The Fate Of The Alpha

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"I know I should be with my mate but I can't forget her just like that. But I can't reject my mate and disrespect the moon goddess as well. I don't know what to do.", he said while rubbing his aching head. Dimitri Rodriguez, the soon to be alpha of red moon pack. He is kind but domineering, strong and brave. And he has a childhood lover who he loves very much and thinks is gonna turn to be his mate but it changes when the day he turned 18 he found out his beloved is not his mate and on top of that he found his real mate at the same time. [To let you all know I have written this novel before coming to this app and already published it. So this book is not a copy. This is my original idea. But after coming here I have found out there is another novel with similar theme. But I can assure you other than that these books has nothing in common.]

Fantasy / Drama
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I have never written anything in my whole life until now. This is my first book ever. So if you don't like it, it's ok, just ignore it. Not my book but you're feeling😎


Dimitri Rodriguez , the soon to be alpha of red moon pack. The only son of Aiden Rodriguez and Lia Rodriguez. Devilishly handsome, kind as well as ruthless when needed.

Rose Standford, a kind hearted, sweet and beautiful girl who is the daughter of the beta of dimitri's pack. She lost her mother the moment she was born.

Emily Swift, a girl who lost her father at the rough attack and lives with her mother and younger brother. She was really broke at her father's demise but the only thing that still kept her together is the thought of her mate.

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