Dream Anthology 3

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The contents of this books are a series of 12 tall tales meant to stretch the boundaries of the way we perceive the world around us. These tales are actually written record of dreams that I have had over the years, with analyses and anecdotes included for benefit of its mentioned effects. I will be happy to publish the rest of my works as soon as I know that I will be compensated for my work.

Fantasy / Scifi
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The Vespidian Starship

I didn't know I was dreaming since my room looked identical to when I was awake.

To this day, I wonder how that could be possible, since in my dreams, locations seem identical, but then I learn later how they were different.

The ceilings cleared up above me, and I could see what the people were doing on the floors above me. Then, my body shot up past the clouds.

I think I went unconscious for a while, but then when I woke up, I was in some tall grass.

It was a weird sort of daytime, and I could see some of the stars up above the clouds in the night sky.

Before I could take one step, the sky changed from blue to purple, and the points turned into lines. These short lines then started moving.

I wonder along a dirt road for some time, then I heard some buzzing behind me. I felt lighter as if I was being lifted, but when I looked back, no one was there.

When I turned around, I saw glints of color at the edges of my vision, and I wondered what it was.

When I looked forward again, I saw what looked like a normal female. She had soft features, like a child smiling at me. She approached, and as she did, I became surprised.

She was at least 3x my size. As I became surprised at her size, I am hoisted into the air as I dodge her palm reaching down to pet me.

She smiles as she looks up at me. I look forward, and I could see a glistening city with cars and boats floating above the skyscrapers.

I hover in place before I fly forward into the grey spiky buildings. The people there seemed to be a eusocial people, there were alot of females that grew up to 8 feet tall, and a few females that were 24 feet tall. The cars were shaped like giant steely insects.

I try my best to evade the tall giants the people there had hard glassy insect wings that were very sharp.

I jump through a port hole in one of the buildings that was meant for cars, and I end up in some sort of parking lot. I hide under a car and wait until I can think of a place to go.

Behind me, an enormous gate opens and hundreds of smaller fairies rush for their cars. I hope that no one comes for this car as they scramble into their cars. Their cars swoop out like insects in the wind.

Out in the distance, I see the sides of buildings open out into four pars and drop down. Within these buildings were robot females as tall as the buildings. They had no wings. In a Loud crash, they disappear in a flash of light.

One fairy finds me under her car and asks me what I am doing there. As I look into her face, I remember that I used to live there and where my car was. I still decide to wait as her car takes off.

I finally get into my car, it looks similar to all the others. I push and pull knobs and it flies out through where the others did fly out.

The cars disappear one by one, and I cannot find out where they went. I circle the city until I start to fly towards a hilltop.

As I approach the hilltop, the sun seems to grow bigger and bigger. It grows until I dive underneath the sun, and I land in the middle of the castle beneath the sun.

I jump out of the vehicle, and I see that I am surrounded by small wingless children. I reason that the children do not have wings yet.

I look up into one of the towers, and a bird winged fairy that is like the smaller children descends onto the ground. She touches my head with a pen, and I drop out of the dream and back into my room.

I stare at the clock and it is still 2am, then black appears, then I wake up. It was still 2am.

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