Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 30

Dalia's PoV

I stand in front of the mirror, in my dress, maids in front and behind me finishing my hair and makeup ready for my wedding. Oh goodness I'm getting married. Taking a deep breath I look at myself in the mirror and nod, telling myself that I am going to be fine. Like I've always been. I'm marrying the love of my life, Miles who is the sweetest, most kind, most amazing man I've ever met. Dad is walking me down the aisle and my brothers and Soraya will be there. The only person we're missing is mum. But she's here, I know it, she'll always be with us.

Rhys's PoV

Today is the day. The day I give Dalia away to Miles. But I know she's going to be in good hands, who love her just as much as I do. I've prepared my speech and I'm ready for this. Paulina would be happy and so I'll be happy for the both of us. I straighten my blue/grey suit and smooth my hair over again, looking at myself in the mirror. I see Paulina smiling over my shoulder and then straightening my crown on my head as she always did. I smile for the first time in a long time properly, happy that she'll be by my side the entire time.

Soraya's PoV

I stand in my dress, speech prepared, hair and makeup done, looking at myself in the mirror. I wonder how Dalia is feeling and how dad is holding up. I stare at myself in the mirror looking into my own electric blue eyes. They stare back at me, shining and happy for Dalia. I think about how mum would want me to be happy and smile and then I realise that I am happy and smiling. And I know that mum is here with me, every step of the way.

Lillia's PoV

I stand behind Dalia in my bridesmaid dress with three other girls, Princess Alliea Of Quoram and Lady Juliet of Sasver, and then Ray as maid of honour. We're all dressed in our bridesmaids dresses and shoes, bouquets in hand. Dalia paces nervously but smiling, as we stand in front of the doors leading to the aisle, waiting for her father. From down the corridor we hear footsteps and then from around the corner King Rhys appears and smiles at the sight of Dalia.

He takes her arm and turns to her saying "Ready?"

"Ready." She replies, both of them smiling.

Miles' PoV

I stand at the end of the aisle watching the doors and anxiously waiting for them to open. Just behind me stands Dad who is performing the ceremony. In front of me sits over two thousand guests, half of them people a lot older than me who are invited because it's a royal wedding but most of them I've met at least once. Which is good seen as it's mine and Dalia's wedding.

The doors open and the music starts playing as Soraya appears and walks down the aisle, Dalia following in all her beauty with her father by her side. Following Dalia is the three bridesmaids, all in matching dresses but all I can focus on is Dalia and how beautiful she looks and how I cannot wait to be married to her. She reaches the end of the aisle and Rhys hands Dalia to me, kissing her on the forehead as he does. I take us up to the altar before Dad starts the ceremony.

"Do you Prince Miles Of Corallone take Princess Dalia Of Bamberall to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

I take a breath remembering that this is the part where we say our own vows,

"I do take you Dalia to be my lawfully wedded wife because ever since I first met you I have been fascinated by you and your wonderful ways. I adore how you adore things and I love how your brain works, how you get excited over little things and how whatever you do you put your heart and and soul into it. I adore how much you love and care for your family. I love how you appear sweet and cute but really you're fierce and strong. I promise to protect and stand by you and I promise that no matter what I will always have your back and love you. Dalia I love you so much and I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with you by my side."

"And do you Princess Dalia Of Bamberall take Prince Miles of Corallone to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do take you Prince Miles Of Corallone to be my lawfully wedded husband because you pretend to be tough when really you're a big softy who loves with all of his heart one hundred percent of the time, you have a wonderful sense of humour that never fails to make me laugh and smile. You can cheer me up when I'm in the worst of moods. You aren't afraid to disagree with me or correct me when I'm wrong which I love. You respect me and accept me, flaws and all. I love your weird brain that comes up with the weirdest ideas I've ever heard but is always open minded to criticism. I love how much you protect me and care for me and I am honoured to spend the rest of my life with you and I cannot wait for it."

"With the power vested in me as King Leon Of Corallone I now pronounce you husband and wife. Miles you may kiss your bride."

Smiling I meet Dalia's lips with mine in a sweet kiss.

The crowds erupt into cheers as we walk down the aisle and to the grand hall for the banquet and reception.

We sit at the front table with Soraya, Owen, Xavier, Rhys, Lillia, Lola and Leon sat with us.

Soraya's PoV

I sit next to Dad preparing for my speech. I know exactly what I'm going to say and I know for certain that I'm going to cry but I'll get through it.

Standing up I take a breath and start.

"Dalia, this is going to be hard for me and for you so brace yourself. I am so happy for you. I'm so happy that you found that special someone mum wants us all to find. I know how much she loved you and how she desperately wanted to be here for this, but she knew she wouldn't so she told me to say this for her. She wants you to cherish every second you have with Miles. She said that no matter what happens you should always love each other, through all the fights, she said she knows they'll be some because you are so headstrong but listen to each other and hear each other out because otherwise you feel bad. And she says she loves you. And now my speech is that my entire life you have been there for me and listened to me through all my troubles and we've had some awesome times together as sisters pranking the boys and getting away with it. We've had sleepovers and fallouts but I know we'll always be sisters and I know we will always stay sisters even though you're marrying Miles and are now a wife, how scary is that huh? But I know that nothing can break this bond that we have and I love you so much sis but I know that Miles loves you so much too." With tears about to spill over I finish off by saying "To the bride and groom!" I raise a glass and my words echo back to me as the toast is made. Dalia gets up and hugs me tight, wiping tears from her face.

After the food is served, all four courses, everyone a little bit tipsy after the four glasses of champagne we've all had with the four courses. Some people have had a few more that four judging by the sound of some tables laughing without a care, the music starts meaning Miles and Dalia's first dance. They take to the floor, both of them known for their light feet. Especially Dalia.

Lillia's PoV

Miles and Dalia are on the floor for their first dance. The music starts up and they start to dance, flying around the floor, so light on their feet and smiling in each other's arms. For a whole song they dance nonstop, and when they stop they aren't even out of breath. They entire hall claps and then the music starts again, this time the floor is open to everyone and so I make my way towards Ray who as usual is standing against the wall observing and not participating. I reach her smiling before taking her hands and dragging her to the dance floor.

"Lia!" She exclaims as I drag her through the crowd. Reaching the floor I take Ray and slipping my hand to her he small of her back and holding our joined hands in the air. We start to dance, Ray following my lead perfectly, her dress flowing effortlessly around her feet as we dance. Twirling her around and around we dance for what seems like forever until our feet can't take anymore and we have to stop for fear of collapsing. We sit down at the table, smiling at each other nonstop.

"That was fun." Ray says happily.

"It was." I reply equally as happy.

Finishing off another drink of champagne Ray takes the glass from my hand as I was about to wave over a waiter for a refill.

"Okay, that's enough champagne for you tonight I think." She says laughing.

"But it tastes so nice!" I slur.

"I know, I know but tomorrow you will thank me. Right, you miss stay here while I go and tell Dalia and Miles that you're too tipsy to stay and that I'll take you back to your room and put you to bed."

She gets up, leaving me sat alone at the table with Ray's unfinished glass of champagne in my hand. I watch her talking to Dalia, smiling as she does. I really do adore that smile. I adore her. No, adore isn't the right word. Love. Better.

I love her smile. I love her.

I should tell her that. But it might scare her off.

She's coming back, act like you didn't think anything.

"Ray, how's it go?"

She shakes her head playfully, then laughing she comes round to my side and wraps her arm around my waist, taking my arm and putting it around her neck.

"Lets go."

We walk through the corridors or rather Ray walks and I stumble, when we reach my room, Shade's door is closed and I can hear him snoring loudly so I assume he's asleep. Ray deposits me on the bed and proceeds to instruct me to change while she goes to the bathroom. Which I do, changing into my pyjamas and climbing under the covers of my bed. Ray returns and smiles upon seeing me in bed, quickly falling asleep, the effects of the alcohol wearing off. With my eyes closing I look up at Ray and say in my drunken state "Love you Ray. Good night."

Soraya's PoV

"Love you Ray. Good night." Lia whispers so quietly I barely hear her and even then I question myself as to whether she did or not. I sit on her window seat, reluctant to go back to my rooms, replaying that moment over and over and the more I do the more I think I did hear her say it. The L word.

I mean, did she mean it or was she just in a drunken state?

Although people say that their true feelings come out when they're drunk. So maybe she did mean it. That begs the question if she said it to me in an undrunken state, would I have said it back?

I think about how she cares about people and how kind yet protective of her people she is. How she always listens to both sides before making a judgement. And I think about how hard laugh and her smile make me want to get out of bed every morning. So think I would say it back if she said it in an undrunken state.

I walk over to her sleeping form, pressing a kiss to her forehead whispering in her ear "I love you too Lia."

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