Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 6

Khalil’s POV

Before mate encounter but the day after argument with parents.......

I woke up pissed so I was gonna take a run in my wolf form to take my mind off the issue at hand. I mind linked my closest friends which included my future Beta, Delta and Gamma to see if they wanted to come with.

My Beta, Jameson was the charmer among us. With his left cheek dimple and charming smile, you could say he was your real life prince charming. My Delta, Luka, was the funny was among us while my Gamma, Jared was the most intimidating of us. He had a pretty rough childhood that led to the man he is today.

I met them at one of the pack houses and we started walking towards the boarder where we would shift and run.

“Yo, Khal”

“Sup, Luka” I replied giving him a bro hug.

“You know, I’ve been wondering. What do you think it will be like if when we meet our mates cause I know when I meet her, she’s going to have the rest of her life lived in pure happiness.”

“You know it, Luka. But as the ladies say it, i’m the prince charming. My mate is going to be a princesa. I already love her and I know she’s gonna love me cause why not. Who can resist my charms.” James said with a cocky smirk

“It will so shock you the hard work, you are going to have to do to win your mate over”, I said

“How about you Jar?”

He just grunted in response.

“I don’t think your mate will appreciate you cave man responses though” I said

He remained quiet but walked ahead of us instead. Sometimes I feel really bad for Jared cause he’s life has been so tough . I pray the Moon goddess gives him a mate to mend his wounds and love him for him.

We got to the border and shifted. We ran for a good distance before we stopped at the lake near the pretty scenery that my pack was blessed with in the woods.

As I was having a drink, I smelt what seemed to be mint in an addictive way but with a rogue scent.

“Do u guys smell that? I asked through our mind link

“I smell vanilla ” James said

“I smell apple juice ” Luka said

“Dude for real, you are thinking about apple juice ” I said

“No ,no. I mean like I smell it like actually smell it”


We are told when we are younger that the easiest way to find our mates is through scent. They have a unique scent which is highly addicting.

“Do you think it’s our mates?” James asked

“Only one way to find out but I need you guys to go surround them cause I smell rogue as well”

I moved towards the direction of my mate and saw the most breathtaking girl ever. She was dark skinned with her curly hair packed in 2 little fluffy balls . With her curvaceous body and small height , her aura screamed confidence.

Dear goddess, I thank you for my mate cause I know I’m already in love with her.

I shifted and walked closer and closer to her until I was within breathing distance.

“What is your name, sweet mate?” I asked

“Mason” she said

“A sexy name for my fiery mate but I guess you didn’t think I would figure that you would try and run away. Typical rogue reflex”

“Shit” she cursed

She swiftly put her hands on my shoulders and kneed me in the groin. Fuck, that shit hurt.

I could feel the sparks when she touched touched my shoulders. It was there when she kneed me and it was there when she was in breathing distance. I sure hope she wasn’t one to reject the mate bond. I sure did not want to end up in heartbreak.

“There’s no running away babe, we wolves love a good chase” I said

She smirked and replied ” And so do I”

I saw her run with 2 of her friends but in all different directions.

After recovering for about a minute and ran after her. I do love a good chase.

The guys had gone after the rest of her friends. I guess they met heir mates too.

This was going to be one hell of a chase cause when I do catch her I’m gonna make her mine and mine forever.







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