Where The Stars Take Us Vol. 1- Sand to Brick

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Join Jaspen, the illegitimate son of the King on his journey from the desert to the Northern lands where he meets the first Nephilium girl Guardian Eveline and her two friends- Alistor and Sasha where everything is not what it seems in the capital. Corruption, lies, and deceit face them all as they all work towards a common goal of bringing peace to their home, but at what cost? When honor is on the line what are you willing to sacrifice?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Gods and Goddesses of the Sabij Desert

Goddess of Healing- Naimah

Virgin goddess

Twin sister to Goddess Sharlek

Goddess of Fated love and Fated Enemies- Sharlek

Married to Temille

Twin sister to Goddess Naima

God of Chaos- Ander

Brother to Temille and Zanti

Youngest of the triplet brothers

Married to Miria

God of Death- Zanti

Brother to Ander and Temille

Middle triplet of the three

Married to Chaa

Goddess of War- Miria

Married to Ander

Daughter of Zanti and Chva

Goddess of Life and Fertility- Chava

Married to Znti

God of Night and Dreams- Drem

Son of Temille and Sharlek

Twin Brother to Diya

Married to Reve

Goddess of Day- Diya

Daughter of Temille and Sharlek

Twin sister to Drem

Virgin Godess

God of Wisdom- Izyan

Son of Temille and Sharlek

Virgin God

Goddess of Nightmares- Reve

Married to Drem

Daughter of Ander and Miria

Sister to Bavol

God of Winds- Bavol

Son of Ander of Miria

Brother of Reve

Married to Rai

God of Balance and Guidance- Temille

Brother to Ander and Zanti – eldest of the three

Married to GoddessSharlek

God of Rain- Rai

Son of Zanti and Chava

Married to Bavol

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