That's Impossible [book 1 of The Rising Star S.]

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Book 1 of The Rising Star Series. Selene Pamela is a seventeen year old with a boring life,HORRIBLE friend and introvert ways . Although she hides it well , she has a secret about herself , one that could change , make , or endanger her life , if revealed . A group of mysterious kids join her school and she can't help but befriend them . Will she reveal her secret ? Will they reveal theirs ? In a world of fakes , backstabbing jerks , evil foes and just plain crazy people can she survive ? Of course she can ! Right ? In a story of secrets , friends , a hint of betrayal , a spoonful of mystery and loyalty and a whole lotta fantasy , humor and love , is there a way that she can find herself and become who she was meant to be ? But ... That's Impossible ?! Nope ! It's not !

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"Sorry, Ms. Jenks,"


Title: That's Impossible

Written by : Rebekah Felix ...

Book 1 of The Rising Star Series.

Thank you for choosing my book! Hope you enjoy every second and feel every moment.

This is a work of fiction, all from my imagination. Any resemblance in characters, places, names, or events that are related to anything real, is purely coincidental. DO NOT, harm, or try anything towards yourself or others, because of what you read, it is only fiction.

There are only few mentioning of God, if you are offended, I suggest that you not read please.

I do NOT judge by race, culture or religion. Neither do the characters. So if you are Hispanic, Caucasian, Indian, Korean, or so on, I do NOT judge.

PlEASE DON'T copy my book. I have a kind of system, I write the chapters on a notepad app, then I send them to my editor, then I write them on paper and post it.

Hopefully, no one tries to copy, it has A LOT of cats where I live, they are EVERYWHERE, so I'll let you know, we're watching YOU! If you want to create fan fiction, or use a reference from one of my books, or if your book is inspired by one of mine, I suggest that you add in that it's inspired, or its fan fiction or it has one of the references from my books.

Please ask my permission before you do anything to my book, the cover art is NOT mine, my covers are edited by me and my editor! The cover art and my book are both copyright ©

Dedicated to: my parents, my brother and my friend, they supported me and cheered me on, they are my heroes.

Thank you for listening my dragons!

Peace out ✌®¶

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Date of note: 25th of the 11month , 2020

The shrill ringing of my alarm pulled me out of the dark abyss that were my dreams.

I felt around blindly, searching for that hell sent contraption.

The smooth plastic connected with my fingers, bingo!

I picked it up with my hand, weighing and testing it within my grasp.

I slowly pulled my arm back for power, searching for a bare window.

It wasn't that hard, seeing as the dawn rays were shining in my face like, "Hola, amigo!"

The back window was open, bringing in the unwanted attention of the rays of sunshine.

I smirked mischievously, pulling my hand back further, I sent the alarm clock flying through the open window.

There were sounds of breaking glass, a thud and a scream, "Sorry, Ms. Jenks," I laughed.

The poor old woman was already tormented by the "gargoyles" that were said to be stealing her socks and pinching her toes, so I could only imagine the look on her face when that alarm clock came flying through her window.

I jumped out of bed, and despite the shining sun, or the fact that I hated mornings, I was in a rarely seen, good mood.

After turning on the lights and putting up the maroon curtains, I practically floated to the bathroom.

I brushed my teeth quickly, making sure the garlicky smell, from last night's dinner was gone.

I jumped into the bathroom, shivering when the cold water of the shower, came down on my back.

I took deep and steady breathes, relaxing my tense muscles as I became familiar with the icy water.

I turned the knob, postponing the cold water, but bringing in the cold wind.

My teeth chattered furiously, where was the warm sunshine when I needed it?

I huffed, pulling my fluffy black towel from it's rack, I wrapped it around my shivering body. Sighing, I pulled it closer to my wet form, smiling as it lended me its warmth.

I stepped out of the bathroom, taking a smaller towel with me, to dry my hair.

As I tip- toed into my oakwood closet, I wrapped the smaller towel around my dripping hair.

After tugging on my underwear and bra, I tapped my chin, I wondered what to wear today. "Random shit, or a band t-shirt?" I asked myself.

I glanced down at my clothes, "Random shit, it is."

I quickly threw on a blue sweatshirt, that said, "Go Away," in a graphic design, along with blue skinny jeans.

Standing in front of my oval mirror, I unwrapped the towel from my hair dried it then picked up my comb.

I sighed, time to wrestle the monster.

I tugged the comb through the unruly, wine red strands, wincing at the lancing pain in my head when I tugged the comb, I was bound to have a migraine after this.

After taming the monster, I placed my hair in a neat, French braid, slicking back the fly-aways with gel, I hoped and prayed that it wouldn't be a mess before I reached least before second period.

Sometimes I really wonder why I leave it at waist-length.

I laced up my black running shoes and slipped on my black watch, stopping to assess my clothes before I left.

I left my face bare, the tan and peachy skin shining with a dust of freckles on the bridge of my small nose and along my sharp cheekbones.

I added some lip gloss, and I wondered if I should wear some mascara.

I decided against it, as I stared at the pale blue irises that stared back at me, the long, red lashes framed them, as they fluttered ever so slightly.

A pleased smile fluttered at the edge of my lips as I walked out of my bedroom, down the stairs and into the kitchen.

I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl and granola bar from the pantry. My hand rested on the handle of the fridge, nah, I would stop at Martha's to get some O.J.

Grabbing my backpack, phone, earphones and keys, I locked the door behind me and jogged down the sidewalk.

I could have driven my car, but that would bring too much attention my way.

I glanced at my watch, '6:15 a.m,' it read, I had time, school was fifteen minutes away, and school started at 7:30 a.m.

I plugged in my earphones and went straight to my favorite playlist.

I clicked on one of the songs and sang along to the lyrics in my head.

I turned around the corner and ducked into the little Cafe that was there.

The bell rang as I stepped inside, and I was instantly surrounded by the aroma of freshly baked muffins and coffee. Frick the O.J, granola bar and apple, I knew exactly what I wanted.

I walked up to the line for the cashier and was met by Martha's niece, Alice.

Her wavy, shoulder length, dark curls bounced and swayed as she took each order.

Her dark, tanned skin was just like her aunt's and her optimistic attitude would bring a smile to anyone's face.

When it was my turn, I stepped up, taking out my earphones I cleared my throat, "I would like a caramel latte, a bottle of orange juice and four blueberry muffins," I listed, smiling as her face snapped up to mine, she let out an excited squeal.

"Sel! What brings you here this early morning? Are you coming to work this evening? Or for this week?" She fired, her hazel eyes gleaming as she wiped her hands on her white apron.

" I was hungry, so I said to myself that I would come here to taste your aunt's delicious cooking," I laughed. "I will be working this whole week, for sure."

She beamed, her smile blinding as she handed me what I had ordered.

She walked over to the other side of the counter, dusting off the flour from her black, short sleeved shirt, which bore the cafe's name and black jeans, which summed up her uniform.

She bounded towards me, giving me a bone crushing hug.

I chuckled, a warmth wrapping its way around my heart as I stepped out of the shop, "Tell Martha that I stopped by!" She grinned and bobbed her head.

I jogged down the sidewalk to my school, smiling softly as I thought about those two. They were angels, they had cared for me and had given me joy.

I stepped onto the campus of the rundown building, the fading sign bearing the name of this hellhole, 'Allyssum High.'

I shook my head, it's been years, and they still haven't considered giving this place a paint job, even with all the money they steal from the entire student body's pockets.

I glanced around, sighing in relief when I didn't see her anywhere.

I tried my best to look like I wasn't running as I tried to walk into the school unnoticed; key word being tried.

"Selene!" Brittany screeched, making my flinch.

I turned slowly towards her, sincerely hoping that she'd leave me in peace.

She strutted towards me, her hips swaying obnoxiously as her dark eyes assessed my outfit.

She scrunched up her nose in disgust as she flicked her brown hair over her shoulder.

Today she was wearing a green Turtleneck sweater and a skin tight, short skirt.

She hoisted her Gucci bag on her shoulder, and grabbed my hand, her sharp, long nails piercing my skin as she dragged me into the building. "Selene! Did you hear about the new kids?"


"Then I'll tell you!" she exclaimed.

That girl sure had some lungs.

*Edited version*

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