The Legend

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Chapter 1

There are positives and negatives in everything, even the planets themselves. Only the most wise and different can find the entrance.

The day I heard The Legend, I remember perfectly. I went to the bus stop to get to school, it was a warm, breezy morning. The sunrise was beautiful, but it did not match what was going to happen.

Later that day, after I got off the bus to go home, my foot became stuck in a hole in the sidewalk... A hole tht had never, been there before. I confusedly wondered how the hole got there. After all, it couldn't have just appeared there within a couple of hours, or could it?

Even more bizarrely, my foot refused to find the bumpy bottom of the hole. What kind of sick joke was this? But, this isn't a cartoon - this is real life. How was it possible, a hole without a bottom. Then, it struck me - what is this was The Legend?

But, legends are just that - legends. "I need to get my foot out of this hole!" I muttered to myself. So I grabbed hold of the thickest, strongest tree branch in my reach and pulled, and tugged, but somehow my foot just sunk further and further into the bottomless pit of a hole.

Soon I slipped so far that my grip slipped, the hole widened, and a fell through.

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