The Legend

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Chapter 2

After falling, for what seemed like hour, I landed with a loud thud! I opened my eyes with a large crowd of people staring at me, I didn't have a clue as to who anyone could possibly be. I sat up, dazed and glanced around - not a hole to be seen. Snidely, I pondered aloud, "Where did you all come from?"

"The question is where did you come from?" one girl retorted.

"I fell through some hole!" I rolled my eyes at her, as if it was any of her business where I came from. Everyone in the crowd gasped. "What? I can't roll my eyes anymore?"

"No, it's not that! I'm Miranda," the same girl exclaimed, but with glee. She held out her hand to help me up. Reluctantly, I allowed Miranda's assistance, afterall I did land fairly hard.

I hesitated to respond, they were all looking at me expectantly, so I introduced myself. "Thanks, I'm Everest."

"Come! Let me show you around!" Miranda said, as if it were a highly honored privilege. "So, it is true!" she squealed gleefully as we walked off.

"I guess - wait - what? What is it that's true?"

"The Legend!" Startled, I gaped at Miranda. Could it possibly be the one I heard that morning? I recited to her the supposed legend I had heard that morning, asking if it were the same legend she was talking about. "That is only one part of it," she responded.

"There is more than one part? How many parts are there?" I pushed for an answer.

"I'm not sure, but I do know where we can go to find out!"

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