hadn’t gotten any visions. Also Priss’s birthday is on the 13th and I have no idea how she wants to celebrate.

Aunt Gracie was a very strong witch and she had the ability to see visions of things that would happen in the nearest future. It’s how she was able to save us from that faithful night 8 years ago and how she was able to get Aunt Myra to raise us. That gift was passes down to Berry although it isn’t as potent because werewolves tend to be the dominant gene in any hybrid.

The more she trained her magic the more likely it would be for her to get a vision but so far we had nothing.

I’ve been snubbing Khally for the past 2 weeks and well he didn’t try to communicate with me either. Our wolves would talk and then Stacy would badmouth me about how I was resisting the bond. Bitches gotta be bitches was all I could say.

I usually spent my day in my bedroom but when I went downstairs I always met food on the counter in the kitchen. Khally usually stayed in his office in our I mean his house so I guess he was around just not up in my business. I hated to admit it but he was a good cook and his food always set me in good mood. Hmm maybe he spiked it but anyway at least I never got any hallucinations.

As a young girl, I always loved to dance and I recently I found out about this app called tiktok where you can make make all sorts of videos with songs in the background. I’ve done a lot of the trending videos especially the ones by Megan Thee Stallion (a/n Stallions in the house say ‘ah’) and let’s just say I have more followers than I expected.

This afternoon, I decided to go downstairs like I always do to get some food . I was dressed in an oversized hoodie dress with my hair let down. Instead of finding the kitchen empty like I usually do, Khally was there sipping from a cup of what I assumed to be coffee .

" I was hoping I would see you ” he said

“The feeling is not mutual prick. Fuck off”

" I just came to tell you that school starts in 2 weeks and your Luna ceremony is on Sunday. ”

“I never agreed to any of that shit”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion. It’s what has to be done. Suck it up and just comply. You can go back to hiding out in your room and when you’re ready to be mature and accept your responsibilities as a Luna, at least I won’t have a head ache from all this bickering. You’ll be in school 90% of the time so don’t worry about seeing me either” he said

“Well congratulations on getting rid of your bitch of a mate aka me. Don’t worry about me embarrassing you, I’ll be on my best behavior. Have a nice life Khalil.”

“I didn’t mean it like that Mason”

“Why are you apologizing? I’m the one who’s always acting like a spoilt bitch just because her family was torn to shreds in front of her. Her father died protecting her mother who was pregnant with her baby sister. The only person she ever loved that wasn’t her family was the killed by a psycho witch who has been trying to kill her remaining family for 8 years. She’s trying not to involve her mate in her shitty life but this stupid mate bond has it’s own plans and of course he still wants to announce her as his mate because he claims to care for her but she would rather stay away and wallow in her self pity and hide behind her shitty attitude. Don’t fucking apologize you stupid idiot. ”

“Why can’t you hate me like the 90% of people I have met. ” I said with a single tear rolling down my left cheek. You just have to be part of that stupid 10%. Fuck you, fuck the remaining 10 percent, fuck this mate bond , fuck this stupid life and fuck my Luna ceremony. I’ll be on my best behavior, I’ll go to school, just leave me alone, you’ll only get heartbroken being close to me”

“Mason, you don’t have to..”

“I don’t have to what?”

“Fucking cuss all the time first.”

“I could care less”

“You don’t have to bottle everything up.”

“Don’t give me that bullshit. What next? You’re gonna tell me that that’s what mates are for. To cry on each others’ shoulders and comfort each other.”

“Actually yes.”

“No thank you”

“What are you so afraid of?”

“Falling too hard in love you asshole”

“I thought you hated me.”

“Don’t be too cocky. You know that as much as I do that that’s a bloody lie.”

“Just come here, you can decide if you actually want our relationship to work tomorrow or go back to hating me.”

I accepted his hug and buried my runny nose into his cotton covered chest. Stupid sparks and his scent made me calmer. It just angers me that I have to seek comfort in someone else rather than myself. Our clear height difference proved itself when he placed his chin over my head as I continued to sniff in his embrace.

“Carry me” I mumbled lowly but thank Goddess for werewolf hearing.

He placed his large hands under my thighs while I jumped a light to defy the law of gravity as he embraced me in his arms. I tightened my arms around his neck as his arms supported my weight under my fat ass.

“Cocky much” Stacy said

“I’m sorry for being a bitch to you. ” I said ignoring her

“It’s alright baby. You haven’t had time to properly heal , instead you’ve had to deal with whoever this Isabella girl is.”

“I’ll have to explain everything to you later, won’t I?”


“Well fuck”

He chuckled lightly before asking ” You’re on your period aren’t you?”

“Can’t you smell the blood”

(a/n if humans had advanced smell you boys would cringe and vomit on a daily basis lol)

“Fair enough”

He moved to sit down on the couch before adjusting me on his lap. He grabbed a remote control being careful with me on him before he opened ‘Youtube’, an app I’m very familiar with for playing Music. He put on a song called Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake to serve as background music while he twirled a braid of my hair in his hands.

I remember when I came back on Sunday from training with the girls with it. He was mad that I wasn’t home at the usual time but was shocked when he saw my hair. I had Berry braid my natural hair so I wouldn’t have to comb it everyday and pack it and also to prevent it from breaking.

I packed it into 2 as it was braided and left 2 strands to dangle in my face when she was done and let’s just say we got carried away taking pictures on our phones. I chuckled a little remembering that day, one of the few times we interacted with each other.

“Why are you laughing ?”
“Just remembering your facial expression when I came home with my hair done. You looked like you’ve never seen a black girl with natural braids.”

“I’ve never seen it look so pretty on anyone”

“Yeah sure. I bet Michelle can pull it off.”

" I doubt. She’s blonde and her hair is silky not curly and kinky like yours.”

“How do you know?”

“It’s pretty obvious Mason. No need to get so worked up. Can we please not talk about the one person you hate the most in my pack”


“Are you hungry? You never did eat before you umm”

“No, I’m good. Just cuddle me”

“I never saw you as the cuddling type”

“Tiktok has made me crave it. Turns out all those sappy relationship tiktos aren’t so overrated.”

He just chuckled in response.

" What am I supposed to wear during the Luna ceremony?”

“White with a touch of whatever color you want”

“Is that like a tradition?”

“Yeah. All lunas wear white with a touch of any color of their choice.”

“What about the normal pack members and Betas, Deltas and Gammas?”

“Normal pack members wear black including the Betas, Deltas and Gammas.”

“Then what about you?”

"Well, since it’s our ceremony, I have to wear white too”

“Wait, both of us?”

“Yeah, my dad didn’t think I was capable of handling our pack alone until I met you. He didn’t believe in the late bond either he just wanted me to have a female by my side as I controlled the pack.”

“That doesn’t really add up.”

“I don’t understand it myself but I don’t question him”

“I still don’t know why we have to go to school?”

“The council wants to make sure that the future leaders of this pack are not a bunch of illiterates and blah blah blah”

“Oh, but for 3 months”

“Yeah, I actually meant 3 terms which is actually 9 months ”

“For fuck’s sake Khally” I said standing up

“Sorry okay. There’s nothing I can do. They have that mentality that because they are older they are wiser than I am so I can’t do shit okay. I’m sorry”

“Whatever. Just cuddle me until I fall asleep. I’ll vex at you tomorrow”

“Whatever you say baby”




I hope you guys kind of understand why Mason is such a bitch now lol


Comment your questions too lol and all will be explained later

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