Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 5

Genevieve's PoV

Sat trying to read on my bed my mind goes to Lillia again. Since we got back to my - our - rooms she's been laid curled on her bed, not sleeping or doing anything really. Just laid with her eyes open staring out the window. And I've been nervous to disturb her in case she doesn't want me to.

A knock on my door pulls me from my thoughts and I answer it to see a smiling Queen Lola. In case she startles Lillia I say "Queen Lola. What a surprise. Can I help you?"

From Lillia's room I hear a whimper as Lola replies with "Um. Yes. I just came to ask if Lillia was ok?"

Another whimper comes from Lillia's room before I say hastily so to not alert Lola that she's awake, "Yes. She's sleeping right now. But she should be ok. Did you want to tell her anything?"

Lola shakes her head, "No, just to see if she's ok. I'm leaving tomorrow morning before breakfast as I have business to attend to in my own kingdom but give her my wishes to recover."

"Of Course Queen Lola."

Then she leaves and I close the door before rushing into Lillia's room and immediately enveloping her in my arms as she sobs violently, her feelings finally showing. Hating seeing her cry I whisper "It's alright. I'm here, I'm not going anywhere, ever, I promise ok. I promise you I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. She's gone tomorrow. Before breakfast. So you can wake up and know you can go to breakfast and eat with us, without her and she won't be back for a while. Ok. I promise." She pulls away slightly and her hazel eyes that are red from crying gaze into mine before she says quietly "Ginger, can I sleep with you tonight?"

Nodding I say "Of Course."

So she climbs into bed and curls up into a ball as far away from me as possible almost as though she's embarrassed to have asked. So I climb in and pull her to me, wrapping my arm around her waist. Closing my eyes I feel her cling her hands to my arm and her snuggle down further under my duvet.

Waking to a singing voice I sleepily rub my eyes before seeing Lillia dancing in my closet whilst singing. Smiling at the sight I say "You seem a lot happier this morning."

She turns to me with a hand on her heart "Geez Ginger, you shocked me. And yes I am happier because I realised something last night."

"Oh?" I say with curiosity, "And what did you realise?"

She walks to me and hands me my clothes for the day, "Now That I can't tell you. Because it's a secret. For now at least. Maybe if it ever happens then I'll tell you."

Raising my eyebrow, she laughs before shooing me to get ready. Once ready we walk laughing through the corridors to the breakfast hall, and I can't help but think what it would be like to have her as my lady-in-waiting, it would be like this constantly.

The doors to the breakfast hall open and we enter laughing but as I look up I see a table full of people. Including Queen Lola and Prince Miles. Luckily everyone is talking rather loudly so they don't hear me laughing but my mother spots me and stands introducing me "Everyone, this is Princess Genevieve. Come dear, sit and have breakfast. Lillia beside me breaths as all heads turn in our direction, and that's before she spots Queen Lola. Leading Lillia to my seat I turn and say "Let me know if you need to leave, ok?"

From across the table a Duke I don't recognise says to my mother, "Queen Penelope, I thought you said your daughter was mute?"

My mother's face goes tight at the tone of his voice and I feel Lillia's hand tighten on mine as we stand. Then before my mother blows up in his face like I know she can I say loudly enough and with enough edge to my voice for him to know to back off "I am. Most of the time, but Lillia here isn't feeling very well so I'm simply telling her that if she wishes to leave at any time we can."

"Well why do you have to leave if Lillia does?"

The way he spits out her name causes anger to rise up my throat but I manage to say "Because just as it is her duty to care for me, it is my duty to care for her too."

Then I take my seat and eat my food with speed and I make an effort to stare the Duke down at every chance I get.

Lillia's PoV

Stood against the wall behind Ginger's chair I can't help but smile slightly at how protective she sounded of me.

Then I think to this morning and how I teased her with the information and how utterly adorable she looked after she's just woken up. And how last night she held me, all night. I went to sleep thinking about her. And this morning I woke up and my brain was in a euphoric state at the realisation that I'd had.

Now watching her silently eat and how she keeps glaring at the Duke, with the sunlight coming in through the roof illuminating her caramel hair, I realise how true it is.

I am in love with Princess Genevieve of Loutocia.

And I'm never going to get her.

She'll be forever out of my reach. I mean she's a Princess. A Princess. And I'm just a maid. I'm sure there's a rule against a relationship between them and even if there wasn't then it would most definitely be frowned upon.

Having a Princess who is lesbian might be accepted but a Princess who is dating a servant? That would probably get me thrown out of the castle. And banned from this Kingdom.

But if Ginger did ever confess that she loved me too then I mean I would keep it a secret. I wouldn't tell a soul no matter how much I wanted to scream to the world my love for her.

But it's never going to happen. So Lillia stop thinking about it.

Ignore her the best you can without seeming suspicious, and carry on with life.

Suddenly her hand slips into mine and I'm being pulled out of the breakfast hall.

Back in reality I squeal as we slide around a corner and through a set of doors. Then we stop and I have to bend over to catch my breath. Ginger giggles next to me which makes my insides warm but I push the feeling down knowing I can't ever have her. My smile fades and I stand before asking "What are we doing here?"

Looking around I see we're in an old hall that's not used anymore, with walls covered in old tapestries that depict long forgotten battles, and two thrones covered in dust sat atop a set of stone stairs. The ceiling is glass like the breakfast hall but it's covered in so much dirt that you can barely see through it. Ginger says in her wonderful voice "We are here to teach you how to be a lady-in-waiting."

"But I'm not a lady-in-waiting."

"Oh but you will be." She says with mischief in her voice.

"Ok. Come on Ginger you've confused me, what's going on?"

She takes a breath and then practically squeals in my face "My mother said you can train to become my lady-in-waiting. Isn't that so exciting? You'd have authority over everyone who came here. All the dukes and duchesses and queens and princes because we're in our kingdom. And you'd be able to go everywhere with me and not be ordered around by anyone, well except me and mother and father of course but that happens already. Ohh isn't this exciting Lillia?"

I blink rapidly before her words sink in. "Your lady-in-waiting? As in a lady-in-waiting? As in a nobility. As in more pressure and the ability to be proper and follow all the rules. Oh no! I'm sorry Ginger but I'm going to have to decline."

"What?! No you can't decline it. You can't. I'm ordering you to prepare to become one." She says seriously before in a softer tone "Fine, I take that back but just before you say no for final just think about it ok?"

I nod before saying quietly, "So how come we were supposed to train in here?"

"Well when I become Queen in the future this is going to become my throne room. And it's going to have flowers all year round and the thrones will be simple but elegant. So I thought we could train in here so you would be used to being in this room for future. That's all."

"You don't expect to have fired me by then?"

"Are you crazy, you're the first handmaiden I've had that didn't push me to talk, and who wasn't overly talkative themselves. And you actually have a sense of style." She says laughing slightly.

The way she speaks makes that warm feeling return so I say hastily to get myself out of this situation "Well look at the time it's lunch we'd better go."

Ginger frowns before walking out humming.

Back in my room I think about Ginger's proposal. Lady-in-waiting.

It'd be such a huge responsibility. And all the training. But I'd be able to do something about the people who force Ginger to talk or hurt her. Like Miles and that dumb Duke I still don't know the name of.

Sat cross-legged on my bed I stop thinking about how excited she was at the prospect of me being her lady-in-waiting. And she doesn't think she'll be firing me anytime soon. The fact that she sees me in her future, makes me very happy indeed.

Genevieve's PoV

Sat on my bed, cross-legged I think about how having Lillia in my life forever is all I really want. And if she was my lady-in-waiting I could finally ask her the question I've been wanting to ask her for a while, if she'll go out with me. I mean I could ask her now but it would be frowned upon by all nobility. We could keep it a secret but I don't want that for her. Having to keep a relationship a secret. But if she was my lady-in-waiting it would be debated but it would be accepted. I mean my mum was my dads maid before she married him. So I know my parents would probably be fine with it but the rest of the council would be divided but hell it would change the topic for once.

I look at my clock and see that it's been an hour since we got back to our rooms, and I realise my heart is yearning to see her, even though it's only been an hour. So I climb off my bed and knock gently on her door frame, she turns to me and I say "I actually have no idea why I came in here. Um... I guess I just wanted to see you."

Ugh! Genevieve! Why on earth did you say that! You utter idiot. Now she's going to think you're crazy.

Stuttering I carry on "I meant, it's like been a while. Well an hour actually...since I talked to you and seemed kind of quiet so I decided to come check on you."

Great now you've made an even bigger fool of yourself, congratulations Genevieve.

Slamming my hand on my forehead I turn and walk out the doorway only for Lillia to suddenly grab my arm and spin me around again.

And all of a sudden we're millimetres away from each other. All it would take is for me to move my head an inch and I could be kissing her. Realising I was slowly leaning in I quickly pull away, clearing my throat as she stands there looking almost disappointed. But then it fades and instead she looks relieved. Sighing I rub my arms awkwardly before she goes to her room and comes back out with a box. She says calmly, holding up a board "You want to play checkers?"

Smiling gratefully at her diversion I nod my head and sit down on my carpet while she sets it up.

"I'm warning you though. I play a mean game of checkers."

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