Quick Transmigration: Counterattack Begins!

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After dying in an accident to save her twin little brother, Qin Yue makes a deal with a counterattack system and gets bound to it to complete tasks to save her brother who was in a coma. Traveling through different time and space, going through many life and death situations, meeting different types of people, learning new things, experiencing all sorts of thrilling plots. She still looked forward and trod on the path filled with many obstacles just to save her dear brother. "Even if I have to go through the 18th levels of hell, I will make the god of hell bow down to me just to save my Ah Xin!" **** Disclaimer: The cover isn't mine. The full credit goes to the original artist.

Fantasy / Adventure
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It was clearly a warm, sunny day where the two of them had a rare free time together to go out to celebrate their birthday.

They were both very happy and expectant for this long-awaited trip.

He was driving the car, their taste for music was the same, with a pop song playing and they were singing along together.

It was clearly such a happy day but...


"AH XIN!!"

The loud honking followed by a out-of-control truck and their overlapping heart-rending screams changed everything.

1 life gone, 1 life still hanging with a thread while in a coma.

It was that moment when she jumped from her seat to cover his body right before the crash that she felt so close to death but what she was afraid of wasn't her death but instead the safety of her Ah Xin, her twin little brother.

He was alive but fell in a coma with the price being her own life. She didn't regret it. She was happy as long as he was safe.

Yes, she was looking at him in the hospital ward in her soul form. Looking at his sorry state in the hospital bed, she felt heartache even though she was just a soul now. She heard the doctors saying how serious his condition was and about how he might never wake up again.

But right then, that cold mechanical voice gave her hope.

[Do you want to save him? If you agree to get bound to the counterattack system, you can have a chance to save him and also yourself.]

"I can...save him? Are you telling me the truth?" She didn't ask who it was nor its purpose. She only had the thought of saving her brother at any cost.

[Yes.] The cool voice rang again, telling her that it wasn't an illusion.

"I agree. As long as I can save Ah Xin, I will do anything." She resolutely nodded as her loving gaze fell upon that figure lying on the bed.

[Requirements met. Binding the soul with the system space...]

[Binding complete. Transferring to the system space...]

Right after the two notifications, a pang of dizziness and pain attacked her soul and some kind of cool energy flowed into her soul, taking root in her dantian. Then everything went black before her sight, sinking into the darkness.


"mgh..." She felt very light-headed when she regained her consciousness.

What she saw as she opened her eyes was a pure white space that was completely empty with nothing but her in it.

She felt like it was a dream but then bent her head down to look at herself. It was a strange sight. She was wearing a white dress and her whole body was also the same colour, her hair longer than what she remembered; reaching her ankles. She looked like she was glowing unnaturally, looking somewhat transparent.

It was a ghastly sight.

She remained unperturbed as she remembered what happened.

"Where...am I?" She looked around the empty space calmly, she was so calm, her gaze looked cold and emotionless.

[Hello, host. Welcome to the system space.] Just then, that familiar yet strange cold voice sounded from a blue holographic panel in front of her.

"System space? Why am I here?" She asked.

[This is where you take on your tasks and come back after completing the tasks. You can take it as a transferring point.]

"Then what types of tasks am I supposed to do? How can I save my brother?" What she wanted to know the most was the last sentence. She didn't care about anything other than this.

[Getting right to the point eh? Your task is to travel through time and space and prevent those task worlds from collapsing. Because of the excessive amount of resentment and hatred of the characters inside the world, the plane's balance was disrupted. This caused it to start collapsing. If it isn't saved in time, it would completely disappear from existence.]

[After you complete a task, you get rewards according to the completion progress. You can get exp points, credit points and many other useful items. After you collect 10,000 exp points, you get regain your body and live again. As for your brother..., what he needs is a supreme grade heavenly jade pill.]

"Heavenly jade pill?! How do I get it? What does it do?" She asked, slightly agitated. Her whole focus was on how to save her brother. She didn't even care about what it said about her coming back to life.

[Heavenly jade pill can cure your brother completely and even help him get a strong body without any impurities and ailments. It can make him immune to any types of diseases and also to all types of poison in the whole world. It is the most precious and rarest treasure in the whole world. As for how to get..., it is the reward for the last task. After you complete all the tasks, you can obtain it as a reward. It is a win-win for both, you can come back to life and save your brother while you save those planes from destruction.]

"There is something so magical like that..? Are you sure you are not lying to me?" She was quite skeptical but also expectant after hearing its explanation. If it was really true then it really was a very good condition but she was always cautious and only took risks after weighing the pros and cons. To survive in this world where you can be deceived anytime, she had always been prudent and decisive.

[Of course I'm not lying. It all depends on your hard work and perseverance. While doing the tasks, you might lose your life after exhausting your life points or even lose your purpose to traveling through time and saving the planes. All treasures are gained through equal amount of risks. While you are given a second chance to save yourself and your brother.]

"...." She remained silent after hearing its words and found it very reasonable.

Indeed, she had been give another chance. If she didn't even risk anything and cowered before even trying then what difference was there between her and a cowardly idiot? She still had her brother that needed her to save him. She couldn't just give up on this chance even if that meant that she failed in the process. At least, she could say that she tried her best.

"Then I'll do my best. I swear to persevere till the end." She made her decision, her eyes shining brightly in determination and burning with resolute fire to tackle every single obstacle on her path.

[That's the spirit! A late introduction, you can call me 707. I'm the system allocated to you for helping out in the tasks. You are the 7th host after the previous 6 hosts that met the requirements and got bound to the counterattack system.] The cheerful but mechanical voice of 707 rang in the empty space.

[I'm looking forward to your performance, Qin Yue.]

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