Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 4

Berry's POV

When Mason said run,my instincts told me running wasn’t going to help us get out of this situation but I did it anyways.

My body cooperated before my mind did cause all I could process was the fact that my hair had fallen out of its bun. I stopped for a second to see if my mate was whom I assumed was chasing me had caught up with me.

“Run Berry, mate is chasing us ”

“Wait what, I thought you wanted us to stay , Bree”

“I do want us to stay but I wanted our mate to catch us’

“Such a playful wolf you are”

“I know I am”

I continued running but I couldn’t even hear any footsteps or paw steps so I did a quick scan of where I was only to find myself surrounded by trees like really big trees. I huffed in frustration cause not only was I lost but neither my mate nor friends were in sight. I tried mind linking them but they were all closed off.

“I guess our mate didn’t chase us Bree”

She just whimpered in response.

I was about the give up and just head back when I smacked my forehead into a rock hard chest. Wait how and when did this person get here. Then when I sniffed the air,I swear my legs felt like jelly. I looked up and in all his glory stood my mate looking down at me with a very stoic expression but when I looked into his eyes, I could tell he was amused.

He smelt like vanilla like for real. You know when you’re baking and you just open the vanilla flavoring and take a good whiff of it and almost moan at its deliciousness, that’s how it was.

“I, I I I ummm, sorry”


I was shocked to say the least. He just sounded so cold as if he didn’t give a care in the world that his mate just bumped right into him. I guess it’s true. Some people really just don’t want their mates.

“So umm are you gonna reject me or something cause I really don’t understand why you are being so harsh. I thought mates are supposed to love each other and treat themselves right” I said looking down.

“I’m not going to reject you but you will come with me. I do want you but doesn’t mean I have to act nicely”

“Does that mean I have a choice to reject you?”


“You will come with me whether you like it or not and I will drag you there personally if I have to” he said grabbing my wrist harshly

I felt the sparks but I didn’t like it cause is this the price I have to pay to be someone’s mate. I hope my friends aren’t going through this as well. I suddenly felt the tears running down my face as I struggled to release my wrist from hid death grip.

I sniffled as I tried to stop the tears from flowing but it was no use.

“Mate, hurt us” Bree said whining

“I know, I know but I just don’t understand why”

“Are you crying little mate?”

I just continued to sob while his grip loosened on my wrist

“I, I , I”he stammered then cursed under his breathe.

He bent down to my level and cradled my left cheek but I flinched afraid he was going to hurt me.

“Look at me mate. Please”

I cautiously looked up at him into his mesmerizing green eyes.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you little mate. It’s just that growing up as the gamma’s only heir my father made it clear to me that if I wasn’t harsh with people they won’t take me seriously or respect. That’s why people fear me but my friends know the reason behind my actions,”

“But that should be different for you. I don’t want my mate to fear me. I just want you to accept me for me but I was also afraid you would reject me especially when you made it clear you were thinking it. I’m sorry mate. I truly am. I would never intentionally hurt , I just happened to grip you harshly. I don’t want you to fear me. You are my equal and have the right to state your thoughts and opinions.”

“It was an act of reflex and again I am deeply sorry. I’m not the kind of person to say let’s forget what happened and start over cause if we do that, we are simply ignoring it but rather can we move on from that and focus on the future. I laid my eyes on you and knew you were mine and I would completely give my heart, soul, spirit and wolf to you”

I looked into his eyes and saw the sincerity in them . I didn’t really want to reject him, I just didn’t want to live my life in bondage. I had stopped crying and he was using his thumb to wipe off my tears. He was being honest and he must have had a tough childhood to act on impulse like that . I didn’t want to fear him and he made it clear that I shouldn’t.

I summoned all my courage and wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tightly.

“I forgive you mate. I don’t want to live my life in bondage in the arms of my mate. I don’t fully fear you but I admit I am still kinda scared but I’ll do my best. I’ll never reject my other half and risk losing half my heart. I promise you”

He brought his arms around me and hugged me back tightly but in a comforting way. I smiled into his shoulder.

I unwrapped myself from him realizing I just hugged my mate half naked. Those sparks were beginning to mess with my head in a not so innocent way.

He stood up and smiled a genuine smile at me offering me his hand. I yawned before taking his hand.

“Would you prefer I carry you to my pack,mate. All the running and crying must have tired you out”

“Oh no that wouldn’t be necessary but I do have a question. How did you find me so easily yet silently” I asked slightly blushing

“Sneak attack method mate. I didn’t want you running any further”

“But when did you shift?”

“Immediately I saw you run”

“Oh!! And you had clothes with you ?”

“This is pack territory. We usually keep things like that around for emergencies like this”

“Oh alright” I said yawning again

“Please let me carry you. I don’t want you passing out in the middle of nowhere”

“Umm, alright then”

He picked me up bridal style and I snuggled closer to his sweet scent and warmth as he began walking.

“Did you know you smelt like vanilla ummm...”


“Did you know you smelt like vanilla , Jared?”

“In fact I did not know that...


That was the last thing I said before I passed out in my mate’s arms .


So I was going to put both Berry and Zadie’s mate encounters in this chapter but this turned out longer than anticipated but Zadie’s will be in the next chapie

ENJOY and don’t forget you are a beautiful person if you are reading this and I love yall





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