Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 10

Lillia's PoV

Today is the day of the ball. With over 250 people coming. And because today is the day of the ball we have all day to get ready. Getting out the shower I go into the bedroom and look around for Ginger to see she's disappeared. Then I spot the open wardrobe door and looking in I see Ginger with hoardes of dresses draped over her arm. And heels galore dangling from her hands. Raising my eyebrow, I move to sit on the bed with my hands carefully folded in my lap like we practiced yesterday afternoon. A few minutes later, Ginger emerges and smiles at me saying cheerily "Good morning love, today is going to be so much fun! We have all day to get ready and prepare."

Sighing I say "I guess you're going to want me to wear a ball gown? And heels?"


She hangs the mountain of dresses on the door one by one and as she does I spot a sky blue, tulle, floor length, a-line dress that's off the shoulder with flowers embroidered around the top. From the arms, tulle wings hang down making it appear fairy like.

"See one you like?" Ginger says surprising me.

"Yes. The sky blue one."

She picks it off the door and hands it to me excitedly, "Try it on then."

Sceptically I take it and change. The dress feeling like silk on my figure. Walking out of the changing room I look up and cough my throat. Ginger turns around and her hand flies to her mouth. She beckons me to turn around and so I do, the dress flaring around my ankles as I do. Ginger pulls me forward and displays the rows of shoes she's put out for me to choose from. Looking through the rows I spot a pair of matching sky blue stilettos that have delicate golden flowers trailing over the heel and the side of the shoe. Picking them up I slip them on my feet and stand slowly, gaining my balance in them.

After walking around the room a few times, I sit on the window seat while Ginger ponders over what dress to wear. She says to me "Do you want to match?"

Smiling I say "It might annoy Lucas. And it would look really cool if we did. So yes let's match."

So she picks out a bright blue ball gown with off the shoulder, three-quarter sleeves that flare out at the end, the top and flared arms are embroidered in matching flowers to mine. She picks out of the row a matching blue stiletto that has delicately sculpted silver leaves that trail over the heel and the back of the shoe. Once she's dressed I sit her down in the chair and get started on her hair. I curl it and then braid the curls over her shoulder loosely, before she says eagerly "Ahh! It's a ball! We can have tiaras!" Then she runs out the room leaving me wondering what the heck she's thinking if she wants me to wear a tiara.

Genevieve's PoV

I love balls! It's one of the few times that I can wear a tiara. And tiaras are sparkly and beautiful and I adore them. And because Lillia is training to be a lady-in-waiting, and because when she becomes on she'll have to wear a crown whenever we go out or have galas or meeting then I figured seem as it's a training run for her tonight, that she gets to wear one too. And a bonus is that I know Lucas will be annoyed by it. Entering the tiara room, (yes we have one) I look around at all the different tiaras I own and settle on a golden, intricate taller tiara for myself that has sapphires to match my dress set in the top row, and a simpler golden band that has intricate leaves and flowers sculpted out of the metal with small sapphires gems dotted throughout. Picking them both up gently I walk back through the halls to our chambers. Entering I see Lillia sat daintily on the window seat, looking stunning as ever. The dress accentuates her figure and shows off her beautiful shoulders. Setting the tiaras down on the bed I sit her down in the dressing table chair and start on her hair. I curl it into delicate curls before braiding it and tucking it under into a bun. Then as she admires herself in the mirror I pick up the tiara and place it gently on her head. She gasps, turning to face me before saying in awe "It's beautiful. I was going to say I didn't want one, but it's so delicate I can't resist."

Smiling at her I say animatedly "Ooh! I'm so excited! We need to teach you to dance, or dance in heels."

"What? Why? I'm not dancing."

Frowning I ask "Why on earth not? I'm picking you to dance with, so you need to know how to dance."

Confused she says quickly "Are you allowed to pick me? I thought you'd have to pick Lucas or a Prince."

Shaking my head I repeat my mother's words "You can pick anyone. Absolutely anyone. So I'm going to pick you."

She smiles embarrassed before she says relenting "Fine, teach me how to dance."

And so clapping my hands I drag Lillia to the training hall and taking Lillia's arms I put one on my shoulder and the other I hold in the air, joined to mine. Then I slip my arm around her back and pull her closer, before explaining how we dance. The timing and the steps, and after a few hours she can dance in stilettos with a partner. She beams at me as she checks the time.

"An hour. We've got an hour before guests start arriving right?"

"Yup. You want to go see the hall. I need to talk to my mum anyways, and she'll definitely be there ordering everyone around for the final details." Laughing I take her hand and we walk through the halls that especially for the ball have been filled with flowers of all kinds. The clip-clip of our heels echoe through the walls as we walk comfortable in each other's company. As we get closer to the banquet hall we hear my mothers voice directing different people around and the deep voice of my father praising them after they do what mother wants. Laughing as we enter the halls I look up in awe of the beauty. The hall that's normally plain and boring has been totally transformed. Their are flower garlands hung from the ceiling and vases of flowers dotted around the room as well. The banquet table is piled high with roast chickens and geese and ducks and then in between there's thousands of dishes filled with salads and breads and dips and that's only one side of the table. On the other side there's thousands of different desserts, with jugs of creams and custards dotted throughout. There's a cake that has five layers covered in edible flowers and buttercream that gets my mouth watering. My mother comes towards me and I say to Lillia "I need to ask my mum something so how about you go and practice dancing outside so you get used to the floor outside because it's different than the hall ok?"

She nods letting go of my hand and walking outside. Turning it my mother she smiles at me and I roll my eyes before asking "I can ask Lillia to dance can't I?"

"Of course dear. Of course. That would be fabulous."

I look to my dad for a second opinion and he nods his head. I smile walking out to Lillia. Standing in the doorway I watch her dance, graceful as a swan, her dress flowing around her. She turns and I join her, my hands finding their place as we waltz around the courtyard. I spin us around quickly and she squeals throwing her head back, then as we come to a stop I say cautiously, not sure how she'll react " mum says you can definitely dance with me tonight. But normally if the Princess picks someone to dance it's a show of a relationship. A romantic one. So all the people coming will know we're in a relationship. And I'm just making sure you're ok with that. Because if you're not I can just dance with my dad, which is what I'd normally do. And also you will probably be interrogated by multiple people about who you are. And you can just say you're Lady Lillia. My lady-in-waiting in training. So just say now if you're not ok with it."

She stays silent for a while before answering with "I'm ok with it. I want people to know you're mine. And I can deal with the interrogations. Thank you for asking me."

"Always, love."

Then I check the time and say with growing excitement, "ohh only five minutes. You're going to love this ball." Suddenly Lillia says "Ginger, where's your tiara?"

I feel my head to find no tiara, "No! I must have left it in our rooms on the bed. I can't go and get it now."

"I'll go" she says, "I'll come back and give it to you."

Nodding she leaves the hall and I stand nervously on the steps as guests slowly start trickling through the doors.

Lillia's PoV

Speed walking through the corridors I pass nobility heading towards the ball but I take no notice of them as I rush past. Reaching our rooms I see the tiara on the bed and sigh, relieved that it's where Ginger said it was. Picking it up I rush back to the hall and as I enter I see at least 100 people already gathered around the banquet and then I spot Ginger stood on the steps looking nervous. Rushing up to her I place the tiara on her head, and smile at her before remarking "Beautiful." She smiles back at me before her mother comes and rushes her to sit down and for me to stand next to her throne. She sits down gently and places her hand on the arm, her palm facing upwards. Taking her hand I look over the gathered congregation. Seeing a few familiar faces. Miles and his mother Lola. Lucas is there too with who I assume to be his mother. She's a stony faced woman who appears to be staring at someone, following her gaze I see it's Alex. Well that's not creepy. I see a plump woman who looks like she's already eyeing up the banquet like it'll disappear if she looks away. There's the horrible duke that kept trying to get Ginger to talk, and next to him there's another man, who looks quite young laughing and joking with him.

My hand goes cold and I look to Ginger to see her stood up and next to her parents, then in unison they say "Let the ball commence!"

Nelly and Alex go down the steps and start mingling, but Ginger walks over to me and says "Come on, we need to mingle."

Smiling at her we descend the stairs, my arm linked in hers. As we walk around I whisper in Ginger's ear "Are you speaking tonight?"

In response she walks up to the first person she sees and says "Hello Queen Morgan."

And I smile, hiding my laughter. After a few hours of mingling and somehow avoiding Queen Lola the entire time before Nelly's voice cuts through the crowd "Gen dear! Come here will you."

Ginger looks at me before saying "You can wait here and then when mum asks for people to clear the floor, go and stand next to Lucas just to spite him."

Laughing I nod and then walk to just behind Lucas and start talking to a random nobility. Then once again Nelly's voice cuts over the general chatter "Can everyone please clear the courtyard and make their way to the edges for the Princess's dance."

People slowly move to the sides, the shuffling of dresses the only sound. Standing next to Lucas he looks me up and down and then grunts his obvious disapproval. Alex's recognisable deep voice echoes "The Princess will now choose her partner."

And then I see Ginger in all her glory walking towards me. Glancing at Lucas I see his face with a satisfied smirk at the fact that Ginger's choosing him. Turning my attention back to Ginger I see her eyes staring into mine, a smile on her face so beautiful that it lights up my insides. She stops in front of me and Lucas and Lucas holds out his hand but Ginger curtsies to me. And I smile before curtsying back, and then she takes my hand , pulling me to the centre of the courtyard. Gasps erupt around us but I don't care as I gaze at Ginger. Then the music starts and it overtakes my body, Ginger and the rhythm the only thing in my world. As we waltz around the floor Ginger speeds us up and I tip my head back in glee. What seems like hours but was merely minutes comes to an end and we stand in each other's hold, surrounded by shocked people, smiling and breathing.

Genevieve's PoV

The music fades completely and then an applause starts from somewhere in the hall, probably my mum and slowly people follow, the claps echoing around the the ring of people. Then dad shouts "The banquet will open in 10 minutes."

And all of a sudden people start murmuring and chatting as before. A few people come and ask a few questions but just simple ones like "Who is this?" And "How did you meet?"and we answer appropriately with "Lillia, my lady-in-waiting in training." And "She was assigned to be my personal maid."

And then slowly people trickle inside to the food and the warmth. I start to follow them but Lillia pulls me back to her for a light kiss on the lips before letting us go inside. I smile at the small gesture of affection.

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