The Legend of Krad: The Son of Atho

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"It's not like I have a choice, Jasper!" He puts his hand on mine," We have been doing this since day one just the two of us killing people, stealing from an unsuspecting victim, getting drunk at Jim's tavern, it's always been the two of us I owe you my life, you have saved me countless times. I am not going to get you killed in return, so get on the fucking horse shut your mouth and follow me carefully!" He received the contract, betrayed his loved ones, and now leaves the island he once called home. A traitor for the greater good, fighting for a land he has never seen before. Legend must brave his way through this new world outside of the safe cistern of the Blood guild to complete his most significant contract yet, killing the king of Krad Urslay Esout.

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Chapter 1

“How do I begin to describe the state of the Nation of Krad, well it’s fucked for starters, boy.” The barkeep looks at the young lad sitting in front of him in the Black Blood Tavern.“Nobody can even describe the shit one has seen over there; you can’t just plan to assassinate their king without reason and get fucked yourself.”

The lad looks at him with icy, soul-piercing blue eyes from beneath his hood.

“I got the contract through the Vesdians want him dead, so why not kill him? He’s incestuous, fucked his own daughter and got away with it by marrying her off to the Geias Prince” The barkeep looks at the lad and lowers his tone.

“You may be the son of Atho, but you don’t need to kill yourself to get noticed, you already have every man, woman, and child on your side here on the island but if you go across the sea to Krad, we can’t help ya laddy” the young lad tilts his head towards the man.

“Someone needs to stand up for those with no voices, we need to take a stand against King Urslay and his loyalists before he can extinguish the once-great kingdom of Krad” The barkeep puts the tankard he was cleaning on the table.

“Jasper, you can’t do this to yourself,” Jasper looks at the barkeep his eyes now narrowed, and his lips twisted into a snarl.

“I am going to save Krad no matter what it takes” Jasper slams his tankard on the table as he walks away, his cape flows behind him.

“That boy needs to be controlled, or we are all going to be in trouble” The barkeep picks up Jasper’s Tankard and finds a silver coin underneath, letting out a small chuckle the barkeep continues his work.

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