Tales from the Woodlands

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The birds of Woodlands came in all shapes and sizes. They also came in different beautiful colors. The robin had its red feathers; the mocking jay had its blue, and the barn owl with its brown. The bird community was a large one and was very important to the forest. One of the most extraordinary birds in the forest was the peacock. Its majestic feathers stood out with a mixture of blue and green on its large feathers. There was one peacock however, that had no feathers. It was bullied by the other birds and always felt ugly. The peacock’s parents couldn’t even stand the sight of their own son. This led the peacock to leave home, seeking shelter far away.

The peacock hid in caves deep in the forest. It lived there for many years where it cried every day. He wished that he could have beautiful feathers like the other peacocks. One day, the peacock left his cave in search for food when it came across Flora the fairy. She was watering some flowers when she then saw the featherless peacock. “Why are you crying?”- said Flora. “I am crying because I am hideous. No one loves me”- cried the peacock. Flora felt very bad for the peacock so she told him she would help him. “I am going to perform a spell on you; one that will give you the most beautiful feathers ever.” – said Flora. “Really?”-asked the peacock. “Yes.”- replied Flora. After chanting her spell Flora directed her magic to the peacock. A spark of colors came out of her hands and into the peacock.

The peacock opened its eyes and felt different. He walked to a nearby pond to look at his reflection and he couldn’t believe it. He was full of so many colors. Not only was he blue and green, but he had purple and red and yellow and orange. The peacock was so beautiful and he was happy for it. He thanked Flora, and with the confidence it gained from the transformation, he left the caves. He walked gracefully amongst other animals. “Your feathers are so gorgeous.” –said the platypus. Even the blue bunny admired the peacock. The peacock finally arrived at the bird community. The robin couldn’t believe its eyes. It admired the peacock and so did all the other birds. The peacock wasn’t looking for admiration however. He was seeking his parents. He walked to his parent’s home and called them out. His parents came out and were blinded by their son’s feathers. The colors were so bright and beautiful. “Our son! How did you get such beautiful feathers?” – asked the parents. “That is none of your business. I am here for an apology not your admiration. My whole childhood, I was teased for not having feathers. The people that I needed the most were my parents, and not even you could stand my appearance. You made me feel unwanted, so I left. The first thing you asked was how I got my feathers. You didn’t even ask where I left to all these years. That shows how much you cared about me.” – said the peacock.

The peacock left its home leaving a beautiful feather behind. His parents kept it and admired it, wishing their feathers had those colors. The peacock spread its wings and flew away, away from Woodlands, in search for true love and a true home.

The End

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