Tales from the Woodlands

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Tales from the Woodlands is a compilation of short stories set in the fictional forest known as “Woodlands”. It consists of fantasy fueled stories that include mythical creatures, eerie mysteries, and a prince and princess. As you read, you will dive into these epic journeys, unlocking secrets from The Woodlands that its inhabitants would die to know.

Fantasy / Adventure
Dave B.
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Birth of the Woodlands

Before the beautiful forest known as Woodlands existed, there was complete darkness and evil. Monsters and evil spirits roamed what was then called, Wicked Trails. Outsiders from nearby villages had to cross Wicked Trails in order to get to Ravensgrog, the city where the king and queen’s castle was located. Many travelers never made it to the other side of Wicked Trails. That was because they were slaughtered by goblins and ogres in the area.

King Henrik was tired one day of having the people of his kingdom die at the hands of the creatures from Wicked Trails. This led him to send one of his finest knights, Sir Elliot Phillips and his men to kill the monsters. Elliot and his men rode their horses to Wicked Trails and spotted three goblins eating what seemed to be the carcass of a cow. Sir Elliot slayed all three but him and his men were ambushed by an army of them. The goblins bit and slashed the soldiers with their fanglike teeth and their sharp claws. After a long brawl, the goblins were defeated.

They needed to find the man eating ogres who were responsible for countless deaths. They searched the woods for hours until Sir Elliot got his foot caught in a trap. The rope tied around his ankle which then launched him up. He was then hanging upside down from the branch of a tree. The ogres had been successful with their trap. Four giant green ogres appeared killing half of Sir Elliot’s men. The other half ran off in order to survive their wrath. Sir Elliot saw that the ogres collected the bodies of the slain men and carried them to their home. One of the ogres then hit Elliot’s head with a club.

When Elliot woke up, he found himself in the ogres’ home. He saw three of his men being cooked and the others put away in storage. One of the ogres walked towards Elliot. “This one’s going to be even tastier since he’s alive.” –said the ogre to another. Elliot was then placed above a fire so that he could be cooked alive. The fire burned his clothes off and he screamed as his skin got hotter. Then, arrows shot through the windows of the house piercing through the ogres’ skin. Ten soldiers barged into the home fighting off the ogres. One of the men freed Elliot and passed him a sword. Together they were able to kill the ogres.

As they left the home, they felt the ground shake. Something big was coming. All of a sudden a 30 foot ogre appeared. This one seemed to be the leader. Sir Elliot ordered his men to retreat. They all ran in fear. When they arrived at Ravensgrog, one of the soldiers spoke of a fairy in Magic Lagoon. “Her name is Flora. She should be able to help us defeat this ogre. After all, she has magic.”- suggested the soldier. So that’s where Elliot and his men went. They arrived at Magic Lagoon and found Flora tending to her garden. The men told Flora their situation. “Killing this ogre will not solve the problem of Wicked Trails. More monsters will be born as long as time will tell. The real problem is the spirit of Wicked Trails. It is a demon by the name of Zalark. Zalark feeds on evil and will keep the monsters in the area alive and well, so that they could commit their horrendous acts. We will need to banish this demon from Wicked Trails.”- said Flora.

Elliot and his men headed to Wicked Trails with Flora. The giant ogre was waiting for them. It was ready to avenge his brothers’ death. The ogre picked up a tree from the dirt and swung it towards Elliot and his men. Elliot told his men to shoot their arrows at him while he climbed a tree nearby. After he reached a certain height, he jumped from the tree landing on top of the ogre. He grabbed his sword and with a mighty blow, he pierced the ogre’s neck, killing him. Elliot fell down with the ogre but quickly got up. They marched to the heart of Wicked Trails where the spirit of the demon dwelled. Flora chanted a spell and casted Zalark out of Wicked Trails. She then brought life to the forest, growing beautiful flowers, and bringing lots of beautiful animals.

After the men returned home and told the king the great news, he thanked his men and Flora. The king and queen then named the newly founded forest, Woodlands. That is how the Woodlands came to be.

The End

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