Flower of Lotus

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Lotus never knew that she could become the next queen of the dynasty - until the day her father dies. He would have been very proud of the beautiful princess/ his daughter. Princess Lotus would do anything to make her parents proud, even if the action she was about to do would lead her into big trouble. As a result of this, Lotus is swept into the country of China to live out her life as a poor girl. Upon meeting an orange dragon named Wakuna who is actually a chinese prince at night and a pink spirit with the name Blossom, Lotus embarks on a fantasy adventure to regain her role back as the flower princess and finding out who she is meant to be along the way.

Fantasy / Romance
Nico Dreams
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Lotus’s eyes snapped shut. She could feel her father screaming in the fog. “Help, Lotus. Help...” his voice crackled. If Lotus couldn’t help her father, he would die.

Lotus’ heart beated faster and faster. Her father would soon die. There was no way to save him. She couldn’t see him at all. Tears filled her eyes as she heard her father choke to death.

This was it. She was doomed. Her family was doomed. Without her father, she couldn’t get ranked higher in the dynasty. Lotus sorrowfully walked home in sadness. She came to her table and wrote a family letter saying that her father was dead.

As she wrote slowly, a tear fell down on the piece of yellow paper she was writing on. She tried to write some more but that only made Lotus cry harder. Lotus cried so hard that she immediately fell off her chair and fainted. Blood came out of her mouth. She was dying.


When she woke up again, Lotus found herself in a healing room. The dynasty master gave her a potion. “Here. Drink this, flower princess,” he replied to Lotus as she drank the potion all up with her left hand. It smelled ugly but Lotus didn’t stop drinking the potion. Probably because she was the dynasty!

Lotus never even tried to puke. She would soon become powerful, she knew it! The potion would soon control her entire body. “Oh, wow. Lotus is indeed powerful. She would soon become the next queen of the dynasty,” the dynasty master whispered. His plans might become a reality!

Once Lotus finished drinking the potion, she felt her body fill up with heat. From the outside, her heart was glowing with gold. Her body was soon completely glowing gold light. The dynasty master was shocked. “How could she do this? How can she drink the potion of dynasty? That is the most powerful dynasty potion out of all the rest. Perhaps I was right. Perhaps she is the next dynasty queen!” he whispered in awe.

Lotus smiled at the dynasty master as his eyes filled with tears. As soon as she did this, the glowing stopped. “Master, I have completely healed with the help of a pure golden heart,” she replied to the overjoyed dynasty master. How could she do this? Ohh. Must be a legend for another time.

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