attraverso lo spazio e il tempo

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~Capitolo Primo~

One Week

"Wake up you little brat!" shot my eyes open when I heard my mom banged on my room's door,

"I said wake up!" she shouted again, I heaved a sigh and rubbed my eyes, "I'm up!" I shouted back. the banging stopped and I assumed mom went back to her room

This is my life, typical as it is. Wake up in the morning and go to school, after class go to part-time to work just to earn money for my mother who's limp and blind in her left eye.

I don't remember why but my mom always blame me for what happened to her... And she blames me for what happened to my dad

He's dead, they say. Because of me

Yet I don't know why. Is it too cruel? To blame someone who doesn't even know what she did

Anyways, I'm Stella Barrow. I'm 16 years old... Well, maybe those are the only things I can say about myself... I'm nothing

Walking alone in 5th Street, right straight to my school I got to think about why are the people blaming me for the death of my father and the ,imp and blind eye of my mother

"It's just that I can't remember anything..." I say silently

"I know" I stop with my tracks and look around, did someone reply to me?

"Please, I beg you. I'm homeless and penniless... I-i beg you to stop stealing from me" Hearing what an old man say I think, I widened my eyes from the shock

"Shit, I'm in the middle of a gang stealing a beggar" I mumbled

I looked around and saw a corner with dark alley, "I guess it came from there"

Unknowingly, I walked towards that alley and hid behind a pile of boxes

"Shut up Mister, how dare you tell us that you have nothing when your sack right beside you is full of who knows what" said a man in a black leather jacket

I was shaking, scared that maybe they will find me here, Stupid me! Why come here in the first place

I was about to go away when I feel an electric current that flow to body, like I'm being electrocuted but I didn't faint. Instead I stood up and walk to them

Shit! Shit! What the heck is happening!

Oh My Gosh! Is this a dream ? Help!

Why can't I control myself? What is happening?!

"Hey! You guys!" I absent-minded called, Huh?

They looked at me, they were about twelve of them some were annoyed and others were curious

"Look who we have here" said the guy awhile ago, his men laughed

"Wanna join us Ms?" one guy with beard asked

"Screw off" They were taken aback at the firm voice I have, so do I

"Well, well... Guys we have to enjoy things alone. What you waiting for? Enjoy your meal" the men started to come to me and just like that we started fighting

Guess what? one VS twelve

How come I can fight like this? I am pretty sure I didn't learn any self-defense

After how many minutes I stood up, breathing heavily "I won..." i mumbled

Then I raise both of my arms up high and shouted "I won!", I jumped and dance on my own when I heard the old man's yelp

I ran to him and help him up, "Sir are you okay?" I asked

he suddenly hugged me, "Thank you so much" I can feel his tears on my shoulders

"That's nothing sir, though I was kind of afraid. I can't stand for people like them to hurt someone like you" I honestly said, well, that's what i really felt. Just kind of scared

"Here..." he handed me a vintage pirate watch. "Sir... I-i don't think I--"

"Please, accept this as my gift of gratitude. I'm very thankful that youngsters like decided to help a person like me" I saw in his eyes how sincere he is so I have no choice than to accept it

"Thank you" I lastly said and left him

I arrived at school just on time before the school gate is close, after the incident I put the watch in my back and forgot about the whole way to school...

Today is Literature class, the teacher is discussing the poem we read yesterday "And in her head she thought to die yet she can't..."

"Okay who can tell me their thoughts about this line?" the professor asked, he tried to look at my eyes but I averted it quickly

I looked on my bag and saw a light, Did I perhaps forgot to shut my phone down?

I grab the thing that is lighting and saw that it was the pirate watch

"The hell..."

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