Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 5

Zadie's POV

When Mason said run, I don’t think I wasted any second before bolting. I ran as fast as I could so when I was far enough, I could shift and run faster.

“I will catch you,mate. You can’t run far from me”

Shit!!! I totally forgot about the mate link.

When I could smell or hear no wolf , I was about to shift into my wolf when someone grabbed me by my waist and pulled me flush against their body.

“No, no no . I did tell you I would catch you now didn’t I mate”
I didn’t even know if that was a question or a declaration. The sparks from him felt amazing on my skin. I’m pretty sure there were goosebumps all over my body.


“Hi to you too babe. It’s nice to finally meet the woman who is supposed to keep this Delta on his toes. I didn’t want my mate running from me on first encounter but I guess that’s not the case. You are my mate, I will never intentionally hurt you emotionally or physically. I just want a future with you full of laughs, hugs, smiles, cuddles, joy and love , babe”

“I want you to be mine as much as I am yours and I promise I would do everything in my power to keep you safe and happy. So please don’t run from me. It truly breaks my heart to see you do that. There will always be pain at some point but I hope to start a journey with you that any obstacle wouldn’t be able to hinder our love”

He was holding onto me from behind not intimately but in the form of those hugs from behind. It was so sweet of him to say all that. I always dreamed of my mate understanding what a future would hold for both of us and he just wowed all my expectations.

I unwrapped his arms from my waist and turned around looking into his grey eyes. They were sincere and I could feel honesty rolling off him in waves. He was afraid of rejection but how could I reject someone who was perfect for me.

I touched his right cheek in my palm and smiled up at him in acceptance. He was so goddamn tall I had to step on my toes to reach him.

“I’m not rejecting you mate. I can’t bring myself to do such a thing cause I can’t imagine you doing that to me.”

He smiled back at me and gave a soft kiss to my forehead before bringing me in for another hug.

“I’m Luka by the way”


“Zadie,” he repeated testing it

“I like it”

I just blushed in response.

“You friends are all okay by the way. They just happened to be mated to my friends as well”

“Oh alright”

He released me and offered me his hand. I guess it’s time I went to my new home. A pack.

I gently grabbed his hand enjoying the sparks

“How did you end up on this pack territory anyways.

“We were travelling and Mason got us lost.


“Umm, short, black pretty skin with wavy brown hair in two buns”
“Ohh, Khalil’s mate”


“Umm, tall, white skinned, black hair , blue eyes. He’s the alpha”

“Oh”, I repeated

Well I guess this is going to be a new life for all us. We found our mates who are all high ranking leaders of a pack. It couldn’t be that bad right. Just a new chapter of all lives opened titled’Mates’.

“Zadie, welcome to the Blood Moon pack”
“Wait, what ”
“Welcome to the”
“I heard you the first time but you are the Delta of the most powerful pack in the world and I’m supposed to be the Delta female”

“Don’t sweat it. You’ll do just great babe”he said genuinely

" Mate very nice”

“I know , Anna. He’s also very hot. I tried my best not to look at his muscles cause I know I would have melted on the spot if I did but they felt so good around me”

She just purred in response thinking of when he was going to physically claim us. I have one pervy wolf.

“Shall we?”

“We shall”

With that I said goodbye to my rogue life and to hardship and unwanted freedom. I spotted my friends with their mates as well and they all seemed happy.

I’m pretty sure Prissy finally met her ‘prince charming’ as she liked to describe her mate. Berry looked so puny compared to her mate who had this harsh default look but when I saw him glance at her , I knew they would be good for each other. And lastly Mason, she looked ridiculous with mud on her face and hair and this pissed of look while her mate just looked at her amusingly and kept trying to touch her inappropriately and she would just swat his hands away. She’s always been like that, a little demanding and controlling but only because she meant well.

Life was going to be better for us but was this truly what the Goddess had in plan for us all along.

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