The fugitives: Battle for the codex.

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Search for the stones

" Mother , I'd like us to talk about the Hell reaper stones" asked Mist .

As soon as she mentioned it , Sirgurn was startled .

" Daughter, it's time I tell you something about them"

Sirgurn opened a gate that led to a dark hallway. The fugitives all confused followed the queen into the Chambers . As everyone entered the door suddenly closed .

BANG! . " Well , that's not something a genie sees everyday" said Ayisha.

" You see , the stones were scattered around the realm of man also known as earth .

The admbelite is located at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee.

The acurhite is located at the bottom of the Dark Sea.

The korte is located in the Afghanistan desert .

The nekrenite is located in the Paul Getty museum in Los Angeles but beware the hell reaper guardian for he is a powerful creature .

To Cass , these places were memories , ones she never wanted to remember. At a young age, Cass and her sister where being trained by their parents to be good not only in magic but also in combat .

" Mist , I wish you and your companions good luck on your conquest to retrieve the codex and your family and friends" said Sirgurn as she exited the hall that lead them to a portal to the first stone which was in Nashville , Tennessee.

As they entered , they came out looking like the normal civilians around . Their weapons turned into pen like daggers and bracket like whips.

" Guys , um my stardust can kinda help us save us since some of the Exorcists might be after us. It can sense the presence of magic at any place " replied Ises .

" Cass , can you conjure up some tickets for us"asked Ferdinand.

"F**k you ! Fatobre ticketa vasem "

" Here are the tickets , Fred" .

" Where the hell is Chris " asked Jason

" He's in the washroom" said Cordelia.

" Father , they're at the Parthenon coming for the stones" .

" Good , they will collect them and I with the codex will be able to wearing the God Slayer armour and make sure those twins don't get the book nor go to Themsyrica .

" Yes , my liege"

As he said this , he left to join his friends at the Parthenon.

As they roamed the museum , Ises noticed a shiny object then she wore her glasses that could also detect magic .

" Guys , it's there ." she said as she pointed to the crown of Athena , the greek goddess of wisdom , warfare and handicraft.

" So guys at midnight we take it " replied Cass.

So at midnight , Cordelia and Cass prepared to do a spell that would remove the gem into a case.

"Faresum" . Then suddenly , BANG! . Out of nowhere a hex bolt just appeared and it was from Essence and the dark fairies.

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