That's Impossible

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Life's changing a lot for Selene Pamela , she's organized and has a monochrome life ... But she is hiding something ...Something BIG ... But then a group of weird kids show up , and they seem hell bent on getting to know her .Just , great ! (Note sarcasm) And as if things couldn't get any worse, they want her to join their group .Plus they're hiding something too . That's impossible , you say ? Nuh uh !

Fantasy / Humor
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Chapter 1 -Boring ...

"Curse you to the depths of tartarus!" ,I shouted as my alarm clock blared annoyingly from on my nightstand . I had no idea why people needed or wanted alarm clocks , if I did not have to use it , I'd have thrown that thing over a cliff years ago . "Shoot! I gotta get ready or I'll be late for school ."I said as I saw the time on the clock . When I had finished bathing and dressing ,I looked into the huge , floor length mirror that was placed inside my bedroom . My wavy , waist length , wine red hair shone softly in the light and my long lashes framing my ice like blue eyes as they sparkled brightly .My light but tone skin all but glowed in the sunlight , my dark blue skinny hugged my curves and my black hoodie , paired with my black , Nike running shoes was a must. Nodding in approval I stepped out of my house and walked to school .As I arrived at school my friend , not BEST friend, Brittany ,greeted me at the gate .Today she had on a purple ,short skirt paired with a green short sleeved Turtleneck sweater . Her dark brown eyes assessed my attire with a lingering glanced and she flipped her dark brown hair with disdain , I paid her no mind . "Selene ", she said excitedly , which meant she was ready to share some gossip ."I heard a bunch of kids are transferring here this year " I just listened as she went on and on and on. Does that girl even have an off button ?I did what always do when she rambles like that .Tuned her out .

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