Castle Of Lilies

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Chapter 9

Genevieve's PoV

Having been laid in bed basically all day yesterday, when I wake up this morning, not surprisingly, Lillia is up and outside, which seems to be a passion of hers. The outside, she goes for walks most mornings unless I keep her in bed another half an hour and then she doesn't have time, but most mornings she goes for a walk. And so I climb out of bed, take a shower and come out of the bathroom expecting clothes to have been laid out for me to wear, but instead all I find is a note saying that she's unsure what she's supposed to wear so can I pick it out for her and me today. Smiling at her uncertainty I open my wardrobe doors and walk into the familiar room.

For Lillia I pick out an off the shoulder, pale pink, lace dress that reaches the middle of her shins, with matching pink lace and a pair of pink stilettos. Then for myself I pick out a floor length, red velvet, off the shoulder, a-line dress with red stilettos that have golden leaves on the heels.

Putting my hair into a simple low bun, I sit at my dressing table doing my makeup when Lillia comes in with a smile on her face. Smiling at her smile and her energy I say while applying lipstick "Your clothes for today are on the bed."

She nods and takes them into the bathroom to get changed. When she comes out I stare in awe before she holds up the heels and says "How do I walk in these?" Laughing I beckon her towards me and get up before making her sit. Then I say still holding back laughter at her face "You put them on, and sit while I do your hair and makeup and then I'll help you walk to the hall."

She frowns before reluctantly putting them on her feet and turning so I can do her hair. I split her hair into two and gently twist both sides into two buns at the back of her head. Then I turn her around and apply lipstick and mascara and a slight bit of eyeshadow. Then swivelling the chair around again she opens her eyes and gasps at her reflection. I lean my head on her shoulder whispering "I love you."

"I love you too."

Taking her hands in mine I help her up in the heels, and then she stands. She looks at me before attempting to take a step but ends up in my arms. We carry on like this around the room until she can take five steps in a row, just about. Then we set off through the halls to our future throne room. A few stumbles later we make it and I see that the glass roof has been cleaned and is now sparkling at its former glory, with the wonderful sunlight warming the room. Turning to Lillia who's still wobbling slightly in her heels, I say "I think we'll do some heel practice to start with."

She smiles an awkward smile at me before I start the training.

Lillia's PoV

Heels hurt. And are extremely difficult to walk in. Oh and did I mention they hurt? Cause they do.

A lot. In the past two hours, I've fallen more times than I can count, I've screamed in frustration so much my throat hurts and then. And then I've actually got so many blisters it's unreal. But after this two hours of torture I can walk in stilettos. Just about. And now I'm sat on the floor rubbing my feet and applying plasters every other second, while Ginger explains how this ball tomorrow will work becuase I quote "You can get some early practical training." I mean she loves me I know, but this is like she's a different person. She shouts and she points me out on things and I know it's all tough love and that but like does she have to shout?

The door to the hall creaks open for Nelly's head to pop around, and then proclaim "This is where you're training is it? I remember this room. Always used to find Gen in here hiding from her lessons and even as a child she'd run around the halls and I'd find her here. Just sat staring up into the sky. Anyways, Lillia how are you doing?"

"Not too bad, my feet hurt though."

"Well I'll have the staff send a bucket of ice to your room tonight, that always helps my feet."

"Thank you" I say sympathetically.

Then Ginger says in an impatient tone "Ok, thanks mum, you can leave now we have a lot of work to do."

Nelly looks at me with a roll of her eyes before she leaves the hall, the closing of the door echoing around the hall. Barefoot, I walk up behind Ginger as she mumbles to herself and before she can realise I'm here I shout "Boo!" She jumps out of her skin before saying in a stern tone "We have practice to do!"

But before she can say anything else I crash my lips to hers and she responds immediately by putting her arms around my waist and pulling me closer to her.

Savouring her citrus smell I pull away without warning and run away as fast as possible. She opens her eyes to see me across the room before she puts her ands on her hips, which makes me smile, before saying in a mock stern tone "You know we actually need to do work."

In reply I burst out into fits of laughter on the floor and say in between giggles "Sorry, I get like this when I'm bored or tired. You're stuck with it for at least half an hour."

She told her eyes before clip-clopping in her heels over to me and trying to get me up but each time I just fall back to the floor laughing at everything she says or does.

Genevieve's PoV

Having been unable to do absolutely anything for the past like 45 minutes because Lillia has been on the floor in fits of laughter, I sit down on the stone throne with my head in my hands.

Checking the time I see that we only have five minutes until lunch so I stand up, brush my dress down and help Lillia up off the floor before handing her her heels. She looks at me as if to say "Seriously?" But I just nod before walking out the hall and towards the dining hall. As I walk I focus on the walls and their intricately designed wallpaper. It's covered in gold swirls and patterns that are matched with a white background and green leaves are dotted around the gold patterns every so often. Drawn out of my thoughts I feel a hand tug on my arm, so I pivot on my heels to face whoever it is that wants to be on my kill list right now. Looking into hazel eyes I feel the anger that I had slowly ebb away until I breath normally and Lillia says tenderly "Are you ok? I'm sorry I laughed I just can't help it sometimes when I'm stressed. Look after lunch I'll focus properly and pay attention and put in effort. But please don't shout so much maybe? Because shouting stresses me out."

Nodding I smile saying "Ok. I'll try. But it's just I get stressed too. But it's like stress for you."

She nods and then takes my hand saying after gently brushing her lips over mine "Shall we go and eat lunch then?"

"Good idea."

As I sit down I feel someone's eyes looking in my direction and so I look up to find, no surprise, Lucas staring however not at me but at Lillia, and then his eyes flick to our joined hands and back to Lillia. His constant looks provoke me to purge the silence by saying in an irritated tone, "Do you have a problem? Huh? Do you? With me? Or with Lillia?"

He looks shocked at my outburst before saying "So now you speak to me?"

"That is not what I asked. I asked if you have a problem with Lillia?"

He stays silent for a few seconds his eyes flicking between me and Lillia now, "In actual fact yes."

"And what on earth do you have a problem with?"

He seems to weigh up whether or not he should say what he wants to say before he says "The fact that you and her" he changes his voice to a whisper, "seem to have a relationship."

His accusation although true would cause commotion right now so instead I say "Amd what makes you think that?"

"The fact that you're always holding hands and the fact that you share secret smiles and glances."

Squeezing Lillia's hand underneath the table I say "Well, you're wrong. I'm holding Lillia's hand because she's still a bit unsteady in her stilettos. And those secret glances and smiles are simply you imagining things because you want them to be true so you can hate Lillia."

He opens and closes his mouth like fish for a few seconds before he simply gets up and storms out.

Smiling at Lillia my mum pipes up with "So are you two an item or not? Because now I'm confused."

"Same." says my dad in a deep voice. Looking into Lillia's hazel eyes with a deep affection shining back at me, and I know she'd want to keep us a secret but before I can say anything Lillia says softly not moving her gaze away from mine "We are."

My mums face contorts into the happiest face I've ever seen before she seems fit to explode as she screams so loud I have to cover my ears. And then after calming down a bit my mum says excitedly "I knew it. Didn't I know it Alex?"

My dad in his deep voice simply says "Welcome to the family Lillia. And yes Nel, yes you did."

She beams from ear to ear and I roll my eyes turning to Lillia who's blushing adorably before I say "You know what this means?"

"No, what does it mean Ginger?"

Smirking I say "Well love, it means I can do this."

And I press a sweet kiss to her lips. She captures mine against hers for a few seconds but it feels likes days before we pull apart to my parents faces, well mums face, looking like it will literally pop from happiness.

Saying goodnight to my parents we leave the hall and as soon as the doors close I press another quick kiss to her lips surprising her slightly. Then as we walk back to our rooms, our hands swinging between us, Lillia announces "Well, that went well. And they know now. So if it's just us I can kiss you whenever I want."

"You, love, can kiss me whenever you want, wherever you want. Even in front of Lucas now. Because my parents know so if he says one thing about you they'll send him home. But maybe knowing we're together will send him home anyways, knowing he has no chance."

"What did you call me?"



"You like it?"

"I love you."

"I love you too."

Reaching our chambers we climb into bed and I wrap my arm around Lillia's waist before snuggling my head into the crook of her neck and breathing in her scent of lilies.

King Alexander's PoV (Surprise)

Sat in my rooms with Nel asleep I think about Gen and Lillia. I like Lillia, she's good for Gen. Helps her smile and speak, and love. She supports Gen and protects her. She also seems very in love with her, which is always a bonus. The way she protected Gen from Miles was amazing, and Nel seems to love her, and Gen does too apparently. The looks they share glances and the laughter I hear reminds me of when I first me Nel. When she waltzed into my life with the grace of a hippo and the shine of a star. Now she still has the grace of a hippo and the shine of a star but the hippo gracefulness is masked by her heart full of kindness and her soul full of compassion. Drifting off to sleep all I think is that I'm glad Gen is happy. She deserves it. She deserves to be happy like I'm happy.

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