Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 7

Mason’s POV

So you know how things were supposed to take an awkward turn in this awkward position. It certainly did.

I managed to push him off me and and quickly pushed myself off before straddling him. I heard my wolf snicker in my head before realizing.

Before I could make a smart remark about how stupid he was to think he could make this situation’weird’.

He said”Thanks for the view, mate”

I looked down to see that I practically shoved my boobs in his face. Stupid wolf. No wonder she was snickering.

“Fuck”, I cursed before standing up and looking around for my backpack.

I hadn’t even realized he had stood up before he said”Looking for this?” holding my back pack up.

“Give it back” I said walking up to him.

“No way” he said

“And why is that ?”

“Because I quite like this very unique view ”

“You’re just a pervert who thinks being mates gives you the right to look at me in any way you want. I’m a werewolf too(a/n I almost put human being right there hehe) and I have feelings, opinions and a voice I use to state my thoughts so I do not appreciate being only appreciated as a mate solely because of my body.”

I was not really feeling this whole mate thing but sure my mate is sexy as fuck, I don’t want to be with someone because of their body and I don’t want to be with me because of my body.

After my rant, it was like the whole flirty and nice-ish alpha was gone replaced with who he truly was.

He face turned cold and his eyes darkened but if you looked close enough, you could tell he felt pained having to show the overpowering side of himself to his mate. I’m his equal so I can resist his powerful aura that causes you to want to buy down and worship the air he breathes.

“If that’s how you want it to be, Mason . I won’t bring you to my pack as my mate but as my prisoner until you are ready to face both your responsibilities as a mate and a Luna. “He said

“Wait, what. I’m not the one who was eye-fucking me which by the way should be called eye-raping .You..”

Before I could finish my sentence he grabbed me by the waist and pushed me against a tree. Hard may I say and we are still freaking naked since he refused to give me my bag.

“If you wanna play hard to mate then go ahead but do not misunderstand my actions. If I want to look at you like the last fucking slice of pizza then so be it. You will not question my authority or there will be punishment. As your mate, it gives me a damn right to claim you with consent and I will never ever force myself on you or make you do anything you are uncomfortable about. Your body is mine as mine is yours. Do I make myself clear?” He concluded while looking me deep in the fucking eyeball as if he was reading my soul

I nodded twice not showing any form of fear just a tad bit of respect.

His grip tightened on my waist. “Use your words Mason?”

“Yes al..”

“Just Khalil. You don’t have to use my title. You are still my equal.” He interrupted

I really did not want to say his name. Goddess knows how my body will react and my wolf.

You know the part where he talked about punishment. That pervy wolf was yelping in exciting. Its obviously not that kind........................right.

I just replied him to get out of this not so awkward but very intimate in a not so intimate position.

“I understand clearly but that doesn’t mean I’m backing down despite your insinuation of punishment, Khalil.”

“Fuck” I heard him mutter before releasing me and walking away

“He has one fine ass Mason. Don’t ya think” Stacy said in a horrible Southern America accent(a/n no offense to Southern peeps in America)

“Shut up you pervert”

“We are technically the same person honey so if I’m a pervert , I just voice out your thoughts.”

I was silent after that cause she was right but where did Khally go. Wait, hell no.

Did I just give him a pet name in my head?

“You sure as hell did babe” I heard him say in my head
“Shit. How did you establish the mate link so quick?”

(a/n hehe that rhymes)

“I have to keep an eye on my not so willing mate”

“Oh right”

“I went to get a pair of shorts so get dressed before I return and do not shut me out ”

“I think I have a right..”

“Please don’t start Mason”

I don’t want him snooping in my mind but I guess it has to be as the lack of trust in our’relationship’

“Whatever” I replied

I found my back pack not too far from where I was standing and quickly pulled out one of the 3 gigantic t-shirts I packed for situations like this.

He returned shortly after with a pair of shorts on and I immediately closed the link.

You know what he said about my body being his and blah blah blah. Well this alpha was fine as fuck and I do have a right to admire him as my eyes roamed him broad chest. I have a feeling he didn’t put on a shirt on purpose.

“Now you are just being a hypocrite. You don’t want him to admire you but you think you can do so.” Stacy said

“He gave me consent and I didn’t give him. Besides I’m not ready to be mated to anyone.” I replied

“Yes you are. You just felt insecure. Your mate isn’t going to judge you. He’s going to love, cherish and respect you, protect you and be there for you when you need him most.”


“Yas girl cause if you don’t go down and dirty after your third heat max I will take control and girl will I jump his fine ass”

I just giggled in response

“Lets go” He said

Go? To where

“His pack silly . You can’t be in the woods forever” Stacy said

I walked closely behind him but him stopping abruptly a few times to clarify I was still there and me bumping into him causing my t-shirt covered upper body to brush his back was awkward right. That seems to be the only thing defining our relationship and I silently giggled to myself.

I wish we could just shift or run but I couldn’t risk an even more awkward position and I don’t even know which direction we were going while it seemed like he knew the woods like a pack house.

At some point he made sure we were walking side by side. Now and then our arms will brush and sparks will erupt while a shiver ran down my spine.

He placed one of his arms round my waist when we reached close to werewolf civilization.

“What are you doing” I asked slightly panicked

“Do you really want our friends to know everything that went down between us”

I just looked down avoiding his gaze

“Exactly. So just pretend everything went all lovey dovey for the time being”

I have to admit his arm around me made me feel comforted but then it was all an act right. At least for now.

We got to where my friends and his where then while we waited for Zadie and Luka whom he said was his Delta to come he kept trying to touch me inappropriately in a playful way . I played along swatting his wandering hands away. He actually looked like he enjoyed teasing me but still it was just an act .

I felt slightly guilt for the way I behaved but it was kind of defense mechanism.

I just have to wait and see what the future holds.

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