The Winged One Within

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17 year old Finnley is nice, but isn't afraid to stand up for herself and others. This is how she comes across a spirit, Akimara. Akimara is a dragon spirit, so like any other spirit, she gives Finnley the ability to shift into a purple and black dragon with white eyes. Read on to hear Aki and Finn's story!

Fantasy / Romance
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Mondays... (chapter one)


*Beep* *Beep* I groan and turn over in bed to stop my alarm clock, blinking open my eyes.

Once I get up, I head for my closet to grab clothes. Choosing a pink collared shirt, black skirt and white sweater I walk to the bathroom.

As I get changed, I look in the mirror and blick mu leaf green eyes, unsurprised. My pure white hair was like an afro every morning.

I quickly brush both my hair and teeth then head downstairs to grab my things

I grab my book bag, lace up my brown ankle high boots, and snatch a cereal bar before running out the door to see my bus pull up.

Hopping on I see my best friend grave flagging me down, arms waving. Her hand was barely visible behind the seat. She is 5'6, while I'm 5'10. I know, I'm kinda tall for a 15 year old girl.

" hey there, chatterbug, how are you on this hell hole of a Monday?" I say to her before yawning.

"Oh hush you pessimistic human. Its beautiful outside."

"Mhm. Sure it is." I mumble before drifting off again.

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