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The Big Bad Wolf Mate

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What do you do when your family threatens to turn there back on you for not believing in you? Do you stay and try to make it work or do you leave and never look back? Ember was the eldest child of Alpha Felix and Luna June, but she was never expected to be Alpha, and when she declines the position, her family does the worst possible thing ever. But her journey has just begun when she meets a dark and mysterious wolf who only has one thing on his mind. *****ATTENTION! THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE THEMES, VIOLENCE, SEXUAL CONTENT AND STRONG LANGUAGE. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE BUT YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED***** PLEASE NOTE: these are original works of mine and any names or situations are simply fiction. Any similarities to real life are merely accidental. Also please do not copy any of my work. I have put a lot into these stories and for it to be taken and twisted into something else is just plain wrong not to mention illegal.

Fantasy / Thriller
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Alpha In Training

There were two things in this world that I hated more than Alpha training. One was this got damn Georgia heat and the other was my parents for pushing me into this role. Ever since my brother was born it was agreed upon that he would become Alpha, even though I was the oldest. So when he came home from summer training, two days after his 20th birthday, it took the whole family by surprise that he had not only found his mate, but that he announced he would be taking over her pack because she was an only child. My parents were completely taken by surprise and pissed off but they understood.

It's not that they didn't think I would make a good alpha, it's just that it has always been a pack rule that the male of the family always takes over the position. This also meant that if the only heir was a female, then her mate would be the leader. But since I hadn't found my mate yet, and I was about to turn 23, my parents made the decision to make me complete my Alpha training.

I sat in my fathers office staring out the window into the woods, daydreaming of the runners again, when I heard my fathers angry voice.

"Ember, you have to take this stuff seriously."

"I am, father. I just don't understand why we must go over the same thing every day. I have worked with you in this office since I was 10 years old and I am pretty sure I can recite every rule, pack members name and position, and where they live, verbatim." I said with a bored expresssion.

"I know you don't think this is important, but it is. It is your job to make sure you know everything about this pack and that includes all the details that you think are so unnecessary."

I turned around and walked back to my chair hoping to finish this up before the sun went down. Tonight was movie night with Kam and Mik and I didn't want to miss it. These two had all the latest pack gossip and didn't mind sharing it with anyone who would listen. Although I always knew the important news going on inside the territory they seemed to have the juiciest of it.

Two hours later, my father and I were finally finished and I ran out the door to Kam's house. I swung the door open to find my two best friends sitting on the couch with tons of goodies on the coffee table and an assortment of liquor ready to drink.

"Well there you are, Alpha!" Mik snickered and it was clear she had already started drinking the beer.

"I'm not Alpha yet. Now hand over the crown and no one gets hurt." I grabbed it from the table and filled my glass to the rim, placing the now half empty bottle back down.

"Wow! Long day?"

I grunted as they both stared at me and laughed. I really love them but they sure could be a couple of pains in my asses at times. But I wouldn't change anything about them. Mik was such a badass fighter that anyone who even tried to challenge her was definitely signing their own death certificate. And Kam could track a 12 day old trail to within 5 inches of where the object was. She had the best nose in the country so it was no surprise that people called her from all around, so there was never a question who my Beta and Gamma were going to be once I took over.

"Guys, I don't know if I'm cut out for this." I said as I took a gulp of green-apple flavored whiskey from my ridiculously full glass.

"Shut up Ember. You will be amazing and you know we will be there with you every step of the way." Kam said as she chugged the last of her drink, then reached for a different bottle for another glass.

"Yeah, Em we will always be there for you. Besides who the hell would fuck with a bunch of female superiors?" Mik said as she laughed talking about us ruling the pack.

We sat back on the couch and watched our movie and chatted all night long about what changes we would bring to the pack, mostly involving the restrictions that were involved with the she-wolves. My father had actually disagreed with most of them but since he took over from his dad at 18 he never had the chance to change any of the laws. The first thing I was going to do when I became leader was re-write the ridiculous rules that figuratively kept them chained to this place. We were wolves for crying out loud. We were meant to roam the world not be locked down in one area, yes I know we travel in packs but why did we have to stay stationary?

My mind wandered back to the summer I stayed with my grandmother, she wasn't really my grandmother just a very old eccentric woman who my mother called her mom. Come to think of it, I don't really know if she was even related to us. But when my parents were away on business she was in charge of me and we traveled the world visiting all the historical places that made us the wolves that we are today.

She always made everything such an elaborate adventure, complete with costumes and all. She would tell me stories of princesses and dragons and even told me that most of the fairytales we heard were based on real life. No one ever believed anything she said but I could listen to her talk for hours. We would sit in her study and read books every night and we even wrote our own.

She was an amazing artist so her house was full of art and sculptures of various animals, one of which consisted of an enourmous brown wolf that she carved from a tree root then painted with ink from flowers she found in the woods. She used medicinal herbs to make cures for our pack and potions for the elders. And the more I visited her the more she taught me. To this day I could still tell you every plant and berry that surrounded the territory and what to use them for.

Unfortunately, she left the pack years ago because of the members concerns that she was a witch and that she was going to harm us. She left and I never saw her again, it crushed me because she was the only person that encouraged me. I sat there reminiscing as the girls talked and laughed.

"Ok, ok, so if you had to choose between living in the woods or being mates to a human, what would you choose?" Kam said as Mik sat their contemplating her answer.

"Human. Definitely!" She said then they both looked at me.

"Like you two even have to ask!" I said sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah we know, the woods." They said in unison as we all laughed.

It was no secret around here that I was a wild child. Everyone knew I lived for the moment and I had no intentions of ever being held down for anyone, even my mate. I was a wolf who just wanted to be set free but that all changed the moment my family made me Alpha.

***So thank you again for all the support you have shown me with my other two books. This is the third of the Bad Ass Luna Series and I hope you all enjoy it!!!***

Why doesn't she want to be Alpha?

I love her friends already!

Powerful women seem to be a huge theme for my stories, so I tend to put a lot of my own personality into each of my girls. They are bad asses who take no shit from anyone.

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