Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 7

Genevieve's PoV

"Ginger, I'm in love with you." Lillia says with a shaking voice. The statement echoes against the halls and in my head.

Ginger, I'm in love with you.

Ginger, I'm in love with you.

Ginger, I'm in love with you.

I'm in love with you.

Love with you.

Love you.

Breathing heavily I stand in silence as I process what Lillia just said. Then from in front of me I hear her say timidly "See. I told you it would hurt you. Because now it's going to be awkward between us because I'm in love with you and you're not in love with me."

Quickly I realise that if I don't say something soon then she's going to think I don't love her back when I do. I do.

"I do." I say quickly.

She looks up the most adorable confused look on her face.

"I do, Lillia. I do love you. I love you so much it makes my heart hurt. And I thought if I told you, you would freak out. But I do love you."

I take a step closer to her so we're mere centimetres from each other. Then I trail my hands down her arms and pick up her hands. Her face in the dim sunlight looks beautiful with her hazel eyes glowing, looking irresistible. Licking my lips and gazing at hers I close the gap between us. An explosion of fireworks goes off in my head as my lips meet hers in a soft, slow, gentle kiss. Her smell of lilies envelops me as I move my hands to her hair. She kisses me back with the same gentleness as I kiss her and I feel her hands wrap around my waist. We break apart and as we stand there she whispers with a small smile on her face "You know we'll have to keep us a secret right? Cause like the entire kingdom would be against it if they knew we were together."

Laughing slightly I say "Yeah I know. But I'm willing to if you are. And my parents would be fine with it but the rest of the nobility might take a bit of persuading, but we can keep it a secret for now."

She nods, looking down. I take my hand away from hers and place it under her chin before moving her head so I can see her hazel eyes. Those beautiful hazel eyes.

"They're really not."

"Wait," I say giggling softly, "did I say that out loud?"

She nods "Yup, you did Ginger."

Then we both laugh, the wonderful sound echoing through the hall.

The clock chimes nine and we both look panickedly at each other as I blurt out "Great, my mother will want an answer and even if I say no, I'm still going to have to be 'courted' for at least a month. Ugh this is going to be torture knowing I'm in love with you and have to spend time with that slime ball."

"Wait, say that again." She says softly.

"What?" I smirk, "I'm in love with you."

Nodding she replies "I like it."

"So do I."

Then I take her hand and entwine our fingers before we leave the sanctuary of our future throne room, and head back to dinner, knowing it won't be over yet. Entering the hall I look to Lillia and she looks to me and we take a breath before I nod and Lillia seems to understand that I'm not speaking, so she inclines her head and says in a monotone voice laced with authority, "The Princess has declined Prince Lucas' proposal. She is very sorry but doesn't feel as though she is ready for marriage."

My mother looks at me and almost imperceptibly nods as if to say "Good choice."

Then from beside her Lucas goes "Well, your highness, at least consider my offer again after I've courted you?"

Knowing it's rude to refuse courting I nod my head and he smiles his horrible smile that sends shivers down my spine and not good ones.

Then the table stands and we all dip our heads before departing to our respective rooms for the night.

Lillia's PoV

Waking up I sigh thinking that yesterday was just a dream. But then I try to get out of bed but an arm clasped around my middle stops me with a groan. Smiling at the fact that it wasn't a dream I say "Come on sleepyhead, I need to get up and go for a walk."

Another groan in response. Then I turn over to see Ginger smiling with her eyes closed, "Ok fine, I'll just lay here and not go and get any flowers or your clothes and we'll miss breakfast and lunch and dinner and all of today's activities and then I'll be fired for.." at this Ginger let's go of my waist and says in a mock angry voice "I hate you."

"That's not what you told me yesterday." I say smugly as I climb out of bed and go to the wardrobe. Looking through the clothes I squeal as some hands wrap around my waist and warm breath blows my hair.

"Stay." She whispers in my ear, "We can say I'm not very well and that I can't get out of bed. Come on. Just one day. Tomorrow we can get up as normal but I just said that I love you and now you want to do normal things?"

Rolling my eyes I smile at the thought of cuddling with her all day and also the prospect of doing nothing. I turn around and wrap my arms around her neck before saying "Only one day. Tomorrow we go back to normal."

She squeals before kissing my nose, making me blush.

Then she kisses my cheeks one by one, making me mush even harder. Then laughing she peppers my face with kisses before placing a tender one on my lips which I gladly return, savouring her smell of citrus.

Once I convince her to stop kissing me, I force her to sit on the bed and not move until I come back before I exit our chambers and head to the breakfast hall. Entering I see Prince Lucas, and Prince Miles still here so I turn my attention to Queen Penelope and I say "The Princess unfortunately isn't feeling very well and is unable to grace you all with her presence. She asks my Queen for her activities to be cancelled so she can be recovered for tomorrow."

The Queen eyes me suspiciously before saying "Very well, tell her I'll visit her after breakfast and I'll have your breakfast Lillia sent to your chambers."

"Thank you my Queen."

Just as I turn around I hear Lucas say "I'll come by as well, tell her that too."

Without replying I leave the hall and get back to Ginger then I grab a book off the bookcase to read.

Seeing Ginger sat on the window seat I go over to her and sit with my back to her, her arms draping around my waist, her head nuzzling the back of my neck and then I start reading.

Just as Ginger starts to read there's a knock on the door and I sigh, knowing I have to leave the arms of Ginger. But I get up and signal for Ginger to get in bed because she's "sick". She sticks her tongue out at me before climbing in bed and pretending to sleep. Opening the door I see Queen Penelope, I say "My Queen." Before letting her enter. She looks around, nodding to my book as she says in the most relaxed tone I've ever heard her speak in "Like reading huh?"

Smiling sheepishly I reply, "Yes. It's one of my greatest passions."

She smiles knowingly before walking over to the bedside and placing her hand on Ginger's shoulder. Ginger opens her eyes sleepily in response and smiles at her mother's face. "Hey Mum."

"Hi honey. How are you feeling?"

"Sick. I feel horrible. I'm too warm and then too cold and I just feel horrible."

Queen Penelope nods before turning to me and says "Well, I trust Lillia here will take good care of you."

Smiling I nod. Then she leaves saying she has business to attend to. I close the door and climb onto the bed next to Ginger cuddling into her side.

Genevieve's PoV

Lillia has lunch delivered and she shares with me, before reading out loud whilst I fiddle with her hair. Then as dinner time arrives there's a knock at the door, Lillia answers it, both of us expecting one of the kitchen maids bearing a tray of food. But instead Lucas stands there with a bunch of flowers and our tray of food. Smiling politely she say "Hello Prince Lucas."

He rolls his eyes but says snidely "Yes, yes, just let me in so I can see the Princess."

She turns to me and I sigh knowing if I refuse it would look bad I nod to her and she steps aside to let him in. He barges past her, shoving into her shoulder as he does. She grimaces which has me shooting a look at his back as he places the tray of food down on the side and the flowers in a vase. He turns to me and he says in a slimy voice "I thought I'd sit with you for a while so you aren't alone. I know you have Lillia" he spits her name out as though it's not to his taste, which rules me, "but I assume she can't be of much company. I mean she's just a maid."

Lillia looks upset before she says remembering that I'd told her to call me Ginger in our rooms even if we have guests, "Ginger, I'll just be in my room. Call if you need anything."

Lucas exclaims with abhorrence his face going beetroot red with the effort "How dare you call the Princess that disgusting name!"

My anger rising too high to be contained I proclaim in a voice laced with authority, "In this room she can call me whatever she wishes to. And if you shout or harm or disrespect her again, I will call off the courting and your proposal all together and you'll be sent home in shame."

At this he goes quiet and says simply "Yes Your Highness."

For the next hour or so Lucas sits with me, talking all about himself and his kingdom but mostly himself. Like how he can ride a horse with one hand and he can jump three poles, and how he holds the record in his kingdom for the most pancakes eaten in a ten minutes. I 'ohh' and 'ahh' and nod and agree in all the right places not really listening, just daydreaming about Lillia and her hair and her voice and her kisses and...

"Your Highness are you even listening to me?"

Not sure what to say Lillia comes to my rescue by entering and saying to Lucas "I'm sorry but Ginger is still sick and needs her rest if she's to be up and about tomorrow so please leave."

Glaring at her he gets ushered out of the rooms and I sigh a breath of relief.

"He'd been here for two hours straight. And for that two hours straight he did nothing, Nothing, but talk about himself. And if he'd have stayed any longer I would have had to restrain myself from walking in here and kissing you in front of his face. Just to freak him out!" Lillia rants as she walks over to my bed and climbs on, taking my hand and entwining our fingers as she does.

Lillia's PoV

Waking up next to Ginger is amazing. Her arm normally wrapped around my waist, the sleepy murmurs and the sneaky morning kisses as we're getting ready. The knowing that she loves me back is amazing too, I mean I thought I had no chance whatsoever, but she does love me. But Prince Lucas is persistent. It's been four days since his proposal and everyday without fail he's been courting Ginger for at least two hours. And for me that's torture, knowing Ginger has no choice but still has to take his arm and the sloppy kisses on her cheeks and the endless talking about himself. Literally endless.

But now sat at the breakfast table my hand holding Ginger's under the tablecloth, he sits eating in his revolting open mouth manner staring, once again, lustily at Ginger, and he makes me feel sick. So instead I focus on Ginger sitting next to me in an off the shoulder, red playsuit paired with white block heeled boots. Her hair I've done delicately with a simple twist on both sides to pull it out of her face, tied at the back with a braid. Today I'm wearing skirt dungarees with a white crop top underneath and white trainers. My hair is thrown up into a messy top bun with a bow tied around. A cough of a throat catches my attention as I see Queen Penelope looking at me before she asks with a curious hint in her voice "So Lillia, I believe my daughter asked you to be her lady-in-waiting?" I nod. "And I was wondering if you had an answer yet."

Weighing up all the pros and cons, I think about how it would give me more authority, how I would be able to speak out more, how I would be more likely to be accepted as Ginger's girlfriend... the last pro makes my decision for me so I look back at the Queen and I say confidently "Yes I have decided. I have decided to take the training to become Princess Genevieve's lady-in-waiting."

From beside me Ginger gasps and then squeals before hugging me tightly. From across the table Lucas says in a cold voice "Well, I personally don't see the point in it. I mean what good does it do for the kingdom to make this maid a lady-in-waiting when she's not even a nobility in the first place. I mean she'll have to learn years of training in as little as 6 months before the next ceremony. And then she'll have to actually pass with a high level to become the Princess's lady-in-waiting. And anyways the Princess doesn't need a lady-in-waiting because she's got no coronation or wedding in the next year."

The Queen says in return "Well Prince Lucas, Gen here has the authority to request anything she would like, and one of her requests was to have Lillia become a lady-in-waiting so that she'll have more authority over people like you in our own kingdom. So, Prince Lucas, back off."

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