Tales from the Woodlands

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The Hidden Treasures

In the town of Dawsbury, lived a lovely couple. They were named Patrick and Elizabeth. Patrick and Elizabeth were struggling workers at the marketplace. They sold all kinds of fruits to the community. One winter, business was very slow and they were not making as much money. They struggled to pay for their home and their expenses. One night they heard a man talking to another about a treasure in Woodlands. “Yes, rumor has it that there is a hidden treasure in The Woodlands. – said the man. “Where exactly in the woods is it?” – asked the other. “From what I heard, it’s near the caves.” – replied the man.

Hearing this, Patrick and Elizabeth were very intrigued. “Did you hear that? There’s supposedly a treasure in Woodlands.” – said Elizabeth. “Yes I heard. I wonder if there actually is a hidden treasure.” – replied Patrick. “What if we searched for the treasure? We would become so rich, and then we wouldn’t have to struggle so much.” – said Elizabeth. “We could give it a try. We will go tomorrow. We’ll take the canoe out and go through the Great River.” – said Patrick. The next day came and Patrick and Elizabeth prepared for the treasure hunt. They grabbed two bags and shovels and took the canoe out. They put the canoe into the water and put their belongings in it.

They then started rowing down the Great River. Woodlands was 5 miles away so the journey would take a while. After rowing for so long, the couple finally reached the shore of Woodlands. They got out and dragged their canoe onto land. They put their bags on their back and carried their shovels. They walked through the trails in search for the caves. The caves were very hard to find, but after searching through all the trails possible, they saw the caves in the distance. They went to the caves and then inside it. They searched and searched but couldn’t find any treasure. There was nothing to be found but bats and spiders. They got out the caves and noticed a tree by the cave. The tree was marked with a red X. “This has to be it.” – said Patrick. Together they used their shovels to dig by the tree. They dug seven feet into the ground but still there was no sign of treasure. Finally, Elizabeth’s shovel hit something solid. They dug a bit more and found the treasure chest.

Together they pulled the chest from the seven foot hole they were in. They brushed off all the excess dirt and noticed the chest had a lock. “How are we going to open this?” – asked Elizabeth. Then, the two men from the marketplace appeared. “Well it seems you have found the treasure chest. It is too bad that we have to take it from you now.” – said one of the men. The men charged at the couple with knives but Patrick and Elizabeth swung their shovels at them. Patrick knocked one of the men down to the floor but the other man had tackled Elizabeth. Elizabeth was struggling with the man on top of her while he held a knife against her neck. Patrick rushed to the man and pulled him away. He punched the man until he fell down.

“More men are coming for this treasure you fools.” – said the man with blood in his mouth. About ten men came marching through the forest and the couple carried the treasure with them through the trails. They finally got to the shore and mounted the chest onto the canoe. They rowed up the Great River, leaving the other men behind. They got to Dawsbury and dragged their canoe to their home. There they put the chest down on the floor and then Patrick smashed the lock with his axe. The lock flew right off and the couple was very nervous. They were about to be so rich. They slowly opened the treasure chest and when they looked inside they saw lots of gold and jewelry. They were so amazed and happy by it.

The next day the couple sold the gold to a merchant in the town and the couple became very rich. They closed down their fruit selling business and they then sold their house. They purchased a horse and carriage and moved to Ravensgrog, where the wealthy people lived. Patrick and Elizabeth lived happily ever after.

The End

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