Tales from the Woodlands

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King Henrik's Revenge

There were corpses all over Woodlands. Many had lost their lives in the Battle of Ravensgrog. King Henrik ordered for all the corpses to be picked up to be buried, including Sir Elliot. King Henrik couldn’t believe he had just lost his wife. One thing was to steal the gold, but killing his wife, it was unnecessary. He developed a new hate for the Belervians. He swore to kill King Hansel and his men and anyone who stood in the way of his mission. King Henrik entered the castle’s laboratory to see how the process of burying his people was going.

As he walked in, he noticed a strange man lying on a table. “So this is Phillip, the so called Man-Beast.” – said King Henrik. “Yes, it is your majesty; I have managed to keep the corpse fresh so that I could keep doing my studies on it.” – said the scientist. “Have we discovered what allowed this man to transform into that animal?” – said King Henrik. “Well it appears that there were traces of dark magic in his blood. He must have been involved with a witch.” – said the scientist. “Well we must find that witch and burn her at the stake. We can’t afford to let this happen again.” – said King Henrik.

The soldiers met the king in the planning room to discuss how they were going to attack Belervia. “My men, we have to attack Belervia for what they have done to us. The best city to attack is Naverston. It’s the capital city and there we will be able to kill the king. I don’t want them to be killed so easily however. I want to strike fear into their hearts. I want them to tremble at the sight of us. I want them to never think about invading our land again. I want them to kneel to Yarandale.” – said King Henrik. A crazy idea then came over the king’s head. If he wanted to strike fear on the city of Naverston, he knew just exactly how he would do it.

King Henrik rushed back to the laboratory to speak to the scientist. “Dr. Harlow, is the dark magic in Phillip’s blood still active?” – asked King Henrik. “Yes it is, but why do you ask?” – asked Dr. Harlow. “No time for questions. Extract Phillip’s blood!” – instructed King Henrik. Dr. Harlow used his tools to take Phillip’s blood. His blood had turned a darker red because of the dark magic. “Now listen very closely Dr. Harlow. I want you to transfer that blood into Sir Elliot’s corpse.” – said King Henrik. “Your majesty, that won’t bring him back to life, he will come back as the beast!” – said Dr. Harlow. “That is exactly what I want to happen.” – said King Henrik.

They put heavy chains on Elliot’s hands and attached it to the floor below the table. Dr. Harlow pierced into Elliot’s vein and injected the blood into his system. A few minutes passed and nothing happened. “Bloody hell it didn’t work!” – yelled King Henrik. Then as he was walking away he heard the table shaking. He turned around to see Elliot’s corpse shaking, as his legs grew stronger, then his arms, and his chest. Thick brown hair grew out of his pores while his nails grew into razor sharp claws. The table snapped in half as Elliot grew into this enormous creature. Fangs were seen growing out his mouth, overlapping his lips. The beast opened its eyes, revealing them to be jade green. The beast slowly stood up, it was twice the size of Man-Beast. It growled ferociously at King Henrik. “I shall call you, Manslayer!” – said King Henrik.

Princess Helena and Prince James were still taking shelter in Erindale. The rumors of a war starting were spread quickly. Princess Helena could not head back to Ravensgrog because it was unsafe, and Prince James wanted to be with Helena during this time. “Helena, we can’t stay here much longer. People will find out who we are, and we will get in a lot of trouble if a Belervian and a Yaran are seen together, especially a prince and princess.” – said Prince James. Then where do you suggest we go? In Yarandale we can’t be seen together, nor in Belervia.” – said Princess Helena. “We can go somewhere far away.” – said James. “What about our inheritances. We are next in line to being king and queen of our kingdoms.” – said Helena. “To hell with our kingdoms! They are all damned anyways. We could start a new life together, where we won’t have to worry about being seen together.” – said James. “How are we going to get far away then.” – said Helena. “I have spotted a horse just west of Naverston, near Big Peak Mountains.” – said James. “A horse? That horse will only get us far enough until we get caught.” – said Helena. “This is no ordinary horse Helena. This is a magical horse; locals have been calling it a unicorn.” – said James. “So what makes it so magical?” – asked Helena. “Well, besides its healing abilities, it could fly.” – said James. “I won’t believe it until I see it my love.” – said Helena.

James and Helena started their journey to Naverston, Belervia. They would arrive just before the sunsets. They crossed the bridge over the Great River and were nearly there. Finally they arrived to Naverston. Everything was peaceful, until a building was destroyed by a huge boulder that fell from the sky. Another boulder crashed into another building. “This has to be the Yarans.” – said Prince James. “They must be using a catapult.” – said Helena. People were seen running out buildings in panic, some were injured, and some died due to the attacks. Fires started as flaming arrows fell from the sky into homes and businesses. “We need to run to Big Peak Mountains to escape this.” – yelled James. Belervian soldiers were seen rushing to the scene. They couldn’t pick out where the Yarans were hiding. Then, the Yarans surprised them as they came running from the woods. The Belervians fought off many of the Yarans. A big carriage was seen, being pulled by 8 horses. The carriage stopped near the battlefront, and King Henrik was seen jumping off from it. He rushed into battle, killing many Belervians with his mighty sword.

When the Belervians outnumbered the Yarans, King Henrik turned to the soldiers near the carriage. At the top of his lungs he yelled, “Release the Manslayer!” The carriage door opened up and slammed down to the floor. A beastly hand came out, pulling itself away from the carriage. The Manslayer revealed itself to the Belervians. “What is that thing!” said the Belervians in fear. The Manslayer slowly walked towards the battlefront. Their arrows were shot towards the beast, but when the arrows hit his coarse skin, they snapped in half. With one swing, the Manslayer slashed all the men its way with its claw. The soldiers dropped down and instantly died. It killed innocents and destroyed many homes, causing terror throughout the city. The Belervian soldiers retreated towards the castle. “Manslayer! Get to the castle and kill King Hansel!” – commanded King Henrik. The beast ran at full speed towards the castle. When it arrived, it killed all the guards and soldiers to be seen. It jumped 12 feet into the air, and latched itself onto the castle’s wall. Manslayer started to climb so that it could reach the top floor.

As Prince James was making his way to Big Peak Mountains, he saw the beastly creature climbing up the castle. “My father! He is in danger. I have to save him Helena.” – said James. “It’s too dangerous James. I can’t lose you.” – said Helena. “I have to go, it is my father!” – said James. He ran towards the castle, busted straight through the doors, and ran up the stairs. After a long flight of stairs, he reached the top floor, where his father would be. He rushed towards his room and when he got inside it was too late. The Manslayer had a hold of King Hansel. He picked him up with one hand, and then put him over its head. With great force, the Manslayer tore King Hansel in half, leaving him dismembered on the floor. Prince James screamed in agony. He ran towards the beast stabbing it in its knee. The Manslayer slowly tumbled backwards, out the window, and off the balcony. When it fell, it fell onto a flagpole that pierced through its chest. The Manslayer pulled itself out of the flagpole, and fell down to the ground below. It limped away into the woods.

Prince James cried at the sight of his father. He couldn’t save him. A boulder hit the castle, so James needed to leave immediately. He rushed down the stairs, out the castle, and towards Helena. When he met up with Helena, they ran towards Big Peak Mountains. After searching for a while, they found the white unicorn. Prince James mounted the unicorn with Helena. It galloped across the trails and through the trees. “Why is it not flying?” – asked Helena. “There are too many trees in the way. It needs a clear path in order to take off. As the unicorn was galloping, a tree fell down onto the trail, blocking its path. Then the Manslayer revealed itself. “How is that beast still alive!” yelled James. The unicorn jumped over the tree and through Manslayer’s legs. The unicorn galloped as fast as it could, but the Manslayer was fast. It was catching up to them, and if the unicorn didn’t start flying soon, they would be the Manslayer’s meal.

Prince James came up with a plan. “If we ride through Big Peak Mountains, we can lose him in the caves.” – said James. “I hope this works.” – said Helena. They rode into the caves, with Manslayer following closely behind them. Boulders started to fall from the top, causing Manslayer to slow down. “It’s caving in!” – yelled James. The unicorn started riding faster and faster. James saw light up ahead. “James that exit is pointing towards the sky! We are on high grounds!” – yelled Helena. “Don’t worry, that’s just what we need.” – said James. “I hope this horse really flies.” – said Helena. The unicorn jumped through the exit, and flew straight into the sky. The cave caved in, leaving the Manslayer trapped inside. They flew above the clouds, leaving the war below them behind. A war that started because of greed, and would end in only suffering. James and Helena flew for hours until they landed on an island that wasn’t owned by any kingdom. There was no civilization, only animals and the ocean surrounding them.

Prince James and Helena started a campfire where they then rested. When they were awoken by the morning sun, they went to collect wood, to see if they could build a home together. They didn’t need the lifestyle they had left behind in their kingdoms. All they needed was each other, and they lived happily ever after.

The End

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