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I was just an ordinary man, until the great war knocked on my door. A soldier, a general, a lover, a king. This was my life, long before I became addicted to war. But all changed when I was cursed and my name forgotten. I am War and this, this is my story.

Fantasy / Adventure
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A scream echoed through the halls, followed by the muffled sound of a man crying. Metal fell on the floor and the sound resonated through the room.

“I hereby curse you,” A voice thundered, shaking the very foundations of the building, addressing the crying man hugging himself. “You will be named War and wherever you walk, people will take their lives looking at you. In a thousand years, when your lust for revenge dies and you beg to have this removed, I will come down once more. Not to relieve you of your sin, but to shut you in the abyss of hell, where you will wait until the end of time. Until you are called upon once more.”

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