Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 17

Genevieve's PoV

I still can't believe she left. She took all of her stuff, all of it.

My wardrobe is basically empty, my dressing table sparse and that one book is gone. Of course she took that one. The first book she ever read to me. The one that she so bravely took and read out loud to me on the very first day.

And now it's all gone. And I've lost her. I mean even if I turned around and said I wanted her back I know she wouldn't take me. Not now. I mean I broke her heart. No I shattered it. I doubt if she'd ever take me back.

For, I don't know how long, I sit on my bed, doing nothing except thinking about nothing before a knock on my door forces me to get up and answer it because she isn't here anymore. And she would normally answer it for us.

Shaking the thoughts from my head I open the door to see Zachary stood with a bouquet of daisies, and a big smile plastered on his face. Taking the flowers and placing them in a vase he says from behind me "I figured since I missed the courting period I'd do it now instead. And also your parents want to speak to us in the throne room."

Sighing, I fake a smile and take his outstretched arm, his hand clammy and disgusting.

My mother exclaims as soon as we step one foot in the throne room "Miles and Dalia are engaged. Isn't that so exciting! It's been so long since we've had a royal wedding! And we've been invited to their engagement party at the end of the week. So that means we can announce your engagement as well. Oh this is so good! Zachary can get his redemption and we can announce it that way."

Nodding I stay silent as I said I would and my mum, ever the eagle eyed, seems to notice.

"Gen dear, what do you think?"

I shrug my shoulders, not really caring at all.

Zachary speaks for me "I'm sure she loves the idea."

Sceptically my mum says "Well ok. Both of you be well dressed then. Dismissed."

And so we leave, me going back to my lonely rooms, Zachary saying he needs to see the chef about something.

And so again I sit on my bed, cold and lonely, thinking about how much I hate my inability to not be able to disappoint my mother. And how I've always done as she's asked, been courted by whoever she gave me, done all of my lessons to my best ability, never skived, got the top grades in all my classes throughout the kingdoms.

All of it. Absolutely all of it. And look where it got me. A broken heart and shattered soul, my voice unable to be used.

To calm my mind, I decide to take bath with a bath bomb and some bubbles, perhaps they'll relax me. And so after running the bath and taking half an hour to actually choose the bath bomb I want, eventually settling on a rose and glitter one, I climb in and attempt to relax. Really hoping I get at least an hour until someone interrupts me.

Not a chance. There was never even a one percent chance.

Not five minutes later someone knocks on my door and I say "Let yourself in I'm in the bathroom."

And so in bustles my mother looking her normal snobby, homophobic self.

"What do you want now?" I say annoyed my peace was ruined.

"Turns out they've invited us for the week."

"Who've invited us where?"

She sighs "Corallone for the engagement party."

My brain lights up at the thought of seeing Lillia again and spending the week with Dalia, properly catching up and explaining all of this.

But still annoyed at my peace being ruined I say "You're telling me this now because..?"

"Because we're leaving in an hour so you need to pack." She says impatiently.

Rolling my eyes I climb out of the lovely bath and get dressed, sluggishly walking to my wardrobe to start packing. My mother tuts at my slow pace before she takes over completely not allowing me to even have a word of input to what I'd like to take. In the end I leave her to it and pack my makeup and books instead.

By the end of the hour she's packed two suitcases full of clothes and a whole other suitcase with shoes. Carrying them all out to the car I climb in and wait for my mother to climb in beside me but instead in climbs Zachary, his smile already irritating and his voice already grating. But I smile politely and allow him to sit next to me, holding my hand.

The journey to Corallone is spent with Zachary talking my ear off about himself and how much he's missed all the extravagant things in Corallone, like the cheese and the music festival and the caviar and the wine and the champagne and the ladies. And how he's excited to see his family's reactions when they see him.

I block him and his incessant talking out, instead focusing on the scenery as it passes by in a blur of colours and shapes.

Lillia's PoV

Stood in the throne room watching them place my throne is thrilling. The thrones have two layers, the top layer has Leon, Lola and Miles' thrones, the second layer for June and Nathan. And my throne is currently being placed next to Leon's seen as I'll be Princess, on the top layer. It's made of silver, with a delicate design on the back, the seat cushioned with white fur. My throne stands out because it looks nothing like the other three but I said when I requested it and the others asked why I wanted it to be so different "Because I am nothing like all of you. And my mother was different so I might as well follow in her footsteps."

And so there sits my throne, beckoning for me to sit upon it. Leon and Lola have said that I will be allowed to sit on it even before my crowning just to throw people off, I laughed at that.

Behind me Lola says "Lillia, I have some news. Loutocia is coming to Corallone for the week before the party, I would have cancelled but it had already been arranged before you came to us. I understand if you don't want to socialise with them, given the circumstances. We can arrange for you not to interfere with any of them, you can have your meals to your room or the kitchen would happily prepare meals in the parlour."

"It's alright Lola, I can be civil. I might as well learn to be around them if our Kingdoms are joined. The anger and sadness I feel will eventually subside and I promise I'll try really hard, not rip her throat out. Anyways, it's only a week. That's all I have to get through."

Lola nods her head, looking up to my throne and then smiling at me. As though proud, and it warms my heart to know someone is.

As the night draws in I hear cars rumbling down the gravel and I know that Corallone must be here.

I go to the doors with Lola and she looks at me confused, "If I don't do it now, I won't ever do it." I say as an explanation. She nods her head in response, her hand gripping mine for support.

The car doors open and out comes Penelope and Alex. I run into Alex's arms, burying my face in his chest. He strokes my hair before a familiar voice behind me says "Why are you clinging to King Alexander?"

Turning around I see Zachary smugly smiling at me, his arm snaked around Her waist.

"Alex is my friend and if I say so, a father figure. So of course I'm going to hug him and he doesn't object."

Zachary grunts before turning to Her and saying "Shall I introduce you to my family then?"

I ignore his comment for now, unable to remove my eyes from Her face. Sad and tired. Blinking I go back to Lola and say "I'll be in the throne room."

She nods before proceeding to great our guests and lead them inside, just behind me. As we all walk through the corridors, I hear Penelope ask Lola "So. Lillia's your niece I hear?"

Lola says proudly "Yes she is. She's a wonderful addition to the family."

The group falls silent as we enter the throne room, Miles on his throne, Dalia happily sat on his lap, with Leon in his throne, quickly rising at the sight of the groups. The first one to spot my throne is Zachary who says smugly "Nice new throne. Who's it for?"

Lola doesn't reply just takes her seat next to Leon as I ascend the stairs and take my throne next to Leon.


Genevieve's PoV

"Me." Says Lillia smugly.

Zachary looks to Lola and breathes heavily, obviously not able to believe that Lillia gets a throne and he doesn't. I smile at her boldness, but immediately regretting it when she glares at me with icy eyes. Lola says "Zachary. I understand you've come with Genevieve here to tell us that you are engaged, meaning your redemption."

He nods eagerly awaiting his family's welcoming hugs and congratulations, but instead Lola goes "I'll think about your redemption. I don't know if I can forgive you for what you did. Even if you've done as I asked, found yourself a bride and stayed away for over a year. Everyone else you are dismissed, go to your allocated rooms and we'll meet in the morning for breakfast at nine."

Everyone leaves, one by one peeling off to their rooms. Eventually it's just me and Zachary left following the maid to our rooms. She opens the door and I immediately turn to her and say "No, no, no, no. No. Not a chance in hell. I need a single room please. I'm not sleeping in the same bed as my fiancée until we're married."

She seems shocked but leads me away, Zachary stood in the doorway looking dumbfounded by my reaction. She leads me back through the corridors and to the throne room quickly whispering to the Queen what I've asked for. Lola simply says to me "There's only one left. You can have that. But you can't interact with your neighbours. Ok?"

I nod slightly confused but glad I don't have to share with Zachary. The maid once again leads me to my rooms, scurrying off as soon as we reach them. Looking around I see my neighbour has ornate, double, coral doors that are engraved with patterns. My door on the other hand is a plain, drab wooden door that as I open creaks loudly. Sighing I drag all three of the cases inside and close the door with a click.

Looking around I see a small bathroom that looks clean and tidy, a small wardrobe that has two rails either side of it, the bedroom that has a small bedside table and a single bed that has grey cotton sheets on. The window is small and has no window seat and there's no foyer or bookshelf.

But it could have been worse. I could be sleeping with Zachary right now. At this horrific thought a shiver goes down my spine, and not a pleasant one. After unpacking all my things the wardrobe is positively full to the brim with all my clothes, my mind wanders to why Lola said not to interact with my neighbours. I wonder who they are, they're obviously important because they have such fancy rooms, but all the royal family's rooms aren't in this wing, so it can't be any of the royal family but I suppose it could a visiting lord or lady.

Eventually I fall asleep, not dreaming, just sleep.

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