Tales from the Woodlands

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Blue Bunny

In Woodlands, past the Great River, and the tall pine trees, lived a beautiful bunny. Its skin was as blue as the sky. Many believed it was a magical bunny, but that was not the case. This bunny was just as any other bunny, except its fur was baby blue. The blue bunny was loved by many of the animals in Woodlands and was always being praised for its appearance. “Why is it that your fur is blue? Is it because you eat a lot of blueberries?”- said the woodpecker. “No silly woodpecker.”-laughed the blue bunny. “Is it because you bathe every day in the Great River?”-asked the squirrel. “No that’s not why either.”-replied the blue bunny. “Oh I know why you are so blue! It’s because you are filled with magic!”-exclaimed the fox.

“Though I wish I had magic, I am sadly just a regular bunny. I was born with my blue fur, and the cause for it is unknown.”-explained the blue bunny. “I am no different than a gray or white bunny.” The bunny hopped away towards the Great River. It stopped at the shore, bent over, and drank water. When the bunny lifted his head up, it spotted two men staring at him. The men seemed very happy to find him. “I can’t believe we have actually found it!”- yelled the man. “We must be very careful not to hurt it too much; we need its blue fur in perfect condition.”-said the other. It didn’t take long for the blue bunny to realize that the men weren’t just admiring him. They were hunters trying to collect his blue fur.

The bunny hopped away and the hunters shot their rifles at him. Bullets were blazing past the bunny, hitting nearby trees. The man shouted, “Switch to the tranquilizers, we can’t sell his fur all bloody and torn apart!” The men changed their ammo to sleeping darts in order to successfully capture the blue bunny. The bunny was so afraid, but he was very fast. It hopped through Woodlands turning at every trail possible. The bunny knew it couldn’t run forever; so he got an idea. The bunny slowed down to make sure the men were still following him. “There he is, shoot it!”-yelled one of the hunters. The darts missed him and the bunny kept running.

After running for so long, the bunny finally reached its destination. It ran inside this big den in the forest. The hunters of course, went inside the den to look for it. Then a loud growl was heard. “Bunnies don’t make that noise, do they?” –said the hunter in fear. All of a sudden their weapons were smacked off their hands and the men backed away, terrified. They got out of the den and into the light, and out came a big grizzly bear, ready to devour them. The hunters ran away and never came back to hunt the blue bunny. “Thank you so much bear.”-said the blue bunny. “You are welcome. You are my friend and I couldn’t let those scrawny men hurt you.”-said the bear. The blue bunny hopped back to its home and was happy to have so many good friends in Woodlands. He lived happily ever after.

The End

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