Tales from the Woodlands

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Battle of Ravensgrog

“Father I must speak with you. Remember when I was warned several years ago by an old lady in The Woodlands that there will be a war against our kingdom?” – said Helena. “Yes, how could I forget?” – said King Henrik. “Well I was told by Robin, that he saw Belervian soldiers camping in Woodlands. He said they plan on attacking Ravensgrog.” – said Helena. “Those wretched Belervians, why would they want to attack us? I made a deal with King Hansel in which I acquired land from Belervia.” – said King Henrik. “I don’t know father but you must send your soldiers to The Woodlands. We can’t afford our people to be hurt. King Henrik agreed with Princess Helena, so he sent a group of soldiers to The Woodlands.

The Yarandale soldiers rode their horses into Woodlands. After going through many trails, they spotted the Belervian soldiers. They were at their camp, prepping their weapons. “What business do you have here?” – said a Yaran soldier. “Your King stole from us!” – yelled a Belervian. “How so? – asked the Yaran soldier. “King Henrik made a deal with our king. The deal was 350,000 tokens for Belervian territory. That territory had a cave with millions worth of gold. When we went to inspect it, all of the gold was missing!” – said the Belervian soldier. “Yes, well I suppose if King Henrik purchased the land, then the cave is part of Yarandale now and so is the gold.” – said the Yaran soldier. “The deal was, to purchase the land, not take our money with it. We went to the caves to collect what was rightfully ours and now it is all gone. This is all thanks to your selfish King! – said the Belervian.

The Belervians picked up their swords, threatening the Yaran soldiers. “Retreat back to your kingdom trespassers.” – said the Yaran soldier. “Not until we get what is ours; and thanks to our informant, we know exactly where the gold is being hidden.” – said the Belervian. “This is your last chance to leave!” – yelled the angered Yaran soldier. The Belervians payed no mind to the warning. They rushed towards the soldiers and swung their weapons at them. The soldiers fought against each other as the Belervians were eager to get to Ravensgrog but the Yarans couldn’t let that happen. They defended the trail that led back to Ravensgrog and pushed the soldiers further and further away. Many of the Belervians died and some retreated to Belervia.

The soldiers came back to the castle to inform King Henrik about the Belervians’ plans. Upon hearing the news, he ordered more guards to defend the castle, and more to defend the entrance to Woodlands. The guards stayed at their post all day, and switched with different ones at night. One night while Princess Helena was sleeping, there was a knock on her window. She was awoken by the noise and got up to see what it was. When she opened the window she saw that it was Prince James who had climbed up the castle. “James what are you doing here at this time! How did you even get past the guards?” – said Helena. “Well, the guards aren’t surrounding the entire Woodlands, so I was able to take a longer route to Ravensgrog, and as for getting into the castle, I climbed the wall surrounding it.” – said James. “Well why are you here James?” – asked Helena. “I am here to tell you that my people are planning to infiltrate this castle tomorrow. They will do whatever it takes to get that gold back. I do not want to be a part of this war, but sadly my father is ordering me to go.” – said James. “That is terrible James. My people are going to get hurt all for some gold.” – said Helena. “Please, all I am asking is for you to be careful tomorrow and to stay in your room.” – said James. James kissed Helena and went back out through the window, leaving Helena worried. “You be careful too my love.” – said Helena.

The next morning came and Helena warned her father of the upcoming attack. She lied and said that Robin told her, because her father does not know that she is in love with Prince James or that she knows him. The soldiers guarded the entrance to the castle heavily and some were right outside Woodlands. For hours there was no sign of Belervian soldiers. Sir Elliot arrived to guard the entrance to Woodlands along with more of his men. “My fellow soldiers, we have a mission today. That mission is to defend the people of Ravensgrog. We must keep the soldiers in Woodlands for as long as possible. No Belervian can enter this city.” – said Sir Elliot.

In the distance came an army of Belervians. The Yarans prepped their shields and swords. The archers stood behind them and were ordered to shoot the Belervians in order to keep them as far as possible. The archers all shot their arrows, killing many. “Run into Woodlands soldiers!” – yelled Sir Elliot. Together, the soldiers rushed towards the Belervians and were able to defeat many of them but there were so many. Several Belervians pushed through as they made their way to Ravensgrog. Prince James was seen slashing his sword at many Yarans. He was able to push through. He needed to get to Ravensgrog to make sure his people didn’t hurt Helena in an attempt to take the gold. He was running as fast as he could until he was tackled by Sir Elliot.

“If it isn’t the Prince of Belervia himself! I am going to enjoy taking you down.” – said Elliot. They swung their swords at each other, clash after clash, each blocking each other’s hits. Elliot slashed his sword across James’ chest, leaving him wounded. They swung their sword at each other again, but deflected their swords out of each other’s hands. Prince James ran towards Elliot before he could pick up his sword again and punched him across his face. He knocked him down and continued to beat him until Elliot kicked him in the groin. Elliot got up and kneed James in the face. He dragged James across the dirt and into the Great River. He held his head underwater as he choked James. James was inhaling a lot of water and he would soon drown. His vision got blurry but he got ahold of a stone that was near him underwater, and swung it across Elliot’s face. James got out of the water, picked up his sword, and pierced it straight through Elliot’s heart. Sir Elliot dropped to the ground and met his demise.

Prince James had to get to Ravensgrog before it was too late. When he arrived, it was complete chaos. Many citizens were terrified from the battle, and innocents were dying from misfired arrows. The Belervians were getting closer to the castle as they pushed through the Yaran soldiers. King Henrik called for everyone to evacuate the castle to ensure their safety. Many Belervian soldiers were infiltrating the castle grounds and were able to enter the castle. They headed towards the room that hid the gold. The Belervian soldiers ran up the stairs and into the hallway. Queen Rebecca was already on the second floor and was heading towards the stairs to get to the first floor so that she could escape. As Queen Rebecca turned around the corner, she ran straight into the sword of a Belervian soldier. Blood spilled out of her chest as she dropped down to the floor. The soldiers left and ran towards the secret room.

The soldiers barged into the room and started taking back the gold. They carried it in large military bags. When the hundreds of soldiers collected all the gold, they left the castle, and retreated to Woodlands. King Henrik got down to the second floor where he found his wife, dead at the hands of the Belervians. “No, my wife, no! – cried King Henrik. Prince James managed to rescue Princess Helena and kept her in a cabin in Erindale. Princess Helena treated James’ wounded chest. She cried and felt guilty for leaving her mother to die. “There was nothing you could do Helena.” – said Prince James.

King Henrik heard about Sir Elliot’s death. He ordered his men to get his body and bring him to Ravensgrog. The fallen soldiers were picked up too so that they could be buried. He had his remaining soldiers meet him at the castle grounds so that he could speak to them. “These Belervians have started a war. They have killed our people, our soldiers, and our queen. King Hansel and his people will pay for what they have done!” – said King Henrik.

To be continued…

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