The Demon in the Woods (Arianna Gray Book 1)

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What would you do when the monsters in your dreams become a reality? Smart people run away and Arianna was a smart girl. Always on the run from demons, shadows and other monsters, she never stayed too long at one place. Everyday is a game of survival and she was all alone, or so she thought. Suddenly Arianna is thrust into a world of magic, witches, wizards, and demons. She makes new friends at the Academy, a place where witches like her learn to use magic. Will Arianna finally be able to fight her monsters with her newfound powers? *How did I get here, Arianna thought as she looked at the trees around her. It was very dark and not a single sound could be heard, almost as if there was no living creature nearby. She had a feeling she was being watched. There was something behind her, something that didn't belong in the woods. Her instincts were screaming at her to run away but Arianna couldn't resist turning her head. Glowing yellow eyes with slits stared back at her. She ran. She had no idea where she was running and all she could think of was to get away from whatever that thing was, before it kills her.*

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

They were chasing her again. Arianna glanced back to see how far away they were. The sight of them always sent chills down her spine. Dark, hooded creatures moving silently but swiftly. They blended with the shadows easily and it was difficult to locate them at night. She could make out about five of them in the dim light. They were gaining on her quickly. Their entire body was hidden under a cloak except their long, bony fingers. She could almost feel them wrapping around her neck, strangling her. Ari knew there was no way she could fight them, so all she could do was run to save her life.

The few moments of distraction costed her dearly. She didn’t notice where she was going and tripped over a rock and fell down. The ground beneath her was covered with rocks having sharp edges that cut into her skin easily. Her hands and knees were scrapped badly and by the way her face stung, she could tell that she got a few cuts on her face too.

I must keep running...Arianna thought and tried to get up.I must keep- her arms gave out, unable to support her weight. The thick scent of blood in the air indicated that she was bleeding from her cuts. As she lie there on the cold, hard ground many questions crossed her mind- Why are they after me? What did I ever do to them? Am I going to die?

The temperature around her dropped all of a sudden. They were almost near her. In a last attempt to save her life, she tried to get up again but couldn’t. One of her arms was definitely broken. Feeling helpless, she closed her eyes. Death was inevitable now.

In a few moments, the dark creatures surrounded her. The one on her left moved closer towards her. Arianna felt like her whole body was paralyzed and she couldn’t breathe properly. Even the air around her was frozen. The creature extended its skeleton-like fingers towards her neck.

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of light and she could feel warmth spread through her body. “Arianna” Someone was calling her. She opened her eyes and looked up to see a woman. Her features were hazy. Probably because my vision is blurry after hitting my head on the ground. “Take my hand”, the woman said in her soft voice and reached out her hand to her. All the monsters around her were nowhere to be seen. Strange, why did they disappear exactly when this woman appeared?

But something about this woman made Arianna feel like she could trust her. She slowly lifted her arm, which was not broken, and tried to reach for the hand in front of her. Before their fingers could touch, a huge opening appeared in the ground in front of her. The woman fell into the opening. “Arianna!” The woman’s scream echoed inside her head.

“Noooo!” Ari screamed and opened her eyes. She was gasping for breath and she could feel her heart pounding. She sat up and looked around her. The bare white walls and the brown bedside table with an empty photo frame looked familiar. She slowly came to her senses. She was in her bedroom. Relax, it’s just a dream, she told herself, but the uneasy feeling in her head did not go away.

She got up and walked to the bathroom to wash up. She looked at the mirror in the bathroom. A pale face with dull blue eyes stared back at her. Her black hair was a tangled mess, but that was normal. What caught her attention were the tear marks on her face. Ari’s eyes widened in surprise. She never cried, no matter how hard and stressful her life was, constantly living with the fear of getting killed by those monsters. She never cried once. The uneasy feeling inside her intensified.

It was a long time since she last dreamed of the monsters. All the dreams were mostly similar. She would be chased by the shadow-like creatures and unable to run away from them quickly enough, she would get caught. They always ended in her getting killed. But this time, it was different. She never dreamed of the woman before. She had no idea who she was and why she tried to save her. Ari tried to remember what she looked like but everything was just hazy. But one thing was certain, the dreams were a bad omen. She always ends up running from the monsters the next day. They act as a sort of signal that the monsters were nearby.

I must get out of here as soon as possible. She took a quick shower and dressed in jeans and white knit sweater. She was anyway planning to move to another city at the ending of this month so she had already paid the rent and informed the owner that she was moving out. She also quit her job as a waitress two days ago. Since she had taken care of everything beforehand, she was prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.

Ari packed all of her clothes and necessities in a backpack and double checked if she had missed anything. The monsters would only find her sooner if she left any traces. Deciding to skip breakfast as she had no appetite, Ari headed for the door. She took one last look at the small and stuffy space that she would definitely not miss and closed the door.

Hello lovely people!!! Thank you for reading this story. This is my first book on Inkitt and I hope you like it. I promise that the story gets more and more interesting in the coming chapters.

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