An hour of a Lifetime

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My life is so normal that a single turn to my schedule makes my world up-side-down. In everyday basis, my routine is super basic, coffee in the morning school-lunch-home, school works, dinner and sometimes a movie in between. Untill one day my schedule went on fire. Let me let you a story from 1 hour of my life that is worthy of a lifetime. It started when an unexpected and unimaginable (inshort magical if that's what you called that) thing happen.

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Chapter 1: Miss Love: the mother of Cupid

Im standing in the middle of i don't know, well i can see white walls on my both sides and it looks like a hallway or something.

I feel so tired, like the feeling of walking through this hallway for a day but also i have this "just woke up" vibe. I'm in so much confusion.

I decided to start walking or to walk again. I don't know. The last thing i remember is reading the message from my phone while having my coffee and i have this vague memory of "let's break up" but i can't remember from whom.

I've been walking for 2hours now and i felt like i was about to pass out. I blink my eyes "is that a light? A red light?" Despite of being exhausted, there's hope somewhere at the end of this hallway. It looks so close so i extend my arms to reach it and that moment i realized it's from an open door.

Too close yet too far.

After another hour of walking i reached the door finally and my eyes are so shooked that i almost wanna cry. It is so beautiful. A beauty i have never seen or imagined. I was standing here for i guess 10 minutes now and still couldn't believe what's in front of me.

"Hellow dear, you hear me?" SNAP.


There's a beautiful with a magical vibe lady infront of me. She is wearing a shinning red gown with a slit way up to her waist, she's weird. A red feather head dress with a size twice bigger than my face. Her eyes may be the most beautiful yet the creepiest eye i see in my entire life. It's bloody red complimented with a super long black eyelashes.

I was so mesmerized by her outfit and her eyes that i didn't recognize the arrow in her chest.

"What are you?" "Are you okay?" I said.

She openned her fan and turned around me there i saw the tip of the arrow that went through her chest.

"I should be the one asking you that my dear, who are you and why are here?" With a very astonishing accent.

"I'am Heart, 22 yrs old.( I didn't go in every detail since she didn't seem so interested). What is this place by the way? Or this world? Or whatever you call it"

As much as i want an answer to my questions, I'am afraid for the answers. Will she tell, "this is hell" or "this is the world after life" i can't.

"Before we move on to that part, please come in and have a sit" i can't get over with the accent. Haha. It's so cute. She's so cute.

"Is this safe?" I asked. Haha. She looked at me and said "ofcourse that's a cloud sofa specially made in color red"

"What should I call you?" I asked.

"I'am Miss Love, I'am the mother of cupid and welcome at Hearty Cloud" she replied.

I was in a confusion. What? Hearty what? Mother of cupids? Did she mean the cupids in classic mythology?

"You mean you are Venus, the goddess of love?"

"Who's that? I'am me. And you can call me Miss Love and I'am the mother of Love"

"Then why am I here? Did you summon me?"

"I think everything sinked in to you now, let's go to the real deal. Listen, hold on, prepare yourself and have a cup of coffee first"

Is that a warning? "Prepare youself" what does she mean? I am so nervous.

This new place, this weird girl who claim herself to be the mother of love, what's the meaning of all this? how about my coffee? Who sent that message "let's break up" which i can vaguley remember, is he my boyfriend?

My mind is about to explode any minute now..

"Are you ready?" said Miss Love

*authors note*

Hellow bibis😘 i hope you get to picture the scene and the characters vividly😍😍 this is my first ever work. Please understand the grammar error and misspelled words. 😘 lab u bibis😘😘

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