Beauties and Beasts

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Chapter 8

Mason’s POV

“WHAATTTT” Priss, Zadie, Berry and I screamed at the same time.

Khally...and yes I am going to be calling my mate Khally from now on.

Khally just told us we are not going to be together anymore. Apparently we can’t stay in any of their pack houses and they have 4 since its full of unmated males. He said all mated couples move out into their own houses almost immediately they find out.

So now we all have to go to their own houses where we would be staying FOREVER may I add but they promised we would be still be able to see each other.

“You guys, I’m really going to miss y’all even though its just for a short while” Priss said through our mind link

“Aww same you guys. I mean I am happy I met my mate today but I would miss you guys. I doubt we’ve ever been separated for so long. I hope you guys are happy too.” Zadie added

“Mason, Mason” Khally interrupted before I could say anything

“Are you okay? You looked kind of distracted” He added

“Oh, umm I was just talking to my wolf” I lied

I can’t exactly tell him I was mind linking my friends then he’ll ask how we are able to mind link since we are rogues and then I’ll have to explain to him how which is confidential for the time being.

“Right” he said slowly as if he knew I was lying.

“Come on, we have to go now,”

“Hold up I just wanna say bye to my sisters.”

I walked towards each of them giving them all a tight hug and awkwardly saying hi to their mates after introducing myself.

To be honest, Priss’s mate who I got to know is Jameson was really friendly and definitely her type. You know the flirty and charming guy with a left cheek dimple. Zadie’s mate Luka was funny and had this very social vibe. Definitely her type of person. But what I didn’t expect was Berry’s mate, Jared. Who was buff and very intimidating with a stone cold face. Berry seemed to be half intimidated by him but the way he held unto her told me she knew he was just scared of being rejected.

I know I’m really good at reading people *flips imaginary long braids* cause I currently have my hair packed in two puffs.

Anyway, I walked back to where Khally was waiting for me and told him I was ready. He stretched out his hand for me to take and I accepted trying my best to ignore the sparks that were coursing through my body.

He guided me to wherever his house was. We passed a lot of people on our way who bowed their heads in respect while others looked at us curiously . I guess with our dressing they probably thought something went down between us. Khally just ignored their curious stares as we made our way to his house.

When we got there, I was wowed by the beauty of it. It was big but not extravagant from the interior with a variety of glass and wood (a/n just imagine a pretty house with glass and wood decorations and designs from the exterior big enough for two families hehe)

He brought out a key from under the foot mat and unlocked the door. He pulled me inside and closed the door. The indoors was even better . ( a/n i wont go into detail cause i dunno wat to put so imagine however u feel is fit for the alpha couple)

He released my hand and I immediately felt the need to cross my arms so I did. He left me alone and went upstairs to do God knows what so I decided to look around a bit.

When I was done, I really didn’t want to go snooping so I didn’t go upstairs. I just sat on the couch but I didn’t want to mess it up so I went to sit on the kitchen stool in front of the counter. I reflected all that happened today and I felt like crying but I tried not to . A few stray tears fell cause I couldn’t hold them.

Did I really deserve fake forms of affection. I mean sure I admit I was a bitch to him but I can state my facts and rights right. I didn’t mean to be so rude and defensive, it was just defense mechanism.

When he changed emotions, I almost felt rejected but still I tiny bit of me wishes I wasn’t so rude to him. He is after all the most powerful alpha in the world and his mate, a low class filthy rogue couldn’t respect him as a mate let alone an alpha.

I guess I deserved the way I was treated. He said it himself, I’m his prisoner for now. I dunno what I’m going to do with myself. If I tried running away, I doubt I’d make it far from here. I guess I’ll have to wait and find out what he wants to do with me. My friends are okay and I know they would be happy. I was always the uptight one and I messed up my mate encounter. Whatever the Moon Goddess is doing with me I doubt I’m strong enough for it.

I sniffled before wiping my tears and resting my head. I’m just a major fuck up even when I don’t want to be.

I closed my eyes and prayed a silent prayer that I would change for the better and so would he. A he moth wouldn’t warn a she moth not to go to the fire because they are both attracted to it but I hope my new life wouldn’t be one full of more regrets and pain. I’m not ready to lose anyone else.

I was woken up slightly as I was lifted up from where I was sitting into someone’s arms. The sparks that arose told me it was Khally. I wonder where he had been all this while.

“Where did you go, Khally? ” I asked

“Shh. That’s not important for the time being. Just sleep. You can argue and fight me later.”

I was tired so I just listened to him and snuggled a lit closer to him as he climbed up the stairs.

He opened a door and placed me on the bed which I admit was very soft. I turned unto my side but I heard him curse before he covered me with the blanket.


“Yes mate ”

“I’m sorry ”

“You shouldn’t be. I’m the one at fault so I’m sorry. I was an asshole and I’ll respect your wishes. You aren’t really my prisoner , I just can’t risk you running away.” he said squatting at the side of the bed.

“Okay” I replied before I heard him get up and close the door behind him .

We’ll have to see what the future holds for the both of us when I wake up.


This book is mainly about Khalil and Mason hence Khalson or Malil but I will sidetrack once in a while .

Hope you enjoy





-moni 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

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