Her Wild Mate

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Two years after a devastating war that turned over ninety percent of her werewolf kind into monsters, Casey is trying to start over and help rebuild her pack's life. When her Alpha sends her to investigate and find a pack of rabid werewolves that keeps causing trouble, she is nearly killed by them. Her world is turned upside down when one of the monsters saves her. Her mate. A werewolf, whose human soul has been destroyed. And the worst part is he is led by instincts, not willing to let go of her. Casey is trapped in his territory—the forest—and she has to gain some time to heal before escaping. But as she keeps manipulating this wolf to bend to her will, she discovers he is smarter than he seems. He is different. When he miraculously shifts in his human body in desperation to be with her, Casey is stunned. She knows she has to lead him to her pack for research. But as she gets to know him more, she starts to wonder if the wolf in human skin could ever turn into something more than that. Something more than a beast. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! DO NOT COPY

Fantasy / Romance
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Hello, dear person who has decided to check this story out! *waves*

“Her Wild Mate” is meant to be read as a standalone book, but it’s placed in the same world as my other three werewolf stories - “The Lycan’s secrets”, “His Lying Mate”, “The Alpha’s Bitter Truths”. It’s also my first werewolf novel, written in first POV.

You will see some characters from these books, but you won’t have to read them to understand or enjoy this one.

It’s a mature read, so expect some mature topics as intimacy, violence, swearing.

If you like it, let me know your thoughts in comments! They are all appreciated!

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