The fugitives: Battle for the codex.

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Journey to Valhalla

"Mist , are you sure this is the fortress of wonders cause it ain't looking wonderful like I expected it to be" said Ayisha who was a genie who is the first of her kind to attend the academy.

"Ayisha, this is the place. Genises showed it to me. We'll take some weapons and leave for Valhalla by sunset. Tell Cass and the others to hurry up" she replied.

As Mist walked forward to the entrance , she opened the door.

" Guys, come over here" . The gates opened , the others suddenly rushed to meet Mist and Ayisha.

"WOW!" . The hall was full of weapons and notes from each of their parents.

Cassandra and Cordelia were gifted with the legendary flameguard ,the knightly steel whip , Hope's end and the Dark heart from their father. The note read " Girls , I love you too soon much . Cass keep the Flame guard and Dark heart very well , it will make your powers stronger and Cordelia , guard the knightly steel whip and Hope's end with your Life. I know you too will make me proud .

Love , Dad.

Cass almost sunk into tears . With Cordelia around her as well as her friends . She knew her dad will be proud. As they all suit up with their various weapons as the list follows

Flameguard - Cass

Darkheart - Cass

Adamanite Doomblades - Jason

Spite blade - Chris

Hopes end - Cordelia

Knightly steel whip- Cordelia

Cataclysmic charm - Ayisha

Stardust - Ises

Souless crusader - Mist

Bond of the night sky - Ferdinand.

" Everyone get in the boat . We are setting sail " announced Ises .

As so as the ship arrived on the sea , it flew up into the clouds. " What in God's name is happening" asked Ferdinand.

" The boat's flying" replied Ises .

" I know . But why "

" Cus why has two stems and one long branch" replied Cass. Everyone in the team started laughing but Ferdinand didn't find it funny.

After a few days, they arrived at Valhalla .

" I guess it's time to meet my Mom ,Queen Sirgurn of the Valkyires " . " Welcome to Valhalla" .

As they arrived , one could see Valkyires flying around .

" Princess Mist , welcome back home . I see we have company" said Sirgurn .

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