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Sophia, a 17 years old school girl is attracted to a weird and creepy school boy, Tyler. Tyler is handsome but some things are totally wrong with him. It seems that he is hiding something from everyone. At a certain point he falls in love with Sophia but pretends like he doesn't. Meanwhile a new character, Cedric who is a neighbour and also a close childhood friend of Sophia enters in her life. He has some difficulties too. But suddenly he realizes that he is slowly and slowly falling for Sophia. Whom will she choose to be with?

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Crimson - ( Realization)

Hey Taylor you should go now, it's late, I said "Yeah yeah am going and don't try to hide something from me "Taylor said..

We planned a girls night yesterday and no one showed up except Taylor, like we invited Lilly and Breetana too.When I called them they said they had things to do and sorry for not showing up . So Taylor and I talked more about us like crushes, cosmetics, foods, places, first love and played Ed Sheeran's Shape of you and danced till our legs were hurting badly .

Then all of a sudden she questioned me about Tyler raising an eyebrow.. "Are you in a relationship with Tyler ? " I just gave her a quick reply by saying "Nahhh nooo".. "Are you sure? I think he's hitting on you! Friday I really saw him staring you in a different way.. Like he wants nothing but you.. He is kinda mysterious like he talks less, kinda creepy and weird. But I have to say. He is damn handsome, " Taylor said and winked at me.. And now In the morning she was sleeping like a dead man.. I told her that her mom called and I picked up the phone, "I assume that she must have some important work for you" . "Wait a minute.. I' am going ,I just wanna say BABY, if you want him just say it ", Taylor said and chuckled excitedly .. "BABY , if you are going now just go don't make up some stupid fantasy stories about me " I smirked at her.. "Ughhh, kkkk good bye sweetheart, see you tomorrow at the school" Taylor said . "Wanna have some breakfast? You should eat something " I asked her .. "Oh no my sweet mommy is waiting for me and I have to eat the breakfast with her" , Taylor said and left.

Taylor and I have been best friends since 8th grade.. She is kinda funny and cool but me , am totally opposite like am not funny except if you're not so close with me and a pointless mess. And that's my life weird and messy and that's me, Sophia.. Sophia Michael. I have a beautiful family. My mom, Caroline and my dad ,Ryan and a little sister, Laura.

Tyler is my classmate, we are not so close.. He is studious and likes to be alone everytime.. He doesn't like much people.. He is always tensed and zoned out like he is hiding something from everyone.. And this is more weirder than him..

Sunday Night :

Taylor said that he's stalking me, but I didn't see him stalking me ever . Taylor had definitely mistaken someone with me. Though he's weird and kinda creepy but after all he is the most handsome and studious boy in our class, but his creepiness made all the perfections blurred, though he can't like me.. How's it possible that Tyler Patterson likes me, I mean an ordinary girl like me!?

It's late and I should get some sleep..

Monday Morning :

Suddenly in front of the school I found him. For the first time I saw him properly. All he's wearing a black shirt and a denim blue jeans. I looked at him in his eyes and I lost myself . I could find every single colour in his eyes like Blue, Green, Grey, Red and many more. His eyes are so deep so calm but dangerous. It seems like he didn't sleep for many many years, it's beautiful but inside his eyes there are millions of answer he is hiding, he was scared to be asked the questions. His skin is so pale and his lips are so reddish.. It would be so dangerous to love him but I can't resist. There is something in his eyes, that I don't feel for everyone but now when I was seeing him it's only him . I couldn't see anything but him yes him. Oh my god am slowly and slowly falling for him.. Am falling for Tyler Patterson.. I can't imagine..

All of a sudden he came towards me and whispered something in my ears that my whole body began to shiver , he said

Don't Sophia, don't!! And suddenly my head became so dizzy and my whole body began to shake , I could feel my legs were getting weaker .

I couldn't see anything and I fall on my knees...

And sometimes later when I opened my eyes I found myself in the infirmary , Dr, Jessica was checking me up. I found myself so weak. Slowly I was starting to remember the things which led me to the infirmary

I realized how I fell for Tyler..

"Hey,! Sophia..

How are you feeling sweetie ?? "Dr asked.

I shook my head and said yeah "am okay. But who brought me here? "

"Oh you don't know? I thought you knew, it's Tyler

Tyler brought you here.. You are just dehydrated. "Dr. Jessica assured me.

Suddenly I heard a knock on the door of the infirmary .

When Dr opened the door, I discovered that Tyler was standing in front of the infirmary, he requested to talk with me .

Dr Jessica excused us.

I couldn't understand what I should tell him, I just made up my mind and told him " Thank you, Tyler ".

He seemed so worried and said " Are you okay? "

"Yeah, am okay it's just dehydration and stuffs like that", I said

"You don't need to hide anything from me Sophia , I know that am not like others and you have to stay away from me but am not too bad", Tyler said in a nervous tone.

I just looked at him in his eyes and told him "you don't have to worry, Tyler, it has nothing to do with you. I gotta go now. Tell Dr, Sophia needed to go". I said with excitement in my voice.

And I left the room, my head was bursting into thousands of thoughts. My heart was beating so fucking fast and I started to feel so nervous. "Why? Why did he say that I have to stay away from him? Huh?? Who the fuck does he think he is?

I just shouldn't listen to Taylor's bullshits"... I murmured to myself.

And all the day I found him staring at me, I was so irritated and so nervous at the same time that I am gonna ignore him for the next couple of days..

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