The fugitives: Battle for the codex.

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After the creation of the Sorcerer's codex, Vodon , the God of virtues decided to form a league of all the rulers of the tribes in the realm of magic . Svenhylde represented the land of the Valkyires . Exon the great represented the land of the wizards , witches and necromancers . Ilonelle represented the Mutants . Colton Hunt represented the Were wolves . Pentheslia represented the Amazons . Sir Borin represented the Knights. A treaty was signed to guarantee that peace will prevail the land . But trouble arrived when Wegami Carnage , Exon's half - brother felt it was unfair that his brother was chosen instead of him . Therefore led a group of rebels known as The Exorcists to battle the league but however lost and were banished . Wegami sworn vengeance . A millennia , later in the 21st century , an academy is opened for all the tribes . When the school is attacked , it's up to the freshmen year students of hybrids to fight to get the codex back . As they fight for justice , they face challenges like betrayal and love as well as the fulfilment of the prophecy . Will they defeat the Exorcists or will our heroes fail their quest .

Fantasy / Romance
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It was unsual for it to be sunny in Colorado . As many wandered the streets as rain poured and music was being played from the nearest bar .

"Cassandra will be late for the big reopening .Hurry "a voice exclaimed.

"Cordelia, shut that mouth of yours and get your lazy ass up here . I hope you still remember the spell! " she replied.

" Whatever, I'm coming upstairs , geez."

As Cassandra stood at the left side of the room whilst Cordelia stood at the right . They both held hands and screamed

"Disehno" . In a blink of an eye , the two disappeared . Many wonder how did they do it . They were descendants of Queen Pentheslia and Exon The Great , two members of the table, due to their heritage they meant to attend an institute established for all the tribes under the rule of Vodon, the King of the Gods and virtues with the protection of the Sorcerer's codex.

THUMP! . The two suddenly landed right in front of the Lannity , institute for magics , an academy for witches , Amazons , wizards , were wolves , nymphs , fairies , knights, Valkyries and mutants .

"Welcome to Lannity institute for magics. I'm Shade and I will be guide tour " said a water nymph with turquoise eyes.

" Cass, she 's kinda of cute . You think she'll like me" whispered softly into Cassandra 's ear.

" Cordelia , any girl can like you . Don't worry" she replied .

As they were given a tour around the school , Cass accidentally bumped into her childhood friend, Jason who happens to be hybrid , a wizard and a knight gifted with the Adamanite Doomblades.

" Hey Cass, long time no see huh . Always giving us the emo vibes as usual . So how was Colorado "

" Well , I'm fine . Colorado was good and at least I don't dress like a drunk prince charming" she backfired .

" Geez , what a temper. You really haven't changed at all. See ya in class " he said as left to his dorm .

Since they were given their dorm keys , the twins unlocked Room 83 and we're amazed by the decor of their rooms.

" Dad really did remember. I wish Mom was here to see it " said Cordelia as she thinking about how many years it has been since their mother's death . Her death changed everyone especially Cass and their father . How he related to them changed . Cass found it difficult to accept her death but what to do.

" So do I " replied Cass as tears came her face .

"Come on sis , don't cry . Where ever mom is , she'd be proud" said Cordelia as an effort to comfort her twin.

The touching moment was cut short due to their first lesson , Spells with Professor moon .

"Good day , students . Since today is your first day . I'd like the class to as sharp and silent " she said . So the lessons , where based on things the students knew already.

Cordelia found a friend in Shade as well as Mist the Valkyrie . The only question was what about Cassandra.

It was the next day of school , students were learning archery with Genises , the Amazon. It was surprising to see a non - Amazon in archery but Cass loved archery and fighting as a kid that she signed up for it . She was even better than Heldigar , the class topper also lost to Cass which she didn't take likely .

"How in the Goddess ' name did a non amazon beat me in archery" she exclaimed at the end of the class.

" Heldigar , she is a descendant of Queen Pentheslia and Exon the Great . So she is half amazon , half necromancer " . replied Ises , her best friend.

The bell rang for lunch and according to school rules , a students sit with their tribe .

Cass and Cordelia were to sit with the hybrids. Due to their half heritage, people often described Cass with black short hair with green eyes and Cordelia with dark brown wavy hair with black eyes .

" Hey ladies . Welcome to the hybrid club . Cass , here's a free seat by me " exclaimed Chris, Jason's step brother .

Cass kindly took the seat . Nobody noticed but she had feelings for Chris , she always hoped that he'd notice after his break up with Sukie .

Suddenly , Ises came out and shouted " THE SCHOOL'S UNDER ATTACK!" . The teachers immediately escorted the students to the Safe house . Cass had heard rumors of a group of rebels known as the Exorcists who were after the codex. She knew this was the beginning of a war . All the school's bravest warriors came to fight but were all captured . Before Cass' father left , he said "protect your sister and the school . The codex has being taken . Listen to Genises and remember I love you". Those were his last words .

The next morning , the students left to see what was left . Only the school with no teachers , when all hope was lost

" We can't lose hope . They have the codex , our parents , teachers and friends . We will find them but we need weapons , books and an army . So who is willing to fight to take back the Codex!" declared Cass.

With her army of outcast , she believed that they will bring home the codex and make the exorcist pay for their crimes

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