Why do we fall?

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Ha-rin is a fairly normal girl She lives with her brother & parents Works at a corner store & self studies piano & art while getting good grades in school Life is pretty fair with her But what does she do when all of a sudden there's a statue in her picture? It wasn't there before. How does this change her life?

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

After playing games with her brother at night

Ha-rin goes to study...she studies & goes to sleep

She wakes up and does her daily shower afterwards putting on her blue jeans & her white button down/up

The moment she comes back to her room she notices that the picture on her wall has a statue, a statue looking down while smiling

She confused a little scared

She ask herself has that always been there?

Moving closer to the picture

I would've never put it on the wall if so""

As she got closer to the picture she stops, bumping into her desk

And as she stares, the statue moves its eyes

Looking right at her

She's taken aback she stands still

Moving back Rubbing her eyes thinking her eyes were just messing with her

The statues expression changes to a confused but curious expression

She ask what are you?"" Scaredly

The statues face rest

Signing "I cannot speak but I can hear I am a statue".

"You can probably not understand me huh?"

She signs back "no I understand you"

"I know you are a statue but how are you alive?"

"The statue signs "I myself do not know I'm pretty sure you don't know either...why you exist?"

"But I do know why I am here in this picture"

"Why?" Says Ha-rin

"I am trapped, I need your help"

"What are you saying" says ha-rin

"That I need your help" signs statue

"I..dont understand how do you need my help & why are you here??"

"I myself don't know exactly why I'm here

I just know I need help"

*Ha-rins brother calls knocking*

"Hey! You up? I need help with my package, also I have something to tell you."

"C-come in" ha-rin says

Wide side eyeing the picture

~the statue has a very calm expression

*Her brother comes in*

"Hey why do you look so surprised? What are you looking at?" *He looks at the desk*

"Is there a bug?"

Ha-rin says "no..you don't see that"

"What?" He says

"The picture"

"What about it? Looks like it always has"

She looks down eyes opened "really? Never mind then"

"Any how I need your help so come on"

*She follows her brother down stairs to help him with the package*

"Wh-what is this anyway?"

"My chair" he says

"Ah I see..."

*they get finished putting it inside*

"But also ____ finally came out! I forgot all about it!"

"Really!?" Ha-rin says "Yeah and everybody's saying it's so good we gotta get it " Her brother says

"Yeah. We do" Ha-rin says "I'll be right back I gotta do something, tell me if you need help."

"Ok" her brother says as she goes back upstairs

*she goes back to her room walking up to the statue carefully and hesitantly sitting in her chair*

"I...i...how...idk What is happening but how can I help you ?"

"I need...we need to finda certain well

I believe it's the way for be free.."

"How Do you know?"

"I just feel it..behind a restaurant broken but still running.."

"Broken but still running..." ha-rin says

She's given a memory of her childhood

A stone well in the back she sits playing with a cat while a bird drinks from the well

"I think I may know where it is.." Ha-rin says

"Really!?" the statue says "that is great, we can go now!"

"No I remember of it vaguely I have to remember more.." She says

"I see" the statue says

*Ha-rin becomes quiet trying to think*

*The statue waits*

"Maybe I call my parents" *she picks up her phone*

*hears a knocking sound on the wall, she looks up to see the statue moving, she states for a bit, eventually her mom picks up the phone*

"Hey mom.. Do you remember going to a restaurant in the past always eating _____?"

"Ah yes why do you ask?"

"Do you know where it is ?"

"I was just remembering how good it's was"

"it's in _____( somewhere a little far) but i don't know exactly"

"I see thank you bye"

"Bye love" her mom says hanging up

*Ha-rin looks up restaurants in ______*

This takes some time

Evetually she finds it

"I found it!" She says looking up

The statue is asleep

She knocks on the wall waking up the statue

The statue looks with a hm? And tired face

"I...i found the restaurant" she says

"An really!?" The statue says "we can get going right away then"

"Yes I guess we can...i don't have work today.."

"Great" the statue says

"Well do i..just take you like this" hari says moving the picture from the wall

"Yes I believe s- !"

"Ah it's a little- heavy!" "How...?"

"Ah I'm very offended" the statue says while laughing

"I..i don't understand I looks just like paper"

"I..hold on a second" ha-rin says while leaving

*She goes to get a picture frame passing her brother*

"Al-almost done huh?" She says

"Yup just a bit more, it's pretty easy!" He says

"That's good umm look i have to go somewhere ok so I'll be out for a while"

"hm? Ok tell me if you go to any restaurant"

"Ok" she says taking a picture frame

*She goes back up stairs going back to her room she opens the picture frame

Putting the picture in frame*

"Then I can put you in my bag"

"She goes to get her bag "you won't get hurt this way"

She puts the frame in her bag

Just then hearing a tapping sound from it

She picks the frame up

"Ah I just wanted to see if there was anyway to call you" he signs

"Ah i see I'll put you back now "

"Ok" the statue signs smiling

"I...i don't know what's happening" she thinks

"This is something else"

Ha-rin goes to take the bus

She eventually gets to stop & waits

Eventually getting on the bus

Once she gets on there's not too many people on it but she sees a child across from her sitting playing on a game looking for their mom

She sees a woman in the back sleeping with another child sitting quietly

Eventually she's coming toward her stop but before she gets there she goes to wake the lady

The lady wakes looking for the other kid saying thank you

She calls for the son the son goes to her

As ha-rin walks back to the from

The lady is heard saying

"ah we missed the stop!"

Ha-rin waits and eventually she's at her stop

She gets off

Looking around she looks at her GPS

Looking down at her bag

She takes the picture frame out

Putting her phone to her ear

"So what do I do once I get there?" ha rin ask

"I..i do not know" the statue says

"Really? Well we'll just see I guess" ha rin says

She walks passing many faces

Looking at her GPS through every corner

Eventually finding the restaurant


Hearing a child voice in a distance giggling she sees a child with her parents & a baby boy as they walk the image of them fades away

She smiles

Walking to the restaurant

Before she could get to the back her stomach growls

She looks at the door

Looking at her bag then to the back of the restaurant

She eventually goes inside

As she gets in she's met with a older lady remembering a younger face just like hers

She smiles and is greeted to a table

"Are you ready to order?" Ask the lady

"Yes I would like a _____ & a tea please"

The lady looks a bit surprised "ok I will get to it right away" She smiles

She takes the picture out of her bag

"Mmmm..im sorry but I got very hungry so I stopped to get food" she says

"Yes I heard" he says

"Feeling nostalgic?"

"Yes it feels very weird" she says

The statue stays silent

"So what is your nane? Mr.statue" she says

"My name is " he says

"That is a very nice name" she says

"Thank you " he says

Eventually her food comes, she puts the picture back in her bag

"Thank you" She says to waiter

"You're very welcome"

As she eats she's brought back memories

Such as making a mess to laughing with her mom & dad to her first time tasting the noodles as she takes a bite

Eventually all being gone while sipping her tea she smiles at the bowl

Eventually she is back outside to go behind the restaurant

She walk to the back feeling movement in her bag

She opens it and takes the picture frame

___ stares at her she begins walking again

She's met with a broken white fountain

She walks towards it feeling the water call to her she takes the picture out of it's frame

Slowly putting it into the water

It sinks slowly sinking

She tries to grab it felling no bottom of the fountain

As she rises up she's met with a new environment surrounded by beautiful planets she's never seen

She looks in front of her finding a stone with the shape of a window and blinds the shadow of flowers lying on top

As she looks around she sees ____ sitting body being shaped by sand steadily pouring from above him crouching down looking at the ground head in hand arm on lap

She walks toward him

"Where I live is slowly breaking apart...or slowly crumbling down..." He says

"Its being destroyed?" She ask

"Yes...i don't know why..or how.."

"Thank you for helping me I don't expect anything else from you the way to leave is through the door on the right"

"How will you save this place...or world?" She ask

"I..i don't know" he says "I'll have to find a way..."

"Is there anyway I can help?" She ask

"You want to help? I don't even know what I'm getting myself into its ok to leave I cannot guarantee safety"

"Yes I know but I also want to help in any way I can"

They both state at each other

"I see..." ____ says

"If that is so, then come with me."

He was toward the door behind her

Tthe sand follows him pouring above his head

She looks up to the ceiling

The ceiling is made of sand but it seems to only pour to when he is

They walk to the door

As Ha-rin walks behind him she goes to touch the back of, sand pouring on her hand

He stops

"I'm..im sorry.."

"Hm no problem this all new to you I understand"

He begins to walk again stopping at the door he begins opening as he walks out his body beigins to change into glass

But not clear parts of him (color)

Legs seeming as if plants are inside a sculpture seemingly foggy and a sheer blouse over him

Ha-rin just stares amazingly

Around this time is golden hour

The view is seen in a golden view

"A little walk from here & there is a building"

He says

"A building that is slowly crumbling"

Ha-rin stays silent

He begins walking Ha-rin follows

Eventually the come to a stop in front of a white glass building slowly but surely crumbling, the sound of a ding coming off and on. they get inside,a table, a mirror turned backward being held by a coat hanger with a black coat being hung,, the sound of an piano as if someone is practing, stairs, a door and a note is seen on a ___ table

they walk on the White floor, the shadows of plants are seen on it with no logical reason because no plants are in the position to make any shadows

They stop at the brown table the paper has _____

"This building why? Why is it crumbling/falling apart"?

They hear but from who?

The mirror begins to turn "the building why? Why is tearing apart?"

"Do you know?" Says the mirror

"We do not" says jihoon

"I...do not either" says the mirror

"They both stay silent

"but I do k ow how to fix it"

"How is that?" Says jihoon, ha-rin still amazed

"There Lys/is a shadow in a building only seen at night the sound of an instrument that I can't seem to get right, there Lys/is an answer there Lys some words there Lys answer that you have searched"

"Where is this building?" Says jihoon

At night you'll be met with a string of gold that brings you home" says the mirror as he turns back around"

Ha-rin goes to grab him, she shakes "hello?" But no response

Has in and jihoon both look at each other

"I guess we wait until night jihoon speaks"

"Oh you can talk now!?" Ha rin says

"Indeed I can talk outside of the picture I don't know why I couldn't speak when inside.."

"Anyhow it seems we wait until night"

"Yes it does" Ha-rin says

"What kind of world is this?" Ask ha-rin

"This world? I don't even know, I'm learning just like you i have not been outside much so this is really my first time." Jihoon says

"I see, Why is that" says ha-rin

"I was told only to go when things felt right, by my parents so there were only certain days I went out, when I did I met no one who I could communicate with but I did meet beautiful plants, then one day I came out but. I was somewhere I didn't know and things were falling apart next thing I knew I was trapped inside of a picture"

"I see" says ha-rin

A knock came from the door

Tap..tap tap

They look to the door

Ha rin goes to open nothing is seen

She feels something to her side

She turns right, a big red squid is seen

She's taken aback she stands still eyes wide open the squid vegans to talk

"Who are you?"

"I...i am Ha rin" she says

"Ha-rin! Very pretty name I am koi. Koi baat nice to meet me hm? I am quite the squid quite the ghost"

Koi turns into a form that of a cosplay of a ghost as if a white sheet is on his head 2 (shape holes) the only thing other is his red legs & feet seemingly very squishy

Koi sits on a bench

He becomes silent kicking his feet

Eventually looking at ha-rin

"It seems to be falling into night" he says

"Yes it is" she says

"Are you headed anywhere?, are you from somewhere..elsewhere?"

"Yes I'm from a place called earth"

"I know earth. Humans, animals, bugs yes?"

"Yes how do you know!?"


"Books? Books talk about earth here?"

"Indeed & much more"


"Indeed..and much more"

Jihoon comes out of the door

Seeing the squid "ah...hello"

"Hello two are you?"

"I am jihoon" he says

"Jihoon beautiful name I am koi...koi the squid nice to meet me hm? I am quite the squid"

"Yes indeed night is coming close"

"Are you headed anywhere?" Says koi

"Yes we are to follow a gold string fo you know of it?" Jihoon says

"Yes but I have never been or never seen I get very sleepy and I began to dream" says koi

"I see I...will see you around then."

"I assume/indeed you will" says koi

Koi walks away a trail of little red flowers is what he leaves

Jihoon & ha-rin looks at each other

Just then night is seen

Ha-rin becomes surprised "that fast?" She says "that fast."

A gold string is seen from afar connecting to the building

They began to follow

Walking they see frogs the sound of crickets & ribits are heard, bunnies hop some sitting and talking, shining rivers & blue grass

They walk seeing all of the beauty following the gold line

Eventually they're met with a cement building

Chipped parts the fallen parts seeming to turn gold

The (color) door begins swinging left to right

They walk up the stairs the railings gold in the shape of waves

They walk into the door cautiously avoiding to be hit

Once inside nothing is to be seen but a chandelier giving off a golden light, a brown shiny floor, All to be smelled is the scent of vanilla candles

The chandelier begins to turn

A door begins to slide wall to wall

A shadow appears on one standing still

The shadow moves its hands the sound of a....what is that sound?

Only bits are played on and off again as if only light touching the instrument

They both think "sound of an instrument that I can't seem to get right"

Trying to guess the instrument being played

"....____! , no...maybe ____" say ha-rin

"____" say jihoon both incorrect

The shadow now hold a violing but the sound of an piano is played

"All?" They both say

The shadow stops the sound of paler being flipped is heard

The shadow disappears but the shadow of two circles come closer & closer to them

It passes them walking closer to a wall

The dolor still sliding, slides to the wall the circles stop at the door is open then closed

It begans sliding again they both follow toward the door trying to catch it

The door begins to slide faster wall to wall

Eventually Ha rin runs across the room stopping at a wall looking at the door As it slides becoming closer & closer to her

She grabs the handle running with the door she opens & the door breaks

Still sliding she hops in quickly jihoon follows right behind

They are met with a dark blue room, white light shines the walls made of marble bit of gold and black on top of the blue

One gold string hangs from the ceiling

A gold railing is made up and circles the room stoping half way

A red shadow appears to the right of the wall

Sticking it's hand out it becomes that of a hand pen sketch on light brown paper

The hand goes back into the blue wall becoming back a red shadow

The red shadow leans back on the shadow of the railing taking out rectangle shapes seen as shadows from it's hand he sits them in the air floating still, each time the note of a piano is played

Each time he touches one it will rotate he begins playing a song with the rectangles in one hand placing them with the other the song is quiet

"You are here because?" Says the shadow.

It's the voice of a man

"We are here because we were told we would find answers here...answers on how to save this world." Says jihoon

"I see an answer is what you seek, a answer is what I have I suppose. The way to save this world is by finding a way to stop it's time, the time of the mess that is, this solution is somewhat temporary but this temporary time is long" says the shadow

"The way to find this time is to find a clock, before that you must find a woman she will help you find the clock the clock is only a part of the solution it is the start of it"

"How do we find this woman?"

Ask jihoon

"The way to find "this" woman" the shadows body begins to come out of the wall, showing a sketch of a man, The man is hold a sketch of a woman some parts unfinished such as the mouth and some of the hair erased.

"Is to look for a town, a town that is some time empty & sometime full there you will find a woman such as her. The way to find this town? Is through "this" compass" a purple compass the shape of a clock is seen

"Where ever it points you may go/follow" he says

He walks handing it to ha-rin

The compass is bronze gold has a purple needle with red tips

"Thank you says jihoon how should we repay?"

"I don't know maybe by saving the world" the shadow smiles

"Right" says jihoon

"What is your name by the way?" He ask

"Sun says the shadow & you two?"

"I am Ha-rin & I am jihoon" they both say

"Wonderful" says sun "I hope to see you again.

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