Veiled Threats

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Bylir – Name of planet

Capalts –Used for riding, size of horse, scales all along body, leathery wings, large saber teeth, have twisted horns curved over top of head, allows rider to grip, docile and obedient creatures

Craforian – Talnarin and human village, coexist but separated from each other by barrier

Dol Trees – Like oaks but twisted trunks, very tall, many branches

Elestal Affinity – Electrical energy manipulation

Firvo Affinity – Fire energy manipulation

Flokil Affinity – Flora energy manipulation

Mindula Affinity – Mental energy manipulation

Povios – Term for insects

Talnarin – Humanoid, energy manipulators, green/orange/red/yellow/purple eyes, pointed ears

Teasba – Horrible beasts that roam the forest in certain parts of Bylir, they have matted fur, rancid breath, rotted teeth, and massive bodies.

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