Beyond The Woods

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Sitting alone in my bedroom, I stared at the  green light that glowed around my  fingers like emerald flames. I had first noticed the strange glowing after accidentally tripping on stones as a kid, grazing my knee. The glowing light danced from my fingers, through my body to the graze and by the time it disappeared, my knee was healed, not even a scar was visible. Since that moment I knew I was special, I never quite knew how I could do this, nor did I know why. So ever since, I had been playing wIth It, testing It, and trying to understand it I still wasn't quite sure what It was or why I had It, but I had discovered a few lIttle things It could do. So far I had found that I could heal wounds and encourage the growth of plants, all with the sparks of green light. After using it for a while I realised no one must ever know I can do these things and I only used them when I was alone and needed it. Until the day I came across a stranger in the forest who had pointed ears, large rounded eyes and a bleeding gash in her side. I never knew I had fairy blood running through my veins

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Chapter 1

Sitting alone in my bedroom, I stared at the soft wisps of green light that glowed around my fingers like emerald flames. I had first noticed the strange glowing after accidentally tripping on stones as a kid, grazing my knee. The glowing light danced from my fingers, through my body to the graze and by the time it disappeared, my knee was healed, not even a scar was visible. Since that moment I knew I was special, I never quite knew how I could do this, nor did I know why, until that day.

That day, I had decided to go to the stream in the forest surrounding my small family house. As lovely as it were, with the moment of peace, I almost didn’t notice as the air began to chill and the sky darkened with nightfall.

With a sigh I reluctantly gathered up my bag and rushed down the thin track knowing the trail by heart. I didn't know what would happen if I stayed out after dark, perhaps nothing. Most people would think it was rather strange for an eighteen year old girl to be home before dark, though no one knew me so I was spared the humiliation and thought nothing of it.

I was only a few minutes away from the house, when I found myself coming to a sudden stop.

Leaning against a tree up ahead, a figure too short for an adult, with the wrong proportions for a child was slumped, their shoulders rising and falling, shaking with every breath, it was only seconds before I noticed they were clutching a massive gash in their side, their clothing stained with blood.

Without a second thought, I knelt in front of them, dropping my bag as I ripped off a strip of my top, carefully pressing it over the stranger's gash. I was too focused on helping them that I never noticed as they flinched when they caught sight of my cuffs, only noticing as they began to lean away. Letting out an exasperated sigh, I moved closer, pressing my hand over the covered gash, ignoring their blood quickly staining my hand.

“Please stay still, every time you move more comes out. I need to stop the blood and I can only do that if you stop moving"

My voice was stressed but quiet as I spoke, pressing more cloth firmly over the gash. I finally dared to look up, freezing when I found the stranger staring at me in amazement and wonder.

My breath hitched as I took in the pointed ears, their beauty, and the abnormally-wide, round brown eyes that seemed to shine.

"You're…. Not human" I spoke after some time, though not in the english language but in a language I had never heard before, let alone spoken fluently. Suddenly, the creature's wide, brown eyes seemed alarmed.

"You speak the fairy tongue?"

The creature asked in a feminine voice, in the same language, but it seemed shaken. She's a female. She slowly backed away from me, blood still dripping from the deep gash in her side.

"No please, let me help you.. you seem to be in so much pain"

I could see the creature found me concerned and was afraid of me. I myself was confused about my being able to speak a different language, but she needed help.

She went limp suddenly and collapsed to the forest floor beneath the tree. I gasped and checked for a pulse; there was one, abnormally fast, but steady. I took my chance, taking a deep breath I whispered "Heal" as I softly touched the creature, watching as my green sparks danced from my fingers to the creature's wounded side. After a few minutes, gently and very carefully, I lifted the pointy eared creature and carried her home. She would surely die out here all alone.

The next morning, elf Abelia Martin woke to a sharp pain in her side. The after effects of a major healing, she realised. She was confused as to what could have caused such pain but her mind had not yet gained full access to her memory. Breathing and thinking were all she could do for now besides wiggle her index finger. What was happening? She was laying on her back on some cushioned surface with less strength in her body than a worm.

Then she remembered the fall. Her blasted wings had malfunctioned, that's why they were cheap, she guessed. Then again, she should never have been in open airspace where any human could see her.

And that's when she remembered the human. Could a human actually have done good by a fairy? Or was there a sinister reason behind the kind act? Did that have to do with why she was somewhere unknown?

Then she heard a sound… a voice perhaps? Not her own, she couldn't move her mouth just yet and she knew her vocal chords hadn't regained strength yet.

"Are you okay? Be careful, you had quite a nasty gash in your side" It was the female human that spoke the fairy tongue.. How? How could she do it? No human has ever been able to speak the fairy tongue? Had she known of the fairies' existence this whole time? Could this be a trap? It was too much, her eyes rolled back as her magic shut down her body for a second time, forcing her to rest after the healing.

Eight hours later Abelia woke again, this time, she was in working action with most, if not all over her body in working condition. She looked around to see she was in a human bedroom. Guest bedroom, she assumed. The bedroom was decorated in a welcoming manner and did certainly not seem sinister to Abelia, but humans were deceiving and could not be trusted with the knowledge of fairy existence.

Though this human… this human seemed genuinely different. She stopped to help me without knowing I was a fairy, she also seemed genuinely shocked to learn the truth but still continued to help and there were no restraints so I'm not being held captive… not that I can see, In any case.

Abelia was so deep in thought, she never noticed as the fairy tongue speaking female human walked into the room.

"You're awake, then?"

Abelia sighed and looked at the human properly for the first time. Her hair was a chestnut brown, her deep brown almost almond shaped, curious eyes were full of wonder and had a certain brightness to them. She had a tan complexion that blended well with her hair and eyes.

Fairy intuition was never wrong; this young kind, curious human was a good person who could be trusted, Abelia knew it, it's all in the eyes. With a sigh she said:

"It would seem so"

The curiosity grew too much to take for the human, she had to ask.

"If I may, you're not human… so what exactly are you?"

Abelia was taken aback by this question but she should have expected nothing less from such an inquisitive human.

"I'm an elf, a fairy subspecies. Now if I may, how can you speak in the fairy tongue? How can you have magic? I know it wasn't me who healed myself because I was dead out of magic, not a spark left in me"

Now it was the human's turn to be taken aback and apparently embarrassed. It dawned on Abelia that this human didn't know why nor how she could do the things she could. Interesting…

"Okay, let's start with your name then," Abelia said in a calming tone, knowing the human is anxious about her abilities.

"My name is Rowan, Rowan Lee Davids. And yours?"

"My name is Abelia Martin. How long have you known you were different?" Abelia asked cautiously, aware this may be a sensitive subject.

"As a kid, only eight years old. I tripped on stones and grazed my knee. Moments later I saw these green sparks of light around my fingers and next played around my knee. Next thing I knew my knee was healed. I only knew I could speak in the 'fairy tongue' as you call it, yesterday when I spoke to you. It happened automatically and I have never heard or spoken it before. Do you know why this is? How can I do things like this?"

"Rowan… I think you have fairy blood in you"

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