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A new beginning



Hands on waist, chin raised, malicious laughter.

“Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

A full-length wall mirror, in its reflection an hourglass figure in a dark purple dress, with fair skin and a pair of piercing green eyes; the whole silhouette adorned with a thick veil of purple-black waves reaching her knees.

The standard entrance for a standard villain, no?

I smirked into the mirror—more precisely, the reflection of myself—as my two maids froze in shock, standing on either side of me.

Stupid girls.

“What? Are you surprised that I’m the fairest of the land, or are you surprised that I own a magic mirror?” I questioned, my gaze darting to them. I placed an index finger under each of their chins, lifting their heads so they would have to look upon me.

Either way, you’re screwed.

They looked up at me with fearful eyes, probably regretting having instincts.

“Isla?” I turned to the girl on the left, prompting a response.

“I-I...please forgive me, mistress!”

“Hm...Ivy?” Now I turned to my right.

“Please forgive me!”


I let go of their chins, and chuckled. “I’ll let you go this time. Never again doubt anything I say or do. Do that, and your heads remain on your shoulders. Do you understand?”

“Yes, mistress!” said the both of them, bowing.


“Leave now, and pack my bags as I told you.”

The girls left.


I was the only one standing in front of the mirror. Of course it would show only my face in it. A standard entrance for a standard villain it was, but I am no ordinary villain. Darling, I have common sense.

And the lack of that will kill you—especially when your role in the story is that of the antagonist.

The world you can deceive, but never yourself.

The world I will deceive. Today marks the first day of my second life. Ha, if the idiot hadn’t looked into my eyes as soon as I’d asked him to, I may not have been able to leave behind my soul and go back in time with all my memories intact.

Yes, being stupid will kill you.

See for yourself, Remington and Ellerie.

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